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The Journey to an Inch

As I write this experience, I am sitting quite contently and comfortably with 1" tunnels in my earlobes. It's taken quite a while to get to this size, and the process included several ups and downs, ins and outs. However, now that I look in the mirror and see the result, I realize that everything was completely worth it. About two years ago, following the advice of my sister, I got my left ear pierced (being careful, of course, to select the "correct" ear). I was very content with the large stud that I got from Claire's, and really didn't ... read more

Industrial Piercing = Pain

I didn't go to the shop intending on getting an industrial piercing. I was just going to LeRoi with my friend to help her get new jewelry for her lip laret piercing. But, once I was at the shop I couldn't resist. At first, I thought about getting a third eyebrow barbell – I have two currently and I've been wanting a third eyebrow barbell. I asked Pete, who is employed by LeRoi's and a piercer, how much an eyebrow piercing cost. Sixty dollars, he said. My initial reaction: ouch. That's twenty dollars more than an eyebrow piercing from Addiction ... read more

Oww! I forgot how much the needles hurt....

Ok, so after a little bit of thought, I decided I wanted to get another piercing. Over the years I've had quite a few things done (navel, nostril, two standard lobes in each ear, tragus and a very bad helix piercing that was done with a gun - owwww). Sadly I've had to take them out for many reasons, ranging for migration and infection, to unsypathetic bosses. I looked on BME and decided that my ear would be a good place to have a hole poked. The question was what hole should I get... Eventually I settled on getting a ... read more

A Young Industrial Piercing

Piercings and tattoos have always interested me since I was very young. Obviously, I am still quite young for anything such as a tattoo, but I currently have eight ear piercings, or holes anyways. My industrial is my first and currently only more advanced piercing than lobes. As my step father knows a few friends running a very professional tattoo and piercing studio, I was told that was the place to go if I ever wanted to pierce or tattoo something. I remember first starting out with a strong desire to get an industrial in the spring, but I had ... read more

My first cartilage piercing

In March of 2008 I decided that it was time for a new piercing. I had recently moved to Little 5 Points, so my boyfriend and I trekked to Kolo one chilly afternoon. My boyfriend wanted to get a second eyebrow piercing, so I figured it would be a perfect time to get something done as well. Sunday is usually a great day to go to Little 5 because it's not too crowded and chaotic... All the hipster kids are still sleeping off their hangovers from partying the night before. :) My job does not allow facial piercings, so I ... read more

The Helix I never gave up on... Till now

Well, here I am 4 years since I had my helix pierced. But here I sit without it now... For those of you considering this piercing, I'm not saying don't go for it, but just to realise, it may go wrong at any point! even years down the line... However you may be lucky :D so take a chance. Here's my story anyway... I decided that I would finally get something other than my ear lobes pierced. Even though I was old enough to not seek approval of parents, I still did. So I asked my mother if she would ... read more

Helix at 13

When I first asked my parents for permission to get my helix pierced, like most parents, their answer was an adamant 'NO.' They didn't want their innocent little daughter getting holes rammed in her ears for the sake of wearing jewelry in them. But of course, after months of persuasion, writing an essay, and bringing up the topic in good timing, I won them over. :) So today, me and my dad jumped over to Dermagraphic Osmosis Tattoo and Piercing in Richmond after breakfast to get my cartilage pierced. We walked in and I immediately noticed that the shop was ... read more

Oh thats the one condition

My friend and i are frequent browsers of BMEZINE. We often come in search of piercings we would like and what we wanna get next. We both love the industrial piercing. I was steered away from it because I heard that it had hurt and i wasn't sure that i wanted to deal with that pain. And thats how it all began. We searched on Myspace for the piercing places around us and decided we should give Iron Quill a try because a friend of mine had gotten her hips and tongue done and they were done well. Also Dawn ... read more

5mm conch punch, stretched to 7mm

I had unevenly pierced both of my conchs in the past 3 years, first getting a vertical industrial on my left year and following up with a conch ring on my right, not concerned about their symmetric placement. About a year ago I started to think that my ears were becoming too uneven and cluttered. I was still happy about my vertical industrial, but never really wanted the helix-to-helix industrial on my right ear. It didn't help that it took two years to fully heal. I decided that I would take out all of my other ear piercings and only ... read more

"You know how bad that thing's gonna hurt?" a vertical industrial.

It started a month ago. It was my average day in the snack bar at the pool I work at. I was working with a good friend of mine. We'll call her Alli. She was talking about how she was getting a tattoo soon so I recommended she check out Cheap Trx, as I had such great experiences there in the past (all with piercing but I love the staff and I've seen their tattoo work as well - it's excellent). She said it sounded good and we got to discussing piercings. Alli only had her lobes pierced at this ... read more

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