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Tongue web DIY again.

Stef again. So last night at about 3am I pierced my web with a sewing needle. I have already written a story about that. Just to cut it short, my bellybar was too big to go through the hole because a sewing needle is really thin. So I decided to leave it until I got a CBR the next day and re-pierce it then. So today I woke up and my web was slightly sore and a little swollen from last night. It was ok to eat and talk etc. but kind of sore to move my tounge around too ... read more

Tale of a Tongue Web - The Frenulator

Hello, I'm a deviant teenager. I like shiny things and get bored easily, so I decided on July 13th that I was going to pierce my lip ( a piercing I have wanted since I was 12). I found information on BME and came across something called a "tongue web," which sounded grody but being the curious girl I am, I looked at it anyway. Before I continue, I think that I should warn anyone who reads this that is a DIY story. I understand the dangers of DIY piercing, complications and infections. I have been extremely lucky with my ... read more

snake venoms

When I was about ten years old I saw a picture in a magazine of this girl with two tongue piercings; one on both sides of her tongue. I immediately fell in love with it and drilled the idea into my head to get it done some day. Last year was my sophmore year of high school and I told my best friend Chris about the piercings. We planned to get it together. A few months later was when we finally took action. My friend Roma got her nipples pierced and I knew that she was underage so I asked ... read more

Piercing de lengua, la biografía no autorizada

La historia de amor y desencuentros con mi piercing nació hace 4 años ya, después de que un amigo apareció luciendo un hermoso y brillante piercing en la lengua (que no eran tan comunes en esa época). Simplemente DEBÍA hacermelo yo tambien, y eso que yo no soy de esas personas que copia todo lo que ve, pero todas las cosas que transmitía ese pequeño pedazito de metal lo hacían totalmente irresistible. Dos días más tarde decidí, despues de alguna que otra duda, ir a hacermelo, obviamente al mismo lugar al que había ido mi amigo. En el local me ... read more

Piercing of a Short Tongue

I'd been intermittently thinking about getting my tongue pierced for quite a few years but had never really considered it seriously - as in actually going through with it - until recently. For the last two or three weeks I've been thinking about it more and more. Nothing had held me back from doing it before; I just never felt the itchy urge - until now. I turned thirty-two last month so I had no parental struggle or anything - and if they'd deign to object, fuck 'em; I am a well established adult after all, haha. So, the decision ... read more

My Tongue Web Experience In a 3rd World Country

Although I had never been pierced before, I knew that I wanted some kind of facial piercing. When I was thirteen, I was very much into getting an eyebrow piercing, but the idea has since faded away. Since then, I've toyed with many different piercing ideas, and running them by my parents. As usual, they've always said "When you're 18, you'll do what you want with your body.". About a year ago, before I turned 14, our family moved to Costa Rica. Until about a week, I've still been thinking about mods, but never actually doing anything. The thing that ... read more

le percage de ma langue !

Bonjour a tous ! Je vous raconte l'histoire du perçage de ma langue parce que je sais a quelle point on se pose beaucoup de question et on a tous entendu des myth absurde ou carrément dement et biensur on a tous un peu peur de la douleur non ?! A l'époque j'avait a peu près 16 ans et je devai demander a ma mere une autorisation.Pas toujours facile les parents AHAH ! Finalement je lui ai dit que je voulai me faire percer a 2 place et vue c'était a elle de voir celui quelle preferai , entre ma ... read more

Haha. I got my tongue pierced. Screw you.

I'm 13. And that's all you'll ever need to know. I've been fascinated with piercings. Of course after having my second hole, cartilage & belly button pierced. Like most kids who become obsessed with piercings, I came to BME to cure my want to pierce myself so bad. And I had thoughts of another DIY piercing since the last 2 were unsuccessful. I remember, it was kind of the beginning of 7th grade & a friend of mine had recently gotten her tongue pierced. I came across the overwhelming feeling of, "Oh Shit Thats So Cool; I want mines done ... read more

DIY tounge web

Hey. I'm Stef. I'm 14 and I've been obsessed with piercing for as long as I remembered. I have 3 holes in each ear, Bellybutton and tragus pierced. And a few months ago I pierced my tongue, but took it out because of swelling. My parents are totally against piercings of any kind. But especially tongue piercings. And I am determined to get that done. I've wanted it for as long as I can remember. They won't even allow me to get my nose done: "It'll ruin your future when you cant get a job because your covered in holes" ... read more

And I thought it wouldn't hurt.

I thought about getting this piercing done for a while before I actually got it. I looked it up online and realised that nobody really had it done, for good reason too. It had tons of problems to come along with it, and apparently it's REALLY dangerous. First of all, I saw that you could easily damage the nerves in your tongue and damage taste buds. Also, because it's so deep in your tongue, there would be so many problems with moving my tongue around after I got it. There would also be problems with eating, having a lisp for ... read more

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