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Happy 18th to myself!

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, so to celebrate, I decided I wanted to get myself a cool new piercing. I already had four holes in each earlobe, but that was the extent of my piercings. I had always really wanted to get something cool in my upper cartilage, but I wasn't really sure what I wanted or where exactly I wanted it. This was my first "serious" piercing, i.e. it was the first time I'd actually gone to a studio and had something done with a needle and real body jewelry. I was so freaked out before I went in! ... read more

My Spur of the Moment Tragus

I had my first piercing when I was six, my lobes, pierced with guns which I no longer wear. Once I turned seventeen I was itching for a piercings, because tattoos are sadly not allowed in my family. My mother took me in July to get my navel pierced, and then I caught piercing fever. People had always warned me it was an addiction, and now I completely understand. All I wanted was more and more. However, I decided it would be best to wait until the end of September when I would turn eighteen. That way after that I ... read more

My First Real Piercings

For a long time I was thinking about getting a tattoo or some other body modification. I blame my sister for this, as she has two tattoos, a larger one on her chest and a smaller one on her arms. I never really thought about piercings until about a month ago, and in the end, I decided that a piercing would be better for me. I figured, "Well, it's not as permanent as a tattoo, it's a bit cheaper, and since I'm a big baby, it will probably hurt less since it's quick. What's not to love?" And thus the ... read more

triple helix spiral and a raging infection

It all began back in late August— three and a half months ago—when I decided to go get my cartilage pierced, not once or twice, but three times. The goal was to eventually have a spiral barbell put in to connect all three holes. I ordered the jewelry and went to see the piercer. Now, I had had my daith pierced by the same shop before, and it healed with no problems whatsoever. Looks great, totally happy with it. The cartilage piercings, however, have been a different story. The piercings themselves were uneventful. I was admittedly nervous, but the piercer ... read more

Finally...my daith!

I am going to preface this experience by saying that my daith is absolutely, totally, amazingly, wonderfully PERFECT. The day after my eighteenth birthday (which is 11/20) I went to Flaming Dragon Tattoo in Tacoma, Washington (the 38th street location) as I had decided I wanted to celebrate my new independence with a piercing. I had been in the shop previously that week to get my rook jewelry changed (now it is an adorably 1/4" 16g CBR) so Chris, the piercer, who was standing outside the shop when I arrived, greeted me right away. I told him that I wanted ... read more

my snug

Soooooo the story of my snug! I wish I could say that I had deep and meaningful reasons for getting any of my existing piercings, but it's just that I think they're so darn pretty! Sadly this doesn't prevent the confused faces and people asking why, but it's good enough for me! I already had 7 lobes and a conch and 2 helixes when I was looking for my next hole (my conch is my favourite by the way, I would really really reeeaaaallly it as a step up from lobe piercing but not too extreme for a beginning of ... read more

My early little Christmas Present

So I know everyone says how much they were into piercings when they were little and all that jazz, but I found some to be really cute and had started to plan what I wanted at the age of about 8 or 9. Anyway, onto my experience. I saw my first scaffold at probably 9 years old, it was strange, and I found it fascinating, hence my growing interest in body modifications It happened today (5th December 2008, 14:14). I have currently started my first year in college so the rules of piercings/hair/tattoos and things have basically vanished, and I ... read more

Tragus Piercing

I've wanted my tragus pierced for a long time and it took a while to build up my courage to get it done, I knew who I was going to trust to do it as Iv let Salamanders do everyone of my piercings. I made my way up to Derby with my best friend who was also having he r tragus done and I booked in to have my tragus pierced, while I was waiting I felt really nervous and sick which I'm sure most would before getting a new piercing, I was talking a load on nonsense to my ... read more

DIY Piercing and My (Bloody) Stetching Experience

The History Well, to start off, I had never had a piercing up until early October. I'm only 16, and I had to convince my mom to get my ears pierced. She kept putting it off, so I resorted to doing it myself. I always had stretching in mind, even before I pierced my ears. So one Tuesday afternoon, I got home from school, grabbed my hollow 14 gauge surgical needle, and did it. I should mention that sharp pains hurt me a lot. Every story I read on BME, the person always feels no pain. Piercing me hurts, I ... read more

My small entrance to the world of body mods!

My mind was first opened to the world of body modification when I was about 13. I had signed up to a local radio stations forum and a user had started a thread, named simply "Tattoos and Piercings." It was love at first sight. Ever since first stumbling upon that thread I knew I have wanted body modifications. I fell in love with them and soon decided my first piercing would be a helix cartilage piercing. The one thing that stood in my way; Parents. They would not allow it until I was 16(the normal age for ear piercings without ... read more

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