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A great tongue piercing experience.

After getting my septum pierced about 4 months earlier, I decided that it was time for something new to adorn my body. I had been thinking about a tongue piercing for quite some time. I thought it would suit me fine and I like piercings that can be hidden easily, since my parents don't fancy the idea of their daughter getting pierced and it might be a problem for my job later on as well. When I'm considering a new piercing, I always make sure that I'm well informed. I had been looking at the BME encyclopedia risks – section ... read more

restoration of my fave piercing....

I originally had my tongue pierced about 2 years ago, I loved it from the moment it was done. I went back to place (not other side!) where I had it done to get the bar changed to a shorter one, and it was ok..or so i thought...The bar was slightly too tight, so I loosened it a bit, didn't think I had loosened it as much as I did...but there you go, went to bed, woke up next day...bar on my pillow, ball in stuck down the side of my mouth....NO MORE TONGUE PIERCING.... I was gutted. So that ... read more

My first piercing, the least painful yet

Ever since I was 12, I have wanted my tongue pierced. Before all the emo kids started getting snake bites and multiple lip piercings and before any of my friends thought it was cool. I wanted people to see me and say "Wow, that's a piercings I have never seen before". At the time it was unique, although its not so much anymore. It was the summer of 6th grade, I went into a piercing parlor with my dad while he got his first tattoo. I was not aloud in the back with my dad so had to sit up ... read more

My tongue piercing experience

I have wanted to get my tongue pierced for ages my mam and my sister hated the idea because my sister looked at horror stories on the Internet about it and they tried their best to talk me out of it, to stop them worrying I told them I wasn't going to get it done and I went to see about it in secret thought i would worry about telling them later. So a few weeks ago I went to PX piercing in Newcastle, I was so nervous thanks to my sister trying to freak me out I was scared ... read more

My shiny new toy!

Well it's taken me a while to publish my experience and that's because I'm pretty new to BMEzine. I've been on the site a few times to get idea's for new piercing's but I've never contributed, and I think it's about time! So, I had my tongue pierced when I was 16, I had wanted it done since I could remember, it was one of the prettier body mods in my opinion. So I talked to my parents, and they agreed, so off I went with my Mam to go and get my shiny new toy! I phoned ahead to ... read more

Mein Zungenpiercing

Angefangen hat es in England, wo sich einige meiner Freunde auf einer Klassenfahrt piercen liessen. 3 davon auch in der Zunge. Ich fand es damals schon absolut schön und war richtig neidisch :) Meine Eltern waren alles andere als begeistert und so hatte sich das thema erstmal erledigt. Nachdem ich seit all den Jahren Jahren ein Zungenpiercing haben wollte, entschloss ich mich 2005 endlich Taten sprechen zu lassen. Hatte ja lange genug drauf gewartet.Ich hatte mich im Internet in einigen Foren informiert und auch unzählige Bilder angeschaut und hab dann schliesslich einen Termin bei Andrea Venhaus vom Deep Metal Piercingstudio ... read more

awesome tongue piercing

I actually got my tongue pierced 7 months ago but that says 6. Ok well this all started one day me and my friend where talking about we wanted to get our tongues pierced. A couple of nights later I asked my mom if I could get it done she said we will see. I cant remember when she said yes but she did. Also my friends mom said she could get hers done because her mom already had hers done. So we set the date to March 23,2007 because that was the date we got out of school for ... read more

The least painful piercing on earth

Initially, my friend wanted me to get a piercing in particular a tongue piercing. Well first she wanted me to get my clit but...I didn't think that piercing was for me.....anyways back to the tongue piercing, then I had thought about it on whether it would hurt. Nevertheless, when I started to think about well since the tongue is a muscle and it heals pretty fast well it would be an exceptional piercing to my collection. I already had several other piercings like a cartilage piercing & eyebrow & double hole on the ears. We decided that I would get ... read more


Okay, I've been wanting to get my tongue pierced for ages. Ever since I went to have my belly button pierced when I was about 14, I've wanted to get my tongue done but of course, the parents wouldn't agree. I've spent the last 4 years asking my mum every two seconds if I can do it, and of course with the same reply every time "no" . Now i've been eighteen for a while and have been pondering the thought of weather to get it done, seeing as there is noting that my mum can do about it now! ... read more


Een tijdje geleden wilde ik een verticale clithood laten zetten. Nadat ik deze piercing heb laten zetten ging de genezing voorspoedig en wilde ik eigenlijk al vrij snel een nieuwe piercing. Een tongpiercing stond ook hoog op het lijstje met piercings die ik graag nog zou willen hebben dus dat was vrij snel besloten. Twee weken na het zetten van mijn clithood piercing kon ik naar de shop terug gaan om het staafje te laten vervangen door een kortere. Dit was zou gebeurt en ik vroeg haar gelijk hoe de procedure was van een tong piercing. Ze zei dat ze ... read more

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