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Daddy will never know....

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced since I first saw Scary, from the Spice Girls, and I would've been about 8 at the time. Now I come from a fairly strict military family, but over the years my parents have come around to accept the fact I have my own style and like to stand out (ie. my hair was hot pink at the time). By the time I was 16, I had my ears pierced three times, my navel and inverse navel done, and to their dismay, still wanted more piercings. One day a few months back, my ... read more

Tongue Horror

I had my tongue pierced when I was 16. It went exactly how everyone told me it would, it swelled up huge, then a few days later it was fine. Due to some legal circumstances I had to remove all of my piercings, and afterwards my parents refused to let me get any redone. It really bothered me too loose them, I had my tongue , my lip, my bellybutton and my ears gauged to 4 gauge, and now all I could put in were my gauges. After a few months I missed my tonguering dearly enough to seek out ... read more

New Momentos and Old Friends

My story begins a few weeks before Easter of 2002. I received a phone call that one of my most cherished family members had past away. You see, while in title she was my Aunt, over the years she had been more of a mother to me than anything. The news of her death was devastating. However, the part of the story in which body modification became a part of my life begins two days after I came home from her funeral. One day after I had come home from my Aunt's funeral, my good friend Amy called. She said ... read more

My second standard tongue piercing.

A couple years ago I got my first standard tongue piercing, which in the end had to be re-pierced twice as I had taken it out and it had closed up, unintentionally (as all my piercings will do if left out). I knew my anatomy was appropriate for another standard tongue piercing behind my first one, and had been wanting another since I'd gotten the first one, but had never found an appropriate time to get it done. Today I was hanging out in town with a friend, when I realised I had a bit of extra money and no ... read more

My new little friend

I grew up under rather strict guidance as far as what I was, and was not, allowed to wear on or in my body growing up. Up untill my senior year of highschool I only had one piercing in each ear. Upon completion and the immediate, not to mention hasty, move out of my parents house and into my own I got not just one, but 9 other piercings. Mostly in my ears, and my belly button, which I hated by the way. Two years later after piercing successes and failures and four tattoos, I decided something new was in ... read more

My life changing experience, involving a tongue bar of course.

Now let me give you a small piece of history. My family was always centred on the 'perfect' life, and it goes something like this: -Grow up having a happy, carefree childhood. -Start school and achieve amazing grades. -Leave home and find a partner, get married sometime later. -Have a few kids and settle down, knowing you have accomplished what was expected of you. Now if you believe this is the right path to choose, I don't mind at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can live their life however they choose. What I am opposed to ... read more

My Happy, Self-Done Tongue

I have long had a fascination with piercings. Although I was raised in a household that did not condone such interests, my curiosity was insatiable. My mother allowed me the privilege of several minor ear piercings and my navel, but that was her limit. Once I turned sixteen she signed for my nose. Yet this was not enough for me. This year, when I turned eighteen, I was excited at all the new piercing prospects now legally available to me. The only thing standing in my way was my lack of money. However, I still had a strong desire to ... read more

My easy-peasy tongue piercing.

I had wanted my tongue pierced for ages, about 5 years but I was always worried about my speech and getting in trouble with my parents. I had asked my mum, she said it was okay, but as I work for my dad, he wasn't as easy to convince as he didn't want me lisping as i have to answer the phone and speak to customers. I already have my belly button 2x, my nose, and my ears 6 times. I also want my tragus. The time came where I was going on holidays with my fiancé for a week ... read more

Just another happy ending tongue-web story

WARNING This experience contains self-piercing. Always go to a professional piercer (especially if you have no idea what you're doing.) I do not recommend DIY-piercings. If you do even though all the warnings and there are any signs of infection, always go to your doctor! So here's my story I've been checking out BME a lot lately, to think about a new piercing. Since I've seen the tongueweb-piercing, I knew I had to have it! So, since I actually knew I wanted it in February this year, four months have passed. Four months on thinking about it, watching pictures, asking ... read more

Getting The Tongue Ring I Feared I'd Never Have

I'm probably going to start my experience in a different way to most people on here by confessing that I used to think tongue piercings were disgusting. I just couldn't see the appeal in letting somebody stab a needle through my tongue, having a lisp, not being able to eat for days and all for what? A shiny piece of metal that most people wouldn't be able to see? That all changed last summer. I had just watched the movie Thirteen with my friend. I know what you're thinking, another teeny-bopper who copies the movie because it is an inspiration ... read more

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