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the story of my lobe stretching

Well, this is my story about stretching my lobes. It first started last year some time when my friend stretched his ear to 2mm using a fake stretcher then pushing a 2mm nail through. After seeing his I thought that stretching your ear lobes was stupid and I wasn't planning on doing I but after a while me and my friend decided to stretch our ears more so, we went into Launceston and he bought a 3mm while I bought a 2mm. I had already put in a fake stretcher because it seemed to stretch my friend's lobe so I ... read more

A small stretch

I've always thought stretched earlobes were just absolutely beautiful. There is something striking about it aesthetically, and something beautiful about the process of stretching your earlobes. I'd had my earlobes pierced twice in each ear with a gun since earlier child hood, and wore various 18 gauge jewelry in them. Other than those, I have my nostril pierced and at 14g, my left nipple at 14g, my navel at 14g, and my left helix done twice, one at 16g, and one at 14g. A few months ago I started itching for a new piercing, and bounced back and forth between ... read more

pretty lil DIY forward helix

As a little rather naive twelve year old I thought it would a good idea to pierce my right lobe for a third time, of course the day after I got scared that my mum would find out and so I took out. I found out she was strictly against any more piercings (at all!) after I begged her to let me get my nostril done (bad idea to do it so young me thinks). Anyway flash forward three years, I'd like to think I'd be a bit more sensible about my well being...wrong! Two weeks ago, I got the ... read more

Noob stretcher

Hey guys and gals, here is my story on my first experiences with stretching which started only late late last night, and possibly early early this morning and brings you up to speed with me as of right now. As I entered my teenage years, I had always yearned for a piercing. I'm still in my teens, and I've been pierced 5 times now, all in the ears. My left lobe was first pierced when I was just 13 or 14, but closed up within the year. I got it pierced shortly thereafter in the same spot though. I had ... read more

My Very First Cartilage Piercing.

Ever since I was about five years old, I was always interested in tattoos and piercings. I'm from the Philippines, and it's nothing strange to get your first lobe piercings as a baby, so I had those already, plus a set of second lobe piercings, thus totalling up to two piercings on each ear. Yet I always craved more, and began to think about a navel piercing or a cartilage piercing. Needless to say, the navel piercing didn't happen; my father disliked the idea, and is actually quite against piercings, so he said that 'he would meet me halfway' and ... read more

My rook piercing.... yay!

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting on the computer, deciding if i should go for a daith piercing, or a navel piercing. Then, I discovered the Rook piercing. I instantly fell in love with it, it looked fantastic, and people said it would suit me. I decided I would borrow twenty pounds from a friend and go and get it done on Saturday morning. I wasn't worried about the pain, as I have a very high pain tolerance, and didn't feel any of my other piercings. I was going with a friend who was getting her first piercing, so most ... read more

My Lovely Snug Experience

I'd been wanting a unique piercing in my ear for some time, but wasn't sure what it would be. I needed another piercing to help balance out the number of piercings in each of my ears. I'd seen a rook and daith piercing and thought that perhaps those would be something a little different I could try. But I wasn't exactly convinced they were what I wanted. I needed to find that one piercing that stood out from all the rest. As I did some research and poking around the internet I came upon the snug piercing. I had never ... read more

My beautiful Industrial

Hi, I've always wanted my industrial but never had the guts, which is weird because I have many other piercings including my nipples...I just have a weird pain thing for ear piercing. I don't know how I came up with the idea that it would hurt more than that but I did. Ha-ha So after long hours of searching on BME and considering which type of industrial I wanted and where I wanted it, I found the one which I thought would suit me the most. And that ended up to be from the top of my ear near my ... read more

Most painful beautiful thing I have

I had wanted a piercing for several weeks, and had been reading about tongue piercings on BME.I had decided that I was going to get one. I told my boyfriend and my best friend what I had planned on doing. They both didn't like the idea. After they had both told me that they thought it would be a bad idea and that I wouldn't like it I ended up deciding that I would get an Industrial instead. I had always loved the way they looked so I decided that's what I wanted. So Monday night my boyfriend and I ... read more

Mon Daith

Il y a un mois... aprés mure réflexion... j'ai décidé de me faire piercer un ROOK. Cela s'était trés trés bien passé. Je suis donc retourner hier chez la mème perceuse pour me faire piercer l'autre oreille mais cette fois ci le Daith. J'arrive donc chez Mystik. La perceuse de l'autre jour est derrière le comptoir. Elle me demande donc où je veux me faire piercer. Je lui explique. Elle me dit qu'elle va préparer le tout et qu'elle revient. Elle me demande si je veux une barre, je répond que oui. Elle s'en va. J'attend et j'entend déjà le ... read more

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