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After Years Of Wanting It--I Got it!

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced for several years now, but of course, my mother would never, ever let me. So I had to wait until I turned 18. Hallelujah! I hit 18, and I have got a job as well, so there you go, the money is my own, my body is mine, mom can't do anything except scoff at me now! Anyway. I had been thinking of a good time to go to Pburgh (Plattsburgh) and get it done, because I'm a bum and don't have my driver's license yet, so I would need to acquire a ... read more

Told You Venoms Hurt

I have been in a very active phase as to body modifications lately. I have been having something new done about once or twice a month depending on how long it takes to feel healed up in between. I have done piercings ( madison, surface clavacles, center tongue, 12g lip) several cutting/skin removals and a tattoo. A few weeks ago when I was ready for the next thing I called Josh at the usual place. They said he no longer worked there. This was not exactly a surprise. I was surprised at how I felt about just going to some ... read more

My venom

J'avais jamais penser avoir un venom avant y a quelques mois quand j'ai découvert le site bmezine.com. J'ai depuis quelques années déjà un piercing à la langue, au nombril et un au VCH. J'en ai également quelques uns aux oreilles dont deux tragus. Je ne me suis jamais considéré comme une marginale, originale oui, mais pas tant que ça. Je suis souvent vu comme une victime de la mode, mais moi je m'en fous, je suis comme je suis et de toute manière, on peut pas plaire à tout le monde. Pour revenir à nos moutons, je suis naviguais sur ... read more

My tongue piercing at Kaleidoscope

First of all, I have other piercings: I have my lip, an industrial, another upper cartilage, and two in my lobes each (6g and 12g) plus I had my navel and eyebrow done... Now, on with the story about how I got my tongue pierced! I haven't gotten any piercings in a few years, and I recently decided that since I live on my own, I might as well get my tongue pierced. I had a couple weeks to wait to get the money and to get the time off of work, so I also had plenty of time to ... read more

my tongue piercing

I decided that I wanted to get my tongue pierced after my mum had hers done some years back. I was only 12 at the time so my mum agreed to let me have it done but said to wait a year until I was 13. It seemed like forever waiting for my birthday and I could hardly contain my excitement when it finally came around. I was on this website everyday to read the other peoples experiences. I had been told it wouldn't hurt as much as my tattoo did or my belly piercing as they could completely numb ... read more

My most painful piercing ever

When I was 15 I had my tongue pierced but it only lasted 24 hours. It was my fault it didn't last because only hours after having it done I was on a plane to visit family and on the plane it started to swell so badly that I had trouble breathing. Almost 9 years later, and I haven't stopped wanting to get it pierced since I took it out. My friend had been wanting to go get one of her nipples re-pierced and I decided it was time to get my tongue done again. I have been very happy ... read more

My First (Successful) Tongue Piercing!

I had a very bad tongue piercing experience at another Tattoo/Piercing shop (in Natchez, MS) 3 months ago with an inexperienced piercer. He pierced my tongue three times with the needle and then proceeded to break the barbell on my tongue! It bled like hell! Afterwards, he tried to blame the mistake on me, stating that I was moving my tongue around too much and that I needed to keep it still. Of course it wasn't my fault, because he was the one who needed to hold my tongue still during the whole process! If I would've known that he ... read more

My first "alone" piercing

Well, I had finally gotten up the nerve to get my tongue pierced and I was all alone. In town, by myself. No one to hold my hand. No one to tell me that it really wasn't that bad but I was determined that one way or the other I was going to get this done. I just had to suck it up and go for it. Stop being such a wuss. I had wanted to get my tongue pierced for a long time. I have always loved looking at people with all kinds of different piercings. I loved all ... read more

My awesome tongue piercing!

I've been wanting to get a new piercing for quite a while, after my eyebrow piercing rejected for the second time. I finally settled to getting my tongue done, after many complains and not so true warnings from my parents. ("It's going to bleed really bad!" "They stretch out your tongue so bad it hurts like hell!" and the classic, "you might get paralyzed!") So four days ago, I went to the studio with two of my friends to get my tongue done. It was going to be my 11th piercing, after getting 9 ear piercings, my labret and also ... read more

An Impromptu Piercing

Let me preface this story by saying that I have wanted to get my tongue pierced for about three or so years now. The night I got my tongue pierced really wasn't planned. My room mate knew that I really wanted it and we just went. We had originally planned to get a little buzz going and then hit the clubs. So, with some shots of jack and adrenaline in us we got on the Later Gator (drunk bus which runs down town and all through out the University of Florida campus) to go to the club. My room mate ... read more

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