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Stretching my Lobes to 5/8" ( A How-to, Learn from my Mistakes, and Everything you Wanted to Know about Stretching ) A Guide

Hello, let me start by saying that my name is Austin and I'm 15. So anyways, this is my experience with stretching my lobes to 5/8". I just started my Sophmore year of high school and I started to stretch somewhere in the 7th grade. I don't really remember why I wanted to start stretching, I must have seen someone with stretched lobes and was fascinated. Like most people who are starting I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. All I knew was that most regular lobes are pierced with an 18g needle and from there the ... read more

Failed Tragus Piercing

I've had my nose pierced before, but that's pretty much it. I got it done in Vegas about a year ago, and it was a breeze and was over within seconds. I was totally fine. Next, I decided I wanted to get my tragus pierced because it is fairly different from usual piercings and although I have my earlobes pierced, I don't wear earrings because they don't look that great on me. I thought it'd be cool to have a somewhat permanent jewelry piece in my ear that would show when my hair wasn't in the way. I told everyone ... read more

My Stretched Ear Saga

Ah, lobe stretching. How I love thee. It all started when I was in 6th or 7th grade and first saw a pair of stretched lobes. I instantly knew I wanted them, though I was hesitant at first. My parents weren't exactly thrilled about the fact that I wanted my ears pierced (somehow I "forgot" mention the whole stretching part). They told me I would have to wait until I was at least sixteen, but when that day came, they still weren't having it. I started seeing people with stretched lobes around, and started convincing. I finally half-convinced them, (more ... read more

Totally worth it!

I turned 18 a little more than a year ago, and at this point, I decided that I wanted to get something done. I'm Jewish, so I'm pretty sure there's some rule about being buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo. But I really wanted to get something pierced. A couple of years before, I really wanted to pierce my eyebrow. I remember bothering my parents almost every day to get permission. I read stories, I watch videos, and I continued to beg them. My dad eventually gave in, but I needed a unanimous decision from both my parents ... read more

My 18th present to myself

I've always liked piercings, when I was younger I always wanted more earholes pierced and a belly button piercing. At the start of 2007, I got my belly button pierced which much to my dismay fell out one time when I was drunk and closed up within a day. I knew I wanted another piercing, but I wasn't quite sure yet what... A week before I turned 18, I was in fremantle and walked past a piercing place. I went inside and looked at all the jewellery and thought to myself that I would like to get a new piercing. ... read more

So, tell me, that hurt right?

Where do I begin? Okay so, I saw this piercing on a girlfriend of mine. I live in a very small town where we do have a tattoo and piercing parlor, but it's still taboo to be seen there. Lots of people park a little way down in front of other businesses as to deter peoples attention-silly, yes I agree, but that is life here in tim buck to. My guy who done it-Jim Curtis. A very outspoken man who will tell you to cut the shit and suck it up-he hates winers! Whether getting tattooed or pierced, Jim seems ... read more

Easy-as-pie industrial

It was the day before my sixteenth birthday and (after a good 7 months of begging, bribing, and arguing) I had finally convinced both of my parents to let me get another ear piercing: and industrial! It was a very long and frustrating journey, and I had conceded to different ear piercings a multitude of times but the industrial was what I really wanted so I fought until I got it. Earlier in the day I was working at a charity walk with my mother, so it wasn't until around 3 in the afternoon that we started calling around. The ... read more

My Rook Piercing !

Je me suis fait percer il y a un peu plus d'une semaine. J'ai franchement hésiter entre un Rook, un Daith ou un Tragus. Mon choix s'est finalement porté sur un Rook. J'ai donc décidé le jeudi de me faire percer dans un studio que je connaissais de nom qui prenait sans rendez vous. Finalement j'ai dut reporter ça au vendredi, ma mère ayant des contraintes. Cette effet improviste rassure beaucoup et je vous conseille d'aller dans un studio qui perce sans rendez vous. C'est d'ailleur pour cela que le studio Mystik Tatoo Piercing de Rombas a choisi cette option, ... read more

Things I'll do to piss off my mom

This story is suppose to be a tongue piercing, but in the end unless I wanted to be in debt up to my eyeballs it turned into something entirely different. It started out on my best friend's 16th birthday about a year and a half ago, she just got her eyebrow pierced and talked about how amazing it was. I wanted a piercing so bad too!! But I live in a very uptight conservative type family. Well we made a vow to get a piercing together on my 18th birthday so since then I searched for the PERFECT piercing for ... read more

Love My Rook

Yo, How's it all going. Just a little bit of background information before I start , to set the scene and all that. I'm 17 and ever since I was 12 I've wanted my ears peirced. My mum is really against peircings and all body modifications, I begged and I pleaded for years until eventually sometime in March of this year, just after my birthday infact, I persuaded her to let me get my left ear lobe pierced on one condition - I got a hair cut. This was perfectly fine by me, I meen yeah. Hair grows back right? ... read more

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