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I Finally Did It!

*for the record, my friend's father is a professional. I wouldn't let anyone less that a professional go anywhere near me with a needle!!!* I've always loved piercings and tattoos and the like. My friends have them, and so do my mother and aunts. But getting any other piercing but my ears until I was 18, now that was a whole other ballgame. My father is a complete conservative when it comes to this type of stuff, I always asked my mom since I lived with my father, and she always said sure, but then my father would find out ... read more

Bad frickin idea.

Alright here goes. I wasn't originally gonna write about this, but I thought it was pretty valid so this is it. A year and a few days ago, I decided I really wanted a piercing. I've always, since I was small had interest in body modification, long before I even referred to it as such. It just came natural to me. I had started hanging out with more people with similar interests. They opened up my eyes to it and made me a helluva lot more accepting. I really wanted a mod and even more so I wanted an IAM ... read more

A year passed and I still love it!

Everyone always asks about my tongue piercing. And when I give people answers, I always think about how vague my discussions with other pierced people were. I give in-depth discussion about my experience to friends and other viewers and I think since It's been a year with my lovely little tongue-ring, it's time to engage a discussion with the public. First thing is – if you want one – make sure you can handle the situation with a little bit of research – then get up, walk out the door, and DO IT. It's that simple. I was 17, and ... read more

craigs tongue piercing

I remember when I was little over nine years old and my brother came home with a tongue piercing. This was the time in my life when I began to see that normality meant different things for some people. As soon as I seen this piercing I wanted it I asked my mum if I could have it and been little over nine years old she laughed in my face and said no. Over the years though the desire for a tongue piercing never ceased I wanted this piercing and I was going to get it. Although there was a ... read more

Aftercare is a Bitch

I have a fair few piercings and got the urge to get something else about a month ago.I saw a girl with cute venom piercing, two piercings either side her tongue. I thought, why not, my cousin recently had her tongue pierced in the center and had no problems with it . I the place I go to for all my piercings is safe and clean and have a £10 piercing offer on so why not ! Im more than familiar with this place, ive had 2 lip piercings, lobes, nose and both tragus' done here, ive been with my ... read more

A Change In Perception

Growing up, I wouldn't have ever thought that I would one of these types of people that would have any form of body piercings. I grew up "under a rock" - overprotective parents with limited interactions with the outside world. This was further instilled when I moved to an upper middle class neighborhood where it seemed to me that nobody wanted anything to do with something that deviated from the norm. A few years later, full of rebellion and a desire to see past the boundaries that were built for me, I started working at a Wendy's. Wendy's did more ... read more

what was supposed to be a center

When I was ten saw somebody with a tongue piercing. I automatically fell in love with it. When I asked my mom if I could get she immediately said no. I didn't even have my earlobes pierced. Every year, for my birthday, I asked if I could get it done and each year she said no. when I turned 15 she let me get my nose pierced. When I turned 16 she let me get a tattoo and still she would not let me get my tongue pierced.By that time I was fed up and would do almost anything to ... read more

tongue piercing

I had my first tongue piercing done in November 1999. It was 12g and I wore it constantly, I stretched it up a bit to 8g in fall '00 but went back to 12 shortly thereafter because it annoyed me. I took it out completely in summer '01 but to my surprise, it never closed up. Over the next few years I wore it intermittently when I felt like it. In spring '03 I decided I wanted it split but I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio from Seattle where the artist I knew and trusted for that type of ... read more

The awesomeness

My (JUST underage) tongue piercing experience has been amazing: it is a tale of pain, perfection, and insanity, starting with my discovery of the piercing place called "Golden Body Rings:" the only place I could find that would do an oral piercing for someone under 18 (I am 17 btw, not.. 10). I have only ever done my earlobes before, but this was the only other piercing I really wanted (more subtly sexy than bellybutton ring, sort of a dirty little secret piercing). The only iffy thing was the piercer guy, who I'd heard was kind of a creep... but ... read more

Now that is sexy....

As a young child I have always been fascinated with piercing of all kinds and of course also tattoos, but my family always raised me to be a "cleaner" image to what they would describe as "dirty" which I would just say, it's fucking sexy as hell to be covered in tattoo's and piercing, sorry but That's what I think! Ha-ha I've had previous piercing before my tongue piercing but this would be the second piercing I got from this place called "Kara's urban day spa" yeah their pricey, but if you want your piercing done right, for me it's ... read more

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