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Not-so-long awaited tongue

It's taken me a couple of months to finally get my tongue pierced, due to various different engagements and money issues but I've finally bit the bullet and got a new hole. Tongue piercings, were always something I was around, be it due to family having those piercings or just random shop workers (when I visited Germany I saw a girl who had her smiley pierced. I was rather intriguied but thats for another story) but I never felt the need for one myself. Then along came a boy who will remain nameless. He has his tongue pierced three times, ... read more

Center Tongue Piercing

So let me first start off by saying I've wanted my tongue pierced since I was in High School, my parents aren't exactly open to piercings and tattoos. Which is why I waited 4 years for this particular piercing [I've had my septum pierced twice, lips pierced three times, cartilage, orbital and have my ears stretched]. The tongue was a huge deal for me and the piercing that scared me the most. It's a major muscle and I always expect the worst when it comes to piercings, this however just feeds my desire to have one. I am currently house ... read more

When I was young, and dumb...

9 Years Already? When I was 16, my boyfriend had his tongue pierced. This made me cool by association! I went to a very small high school in Texas, about an hour east of Dallas. He decided that for my up-and-coming 17th birthday that he would pay to have my tongue pierced. So.. the problem? I was under aged. Another problem was that the local piercing studio was across the street from my extremely conservative grandparents' store. I started in on my dad a month or so in advance. He said hell no (and some other expletives). But, I was ... read more

Tongue - My little insight.

I had been wanting a tongue piercing for quite some time, I was always intrigued with it. I recently got my ears pierced (3 months before this) and those were my first piercings. I decided to go w/ tongue because of the potential of giving better oral pleasure and I needed something that was hid easily. Erin (the piercer) is a good friend of mine, and he just moved here from Louisiana. He needed an audition piece so that he could start piercing at the shop (he has been piercing for 10 years) so I let him do my tongue. ... read more

My tongue piercing

A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I decided to get our tongues pierced together. After some research we chose to go to Rings and Needles in Worcester, as they seemed to be competent, and I had been there previously with friends when they were getting tattoos/piercings. As I was 14 at the time i needed parental consent to get the piercing. My mum was a little skeptical at first but she soon came round to the idea, while my dad said he didn't care as long as he didn't have to see it or hear about ... read more

My tongue's New Neighbor

Okay, ever since I was nine, I had wanted my tongue pierced and wanted my lip pierced ever since I was 12. I am currently 14 and my mom FINALLY gave in to letting me get it done. Both. At the SAME time. Yuppers. I had previously pierced my lip three times on my own, but ended up taking them all out to wait to get it done by a professional. When my mom agreeed that I actually could get my piercings, my Aunt called up this studio that I REALLY like cause I knew the owner's daughter and used ... read more

Meh... Double Tongue

I honestly do not know the correct name of these. I have heard venoms, and I have heard just flat out "Double tongue piercings". Non-the less two bolts threw my tongue. One on the left, and one on the right. Prior to getting the piercing I honestly didn't really think much of tongue piercings, nor did I ever have intentions on getting one... or two for that matter. It all started at school a few days after turning 18. Already having a few piercings, I had out of the blue come to the conclusion that I was going to go ... read more

Make sure you trust your piercer

When I was about 13 I decided I wanted to get my tongue pierced. But I was not old enough. I heard of this school that didn't ask for your age and did tongue piercings for $25. I was excited and made an appointment with my best friend. When I went there they pierced holly first,the teacher did hers and then when I went in the student was supposed to do mine. So I washed my mouth out and they sat me down. now normally they ask you where you want it and wheres a good spot, and then go ... read more

DIY Tongue-web piercing...Really not as bad as it sounds.

Well, I guess some background information is in order. I've been obsessed with piercings ever since my first ones when I was 11 – standard lobes, which are now stretched to an 8g, soon to be larger. Followed by a short-lived surface piercing when I was 14, then my septum and second ear piercings, all self-pierced. Then came my second (and last) professional piercing, my industrial. I've wanted my lip pierced for quite some time, but my parents are strictly against any kind of "un-normal" body mods, so I knew I needed something I could hide easily. I had managed ... read more


My best friend and I went to get my venoms done yesterday. There is a good and clean piercing & tattoo studio with great staff as well as prices, Studio 316L. She and I have been going there for our mods for a while already, and it is a place both of us love and trust. I also was happy to go there, because the piercer was very good at her work, I've seen her do crazy piercings really well and knew that she was my definite choice right away. The first time I saw photos of venoms, I knew ... read more

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