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My tongue piercing and gauging.

A little warning about self-piercing, I advise everyone to go to a professional piercer and not attempt to pierce yourself. Many piercings are safe to do yourself but some can seriously injure you, possibly leading to death. And the story, So fall break is just around the corner and my mom and sister are taking a trip to the local piercing and tattoo shop, Just Another Hole. I hadn't been planning on getting anything pierced when I went but I had a bit of extra money and decided to get a new piercing. I had snakebites and my ear pierced ... read more

finalmente !

dunque, era da un pezzo che desideravo di avere il piercing alla lingua! E lo stesso nel quale battagliavo con i miei per un permesso. Ovviamente, essendo tempo fa ancora minorenne mi sarebbe servito un certificato nel quale uno dei miei mi autorizzava al ''trattamento''. Non ci sono mai riuscita; così decisi di inventarmi una frottola, chiamare la piercer di una mia amica, e farle bere che volevo prendere un appuntamento per mia figlia, ma che non avrei potuto assistere a causa lavoro;di conseguenza le avrei,per correttezza,fatto una telefonata che le desse il via libero. Lei, devo dire molto gentile ... read more

DIY tongue web

I'm going to start off by saying I will not discourage anyone from attempting to do their own tongue web. I'm a perfect example that if someone truly wants a self done piercing, they're going to do it regardless of what anyone else has to say. I just advise you take the proper precautions like I did, and be sure to follow up with aftercare. I must say, from my own experience, if you are going to DIY a tongue web is the way to go. It's quick, easy, and painless. Just don't be stupid about it! That said, here ... read more

My long awaited tongue piercing experience

Ok so this is he first time I have written about any of my piercing experiences so it may not be that great. I currently have 15 and love them all, so much so that I am off to get two more tomorrow. I will warn you now that the process of me getting my tongue done was a long one which took about 3 years! Only because I had to persuade my mum and leave school though. =] So about 3 years ago I went and got my navel pierced, at this point it was the first real piercing ... read more

Getting my tongue pierced. . . For the THIRD time

I'd previously had my tongue pierced before twice. First time I took it out cause my boyfriend at the time decided he didn't like it, yes I know, I'm an idiot for taking it out for that purpose but hey, we all make mistakes!! The second time I had it pierced after I left him, I took it out that time cause I was on a night out and it seemed like a good idea to take the bar out and change it to another one when I was drunk . . yes I know again, not a good idea ... read more

A relatively easy procedure.

To be totally honest, this was by far the easiest piercing that I have ever gotten, and this is including my earlobes [which were admittedly done with piercing guns, but either way...]. My boyfriend and I took the bus to the shop, and on the way there, I started to get a bit antsy about getting it done. While doing my research on the piercing, I had also compared over 6 different shops in the Chicago area before deciding to go with Tatu Tattoo, so my confidence in that decision alleviated most of the nervousness. I knew that they were ... read more

Tongue piercing that's lasted well

Of all my piercings, past and present, my tongue has been the most long lived. This piercing took place before I had ever stumbled upon BMEzine, or dabbled in much body-mod/experimentation. I was fairly clueless about piercing methods, or even the extremes that body-modding has been taken to by people around the world. At eighteen I was in the habit of skipping class, as I was bored with high school, and had just gotten my first car. There weren't any piercing shops at the time in my small home town on Vancouver Island (called Ladysmith), but there were a few ... read more

S'grand (Y)

So finally after months of waiting,, I got my tongue pierced yesterday =]. I'd been planning for weeks and my dad finally gave in and gave me the money to get it done. On the morning he tried to convince me not to get it done but I told him he may fuck off kos its my tongue not his. He did make me a bit nervous though. So I went into town yesterday morning with a couple friends and waited for my other friend to come in because the piercing place scared me and my friend knew all the ... read more

Piercing senza problemi!

Mi sono documentata molto prima di andare nello studio e farmi forare la lingua... Video, consigli, esperienze di chi l'aveva già fatto. Ma in fondo ognuno è diverso e non avrei saputo come il mio corpo avrebbe reagito finché non l'avessi fatto. Quindi un mattino entro nello studio che tempo prima mi aveva vista fare un tatuaggio e tranquillamente dico di volere il piercing alla lingua. Ok! La ragazza mi fa sedere sul lettino e mi chiede se sono tranquilla. Certo! è importante non essere agitati o in ansia, credo sia fonte di dolore al momento del foro... Le ho ... read more

"Oh my god AHHHHHH"

Can I just clarify the person screaming there was my best mate, who is a total wimp ;) Well about 4 months ago now actually my mum struck a deal with me. She detested my flesh tunnels with a passion, and one afternoon watching tele she came up to me "Liv. If you promise me, you will shrink those blasted holes to an acceptable size, i'll let you get your tongue pierced." I was shocked, but aggreed, I mean, I only have 2 years left at home before I can re-stretch them :P So yeah, that weekend I woke up ... read more

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