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Scalpelling My lobes from 13mm to 3/4"

I realized my "goal size" wasn't big enough before I had even reached it. You see, the issue I had with my lobes was that they were tiny. Not thin, just tiny. Unfortunately like a lot of other people that embark on the stretching journey, I wasn't blessed with big fatty lobes. I began the sloooww stretching process about four years ago. Recently I reached 13mm, my goal size, always allowing my ears to self stretch. By this point, I had already built a massive collection of plugs, only to realize that I wanted bigger. Deciding to go bigger meant ... read more

Daith - second time lucky?

I first had my Daith pierced about 18 months ago at Holier than Thou in Manchester – It was my favourite of my cartilage piercings (the others being a forward helix, a conch and an anti-tragus) but unfortunately it just didn't want to play and I ended up making an executive decision to take it out as I still had a conch and anti-tragus in the last parts of healing in the other ear and I needed to have at least ONE side I could sleep on! Now, last month my best friend Danielle had decided she wanted somewhere pierced, ... read more

My lovely industrial. (Almost two years old)

It all started a few months before my 16th birthday when all of my friends decided they would go get piercings after their birthdays (since 16 is the legal age to get piercings without parental consent here). There were seven of us, two wanted bellybutton piercings, two wanted their noses done, one wanted her nipple done and one wanted a tragus. As for me, I had no idea. I loved the idea of having a piercing but I knew next to nothing about them. So I scoured the internet looking for something interesting that no one I knew had. This ... read more

The most beautiful part of my ear

I had recently gotten my nose pierced, and since my request for a tongue piercing was rejected, I was in the market for a unique piercing. I wanted someone no one I knew had, something no one else would want, but also something pretty. I had searched online for a list of piercings, and I finally found the tragus. It was love at first sight. I wanted to be pierced with a circular barbell or one of those cool spiral ones, but I later found out I had no choice of jewelry at my tattoo and piercing parlour. The only ... read more

I think I might be getting sick.

"Honey... you better hurry up!!" My girl friend came over to my house not too long ago and we were hanging out in my basement and she was talking to me about some random seemingly unimportant small talk and then our futures came up. She asked me what i wanted to do with my life, which was strange of her to ask because she knew i wanted to become a piercing artist. So i told her that and said she already knew so what was she getting at?? She said do you wanna practice?? i was puzzled. She said yeah ... read more

Quick, but not quite painless.

Hello! This is a story about the piercing that brings me one step closer to my final layout plan: my conch. I've known I wanted a conch for a while. I don't remember where I first saw it, or exactly when, but I do know that it's been over a year since I decided I was going to get it. I also knew it was going to be one of the last piercings I got, because mine sort of go in sets, and I also wanted to build up to it. I was actually planning on waiting a little longer, ... read more

cute little anti-tragus

When I decided to get my anti-tragus pierced, it was mostly a spur of the moment thing. I had wanted the piercing for a while, but one day I just decided, "today I'm getting a piercing!" and I decided then that anti-tragus was the piercing I was going to get done and I was really excited to get it. I brought my friend along with me to watch and for some good company. She drove me to a shop near my house, but when we got there the girl at the counter said she could not do that specific piercing ... read more

My industrial - off limits from boyfriend saliva

Ever since the first time I saw an industrial I loved it. I thought it looked beautiful and knew I would end up with one eventually. About four years later, I finally got round to it. I was finally 16, had enough money and had moral support to make sure I didn't back out. I never had any trouble finding a studio I felt comfortable with - I'd heard good things about Nirvana Piercing from a lot of people and as soon as I walked in I knew why. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, cleaner than should be possible and a ... read more

The Kindness of Strangers

There is no better body mod than that which signifies an event, experience, or the beginning and/or end of one of life's chapters. Whether it's a vertical clitoral hood piercing to assert independence after an abusive relationship, a tattoo because you've finally moved out of home or even just a standard lobe piercing to celebrate the end of high school, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that this body mod provides a permanent reminder, whether explicitly or implicitly, that you were there, that you did this, that this happened to you. It was with this train of thought that ... read more

Industrial, Experience not to be forgotten

When I first decided to get my industrial I had a lot of negative opinions from friends. The reason I decided was because I saw this chick with the most awesome industrial at the smashing pumpkins concert. One of my friends had gotten hers done at high school, but I was a bit put off when a few weeks later hers swelled up and it looked like her ear was eating her piercing, then a few months later she ripped it out so I kind of didn't look fondly on them after that. Two weeks after I went to the ... read more

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