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standard lobe piercing

a year ago I got my mom to take me to the mall just to get a normal ear lobe piercing.For some reason she did not think that guys should have their ears pierced my I'm like welcome to the 90's mom and when she saw that all of my friends had theirs done she was like fine but I only want you to wear a small stud that no one can see and I'm like sure what ever mom When I got there I picked out a gold stud and the lady got out the gun and pierced it. ... read more

Daith @ BWP

Friday, I took my last differential equations exam. Math doesn't improve my mood much, especially when most of my time has been devoted to studying it. During my walk home from campus, I decided to celebrate the END of my last math class (EVER) with a piercing. As soon as I got home, I called Body Work Productions (in Cleveland, OH) to set up an appointment with Derek Lowe (for a daith) later that afternoon. A short nap and lunch took up most of the two hours before my appointment. I walked into BWP just before three o'clock, allowing a ... read more

Pierced at camp w/ a safetly pin!

I'm Rachel. And this is my horror story of my self piercing at camp in the bathroom. Alright, of course, I'm under the age and there was NO WAY the rents would let me get it done. I've asked and begged and BEGGED about piercing things, in fact, iw as the one that pierced 2 of my own holes on each side. Tye didn't care abotu the gauges though. But my rents r conservative firm batist people. Which sucks ... baad/ My ears have 4 holes in each side and the bottom hole on each side is 8g w/ plugs. ... read more

my strange streching procedure

my name is Anthony. I love in a horribly boring little town in upstate New York. My little story starts off with normal ear piercings that many people on the earth have, so it's nothing special anymore. But at the time, it was a big moment for me and stuff. I got my ear pierced when I was 12. And that was so exciting and new to me. But it got old after a while. So when I was 15, I decided to pierce my ear again. So one night I did, loved the pain. Then I got bored with ... read more

My ear expirience

start things off, I first got my left ear pierced when I was 8 years old. I vaguely remember why I wanted it, I think I saw it on TV and liked it, or something like that. It was in 1991, and not many people had piercings (or any other types of BodMods) around here, not many do now either, so it took a while to talk my mom into signing for it and accepting it and all that stuff. I think the main problem was my grandparents, they are christian fundies and hate all pierced people..no offense to any ... read more

Ear hell

I am an average 16 year old thats obsessed with piercings. I already have a few piercings in my cartlaige and my belly button but I still wanted more.I really wanted my eyebrow but my mom doesn't want me messing up my face with metal. So I had to find something in my ear or somewhere that I could hide. I looked around on BME and found a really cool looking one (the helix) that no one i knew had.I considered getting my rook but I didn't really like where it was placed. I like to try to be different ... read more

Industrial Revolution

id not know what the future held for me as I awoke eagerly one morning. I knew that soon I would be proudly pierced with a new industrial, but all else was uncertain. Would it hurt? Would I like the resulting look? I just had to find out.... Overly excited that afternoon, I ran a redlight and a stop sign on my way to Hooks Treasures in Austintown Ohio. I had been planning on getting an industrial for quite some time, and months ago I ordered the perfect barbell to satisfy my needs. It was a twelve guage, exquisite if ... read more

A conch piercing that started out as a tragus

st had my ears pierced when I was eleven, and ever since then I have been into body modification. I decided to concentrate on my ears, because at my convent school they would be less obvious. I started reading BME about a year ago and became interested in tragus piercings, and decided that I was going to have that done. So, I went to Southampton, which is about two hours from where we live (the piercers near to me are all useless - most of them didnÕt know what a tragus was) to Millennium Body Piercing. I had been there ... read more


was 50 years ago that I first pierced my ears. In those days an unheard of thing to do for a guy never mind a girl. As a teenager I had seen several women with pierced ears while on holiday in Ireland and liked the look and then read an article in the Sunday newspaper. Queen Elizabeth had had her ears pierced so she could wear the earrings which go with the crown jewels. With this desciption of how she had it done I decided to try and do it to myself. I had tried wearing rings made out of ... read more

7'th grade self cartlidge piercing/stretching

n seventh grade i had gotten home one day after breaking up with my girlfriend( you know how those gay little 7'th grade relationships are)and i looked in the mirror and i decided that my cartlidge needed to be pierced. so i went into my room and found the little stud they used the last time i had gotten my ears pierced(i had two little regular holes in each lobe)and went into the bathroom. i was kinda nervous at first because i had never pierced myself, myself. but without numbing it i just put the stud through, and there it ... read more

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