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Hardships of life and stretching to 7/8ths in 6months.

Once upon a time I was a young lad growing up in a seaming less normal world, where things out of the ordinary stunned me, but made me smile at the same time. Growing up as a teenager in this society I never had the luxury of seeing stretched lobes up close and personal. The closest I came was the always amazing videos about different world cultures. To many these videos were filled with taboo, but I embraced them with respect for their own culture differences, and own interpretation of bodily acceptance. I finally began seeing more people with gauges ... read more

My tragus piercing

I'd been planning on getting my tragus pierced for a few months, I had already stretched my ear to a 3mm and my ear was looking quite empty. Originally my girlfriend was gonna take me to get it done (she's really into piercings) but one sunday morning my mother decided to give me fifteen pounds and I had nothing to do so I thought I'd go get it done. The only place i knew i could get it done for under that was Blue Banana, I've heard an awful lot of bad things about them and I was a little ... read more

15mm plugs - 18mm tunnels, painful but worth it

Okay, so I've been stretching my ears for a few years now. My one ear was at 15mm and the other at 1/2 inch. I've been at this size for a while and I thought it was about time to go bigger. I wanted to move up a few sizes for a while but I could never save enough money. Finally I saved up about $25 and figured it was enough to buy at least one tunnel. My ears weren't the same size as it was so it wouldn't matter. During my spare at school, my friend took me to ... read more

My Industrial...AT LAST!

I've always loved my body modifications, having my ears stretched to 8mm in both ears, my nose, tragus and belly button pierced and my gorgeous fairy tattoo. Ever since I was 14/15 I wanted my industrial done, after spending my IT lessons in school surfing BME and seeing a girl who worked in The Mirage in Las Vegas, USA who had the most perfect industrial I've ever seen! When I was 17 two of my friends had theirs done, but sadly both of them took them out due to a fault by the piercer in my local town, who pierced ... read more

Happy 18th to myself!

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, so to celebrate, I decided I wanted to get myself a cool new piercing. I already had four holes in each earlobe, but that was the extent of my piercings. I had always really wanted to get something cool in my upper cartilage, but I wasn't really sure what I wanted or where exactly I wanted it. This was my first "serious" piercing, i.e. it was the first time I'd actually gone to a studio and had something done with a needle and real body jewelry. I was so freaked out before I went in! ... read more

My Spur of the Moment Tragus

I had my first piercing when I was six, my lobes, pierced with guns which I no longer wear. Once I turned seventeen I was itching for a piercings, because tattoos are sadly not allowed in my family. My mother took me in July to get my navel pierced, and then I caught piercing fever. People had always warned me it was an addiction, and now I completely understand. All I wanted was more and more. However, I decided it would be best to wait until the end of September when I would turn eighteen. That way after that I ... read more

My First Real Piercings

For a long time I was thinking about getting a tattoo or some other body modification. I blame my sister for this, as she has two tattoos, a larger one on her chest and a smaller one on her arms. I never really thought about piercings until about a month ago, and in the end, I decided that a piercing would be better for me. I figured, "Well, it's not as permanent as a tattoo, it's a bit cheaper, and since I'm a big baby, it will probably hurt less since it's quick. What's not to love?" And thus the ... read more

triple helix spiral and a raging infection

It all began back in late August— three and a half months ago—when I decided to go get my cartilage pierced, not once or twice, but three times. The goal was to eventually have a spiral barbell put in to connect all three holes. I ordered the jewelry and went to see the piercer. Now, I had had my daith pierced by the same shop before, and it healed with no problems whatsoever. Looks great, totally happy with it. The cartilage piercings, however, have been a different story. The piercings themselves were uneventful. I was admittedly nervous, but the piercer ... read more

Finally...my daith!

I am going to preface this experience by saying that my daith is absolutely, totally, amazingly, wonderfully PERFECT. The day after my eighteenth birthday (which is 11/20) I went to Flaming Dragon Tattoo in Tacoma, Washington (the 38th street location) as I had decided I wanted to celebrate my new independence with a piercing. I had been in the shop previously that week to get my rook jewelry changed (now it is an adorably 1/4" 16g CBR) so Chris, the piercer, who was standing outside the shop when I arrived, greeted me right away. I told him that I wanted ... read more

my snug

Soooooo the story of my snug! I wish I could say that I had deep and meaningful reasons for getting any of my existing piercings, but it's just that I think they're so darn pretty! Sadly this doesn't prevent the confused faces and people asking why, but it's good enough for me! I already had 7 lobes and a conch and 2 helixes when I was looking for my next hole (my conch is my favourite by the way, I would really really reeeaaaallly it as a step up from lobe piercing but not too extreme for a beginning of ... read more

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