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what was supposed to be a center

When I was ten saw somebody with a tongue piercing. I automatically fell in love with it. When I asked my mom if I could get she immediately said no. I didn't even have my earlobes pierced. Every year, for my birthday, I asked if I could get it done and each year she said no. when I turned 15 she let me get my nose pierced. When I turned 16 she let me get a tattoo and still she would not let me get my tongue pierced.By that time I was fed up and would do almost anything to ... read more

tongue piercing

I had my first tongue piercing done in November 1999. It was 12g and I wore it constantly, I stretched it up a bit to 8g in fall '00 but went back to 12 shortly thereafter because it annoyed me. I took it out completely in summer '01 but to my surprise, it never closed up. Over the next few years I wore it intermittently when I felt like it. In spring '03 I decided I wanted it split but I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio from Seattle where the artist I knew and trusted for that type of ... read more

The awesomeness

My (JUST underage) tongue piercing experience has been amazing: it is a tale of pain, perfection, and insanity, starting with my discovery of the piercing place called "Golden Body Rings:" the only place I could find that would do an oral piercing for someone under 18 (I am 17 btw, not.. 10). I have only ever done my earlobes before, but this was the only other piercing I really wanted (more subtly sexy than bellybutton ring, sort of a dirty little secret piercing). The only iffy thing was the piercer guy, who I'd heard was kind of a creep... but ... read more

"Oh my god AHHHHHH"

Can I just clarify the person screaming there was my best mate, who is a total wimp ;) Well about 4 months ago now actually my mum struck a deal with me. She detested my flesh tunnels with a passion, and one afternoon watching tele she came up to me "Liv. If you promise me, you will shrink those blasted holes to an acceptable size, i'll let you get your tongue pierced." I was shocked, but aggreed, I mean, I only have 2 years left at home before I can re-stretch them :P So yeah, that weekend I woke up ... read more

Not my best piercing experience.

I had dabbled with the idea of getting my tongue pierced over the last couple years but had never seriously considered it. For background info, I have three cartilage piercings, my nostril and my nipples pierced, as well as having had 2g lobes in the past. The last little while I have been experiencing some serious piercing cravings (if you have a few extra holes, I'm sure you know what I mean), but kept saying there was nothing left I really wanted to pierce. However, yesterday, two of my best friends decided they wanted to go and get matching tattoos. ... read more

my tragic tongue

Tragic tongue I want to start off by saying this shouldn't make anyone not want to get their tongue pierced. I just have some rediculous bad luck. I've wanted my tongue pierced for a really long time. I had to wait till I had a job that allowed it and I had moved out of my house. So I did because I am restpectfull to my parents wished even though nothing would make me happier that giving my mother a heart attack. But I digress. It took me a few years, but I have my own place and everythings gravy. ... read more

My tongue-web of awesomeness

Seeing as I like to roam about here on BME frequently, I feel I should perhaps contribute my own little slice to the infinite wealth of knowledge contained here. =D. So let's begin. I've always liked piercings. I've always wanted a piercing a little more exciting than just my earlobes [which were pierced with evil guns when I was a wee girl and subsequently healed over. Ah well.] But what was always the question. It began with my eyebrow when I was thirteen or so. Then my lip. Then my tongue. How about an industrial, that's pretty cool. But no, ... read more

My long awaited tongue piercing experience

Ok so this is he first time I have written about any of my piercing experiences so it may not be that great. I currently have 15 and love them all, so much so that I am off to get two more tomorrow. I will warn you now that the process of me getting my tongue done was a long one which took about 3 years! Only because I had to persuade my mum and leave school though. =] So about 3 years ago I went and got my navel pierced, at this point it was the first real piercing ... read more

Getting my tongue pierced. . . For the THIRD time

I'd previously had my tongue pierced before twice. First time I took it out cause my boyfriend at the time decided he didn't like it, yes I know, I'm an idiot for taking it out for that purpose but hey, we all make mistakes!! The second time I had it pierced after I left him, I took it out that time cause I was on a night out and it seemed like a good idea to take the bar out and change it to another one when I was drunk . . yes I know again, not a good idea ... read more

A relatively easy procedure.

To be totally honest, this was by far the easiest piercing that I have ever gotten, and this is including my earlobes [which were admittedly done with piercing guns, but either way...]. My boyfriend and I took the bus to the shop, and on the way there, I started to get a bit antsy about getting it done. While doing my research on the piercing, I had also compared over 6 different shops in the Chicago area before deciding to go with Tatu Tattoo, so my confidence in that decision alleviated most of the nervousness. I knew that they were ... read more

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