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My Piercing Addiction

his story is not going to tell about one specific piercing. It's about all of them. I first got my ears pierced in 2nd grade...I was about 7. My mom tortures me with this one picture (pre-orthodontic help) where I'm standing outside this cosmetic shop with my nappy hair tucked behind my ears. On display are my red, throbbing earlobes with newly placed gold stars. Boy, did I think I was the absolute shit. After a few months with the standard lobes, one of my ears got infected (I think the right one.) I had a pussy, bloody, swollen earlobe ... read more

What I did to my ears last summer

a bright summer afternoon in a sleepy town in California, and I was lying in bed waking up from a very strange dream. I couldn't remember most of it, but one image persistently swirled through my sluggish brain- myself, standing over the bathroom sink, piercing my soft pink earlobes with a needle. Somehow the most satisfying thing in all the world had been, in the dream, to stick that sliver of metal all the way through my earlobe so that it stuck out the other side, gleaming in the feeble bathroom light. I'm weird, I know. After about 30 seconds ... read more


ent months, i have come to appreciate the art of body piercing. of course, when i was younger and more conservative, i had always thought exactly what older people tell you-piercing anything other than your ear lobes is unacceptable and you will never be able to get a job with a little silver thing hanging off of your face. even when i was in high school, i was under the ignorant impression that those who showed up to school pierced were rebelious and just trying to act older than they were. well, i am very pleased to announce that i ... read more

Dual 0g Inner Conch Punches

me reason, small gauge or normal gauge holes just don`t seem aesthetically and psychologically pleasing for me. I always love the look and feel of large jewelry in my flesh. Thus I chose to get two 0g chuncks of my ears taken out. I decided I wanted two 0g inner conches. This was a decision that was definitally not made on impulse, but on and off for about a year. I live in NJ, the closest possible studio to get this process done at was Infinite in Philadelphia. But since my little conflict with them a few months back over ... read more

Piercing is an addiction

e conservative girl who got her tragus pierced a while back (see conservative girl packs a punch...in the tragus). Since then, I've pierced my navel, rook, and daith, in that order. As I got all of my piercings at the same place, Swank Body Modifications, my experiences with procedure are all virtually identical. Extreme professionalism and meticulism with beautiful results. I just thought I'd discuss some information on particular piercings and contribute a couple of answers that people always ask about piercings. Tragus - sometime in late February Again, see my last submission, "conservative girl packs a punch...in the tragus" ... read more

Helix for me, too poor for more...

to be of the "ick" school of thought about piercing anything other than your ears. Hmm, things change with age. I met my current boyfriend, and before we were dating, I ventured out with him to Gauntlet in S.F. to get his nipple done. I had never been to a piercing studio before, and I have a fairly open mind. I waited in the waitng area, thinking that I'd might enjoy getting something done. So a few months later, my boyfriend and I went back, and I got what I could afford, my second hole above my first ear piercing. ... read more

Don't go to the mall

parents wanna be cool. Most of us know that joy that parents decide to put us through by piercing our ears when we can't even hold still for needles. some people envy kids like me, because when they are 16 they're still not allowed to get a basic lobe piercing. Such wasn't the case with me. My parents decided it would be cool to get my ears pierced when I was 4. At first I thought it sounded wonderful, be the first of my friend to have metal in their ears. then I realized it required a gun to put ... read more

Tranverse Lobe with a Difference

l years ago I began to stretch my left earlobe. After about 3 years I achieved a stretch of 2 1/2 inches. I was well chuffed. Then about a few months ago a asshole stuck his finger through my ear, lost his balance and ripped it to shit. It Hurt, eh. After the inital healing of the tear, I was left with a thin flap of skin joining my once proud lobe. Bummer. The process of what the fuk to do begun. Fully seperate the ear, cut it and stitch it back together, cut it and cauterize it back together, ... read more

the upper sadhu experience

at an experience it was! I had originally planned on getting my nape pierced but on my trip to KY, I decided to forget my previous plan and get something else. The reason for this was because I still had to return home to work and I knew that the nape piercing would be a no-no with my employer, and besides I wasn't completely sold on the nape but Doug was a friend so I agreed to let him do it. Still wanting to get something done I racked my brain trying to think of other options. I had come ... read more

My new Industrial

I'm only 16, I can't get piercings whenever I please. My mom and I made a deal that I could do anything I wanted as long as it was on my ears. This was fair enough. I got my tragus a few months ago, took it out because of infection, and just got it done 3 days ago in my other ear. She was Ok with that. Then I found the industrial a few months ago on BME. An old friend (I hate her now) has it and I remember thinking how cool it was. And I remember her saying ... read more

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