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My helix and futher thoughts on body mods

>My helix and futher thoughts on body mods I have been interested in body piercing since the very early 80s, when my then lover (ok, Master) did a self frenum. We knew absolutely nothing, as no there were no professional studios available to us. Amazingly, it came out ok -- I guess his ring material choice/gauge was correct. I'm hoping he still has this! Not long after, with a slightly more experienced friend, he attempted a horizontal hood piercing on me. Didn't work -- we were trying to numb the area with lidocaine -- which does not work on me. ... read more

Ear project (double piercing) from hell

Ok, here goes my sad (and stupid) tale. I'm not blaming my piercer for these events, but neither will I claim full responsibility for this cartilige fiasco. I'm a big Phish fan, and I'd noticed ear projects (multiple ear cartilage piercings usually joined by a single bar or ring) on other fans before. I love artistic looking piercings, original ones that were designed individualy. Anyway, my left ear has always stuck out while my right one lies flat, so I thought that getting an ear project that looked really cute and pinned back my ear at the same time would ... read more

Another hole in My Head!!

y family and I were Christmas shopping in Lindsay, Ontario. We had split up for a while in a mall. I walked into "Ardenes" to get a present for my sister and immediately saw a bright pink neon sign. Can you guess what that sign said? Yep, "EAR PIERCING" I already had my ears pierced, but had wanted a second hole near the top of my left ear for a long time. I went to the girl at the cash and asked if she was the one who did the ear piercing. She said she was and said she could ... read more

Self Done Industrial Experience

had wanted an industrial piercing for quite a while, long before found out the actual name for the piercing on BME. I already had my tongue pierced, and was looking to get other piercings in the future, but I was totally broke at the moment. While sitting at the computer looking at pictures of Industrials on BME, and reading the stories, I didn't think I could go though with it in a piercing shop. Sure, I had had my ears pierced before, but I wasn't too sure about a 14 gauge hollowpoint needle cutting a chunk of flesh from my ... read more

under $15 from gunned to 00ga in about 8-12 weeks

have a way to ga your ears from about under 15.oo bucks!!! In my experience I had no infections and spent under 10.00 bucks. And so my story starts.... You know, I am not really sure why I got my ear pierced. But I guess it's just one of those things. I was probably about 14 or so, when I first mentioned to my rents (parents) their response was flat out no. They told me that if I wanted to I had to wait till I was 16 years old. And guess what I did about 3 weeks after my ... read more

Matt's Piercing story

h3>Grade 10/11 In grade ten, i saw this guy with really cool earings, im guessing they were about 10 guage CBR's and i thought they were wikked, so i wanted to get some, at first, my mother and father said no.... but i went and did it anyways, i got a 12 guage horseshoe ring,, in my right ear i believe it was, i loved it, altho i did get it done wrong, they guy at the place told me to freeze my ear, i later found out that its not supposed to be freezed. I could hear the needle ... read more

inner conch x2

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I got both my tragi (whatever plural for Tragus is) pierced about 6 weeks ago. I really really liked the whole piercing drama: The appointment made... the few days to sweat about it.... the moment of pain... the thrill.... I decided it was time to get another piece of skin mutilated. I had been pierced on campus at The Other Bookstore, the alternative place to buy text books and other weird college kid piss-off-your-parents stuff at CCSU. It's too convienient. I thought about what I might like to do by looking at the fascinating pictures here on BME. I would ... read more


>Tragus I got my first ear piercing when I was 13. It was just a plain old 'normal' lobe piercing. My second lobe piercing was the incentive for me to pass the driver's ed test, the third was discoraged by my parents but I did it anyways. They said "No More". Ha. This summer I got 3 cartilage piercings, and proceded to hide my ears under my long hair. It was not that my parents would tell me (19 at the time, and apparently not old enough to make my own descisions) to take them out, but they would piss ... read more

j's industrial @ Mythical Markings

>j's industrial @ Mythical Markings THE DESIRE i had been debating between (for some reason with me it's not so much a matter of it as it is a question of when and what) getting either a tragus or an industrial ever since i got my last piercings (both nipples, before that was my tongue and both lobes) when i saw some pics of industrials on BME i knew i had found it, this was just too cool to pass up. on thurday october 1st i went to Mythical Markings (BTW if you ever happen to be in knoxville stop ... read more

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