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stretching my ears from 18g to 8g in one sitting

I've always been fond of slight body mods, by this I mean not too extravagant piercings and stretched ears (I like tattoos but on other people, not me). I like the fact that you can take them off without them leaving huge marks on your body. I've had my left helix pierced thrice (by myself) and my right ear head pierced at a shop near my town and was looking for something else to have done on me. I read lots of reviews on BME to help me make up my mind. I decided that I wouldn't get my face ... read more

New Tragus Piercing

Yesterday I got my right tragus pierced. I worked all day and shortly after I got home I asked my husband to accompany me to the local tattoo/piercing studio for moral support and to drive me home afterwards, just in case I was feeling woozy. We arrived at Saint Tattoo and I asked to speak with their piercer, Bryan. I inquired about having the piercing done with a curved barbell or a labret stud instead of a ring and Bryan told me it would be fine to do with either. He had time then, so he got a copy of ... read more

my stretching experience.

I wasn't one of those lucky girls that get their ears pierced a couple of weeks after birth. In fact, I had to wait twelve long years just to know what having pretty earrings felt like. I got my ear lobes pierced when I was 12, several days after my birthday. My parents took me to an accessory store in the mall where they pierced ears. I remember picking out the earrings, and listening to the aftercare instructions diligently I remember sitting on the chair and holding my dad's hand, I remember the smell of alcohol and the feeling of ... read more

the start of a happy life

Well like lots of other 14 year old girls I wanted to be different and I wanted to stand out (I still do) I'm not sure when I started my fascination with piercings, I guess I just loved the way they looked and all the different kinds of jewelry that could be put in. But these days piercing are getting incredibly popular, but to me a helix was better than nothing. One thing that was on my side was of that my sister had gotten hers done with our mum when she was 12 or 13, I was currently 14 ... read more

Diary of an Anti-tragus

31st March 2007 I'm not 100% on how the actual piercing was done, this is the first needle piercing that I've gone in for all by myself, with no one to hold my hand.So I was more interested with not passing out. Day 1 Holy Crap! It feels like my entire ear has been pierced.....it aches on the front, it hurts on the back, it canes up the top, and it's painful down the bottom. I am taking my Advil religiously.....I don't think its helping too much, But on the plus side my ear isn't swollen, just sore. Laughing hurts...so ... read more

My Snug Piercing-- and the Lesson It Taught Me

About three months ago, I had a friend over. She had wanted to get her nipples pierced for quite a while, and I had wanted a snug piercing for a few months. My parents were not going to sign a consent form so that I could get the piercing professionally, even though I told them I would pay for it. I figured I would have to wait until I was 18 (I wasn't even 17 yet when I decided I wanted the piercing). And on that night about three months ago, she randomly got a call from her guy friend ... read more

My Dermal Adventure

Hey all, so this is my grand dermal punch adventure: So, I have wanted to gauge my ears for a great while, but I have never had the intestinal fortitude to do so until recently. I don't know why I never did it seeing as how I have a septum piercing and a body covered in traditional tattoos. I have always admired people with gauges and always wanted a pair of my own. So two days ago I finally built up my courage to take the plunge into the wide world of gauging. I just thought I would share my ... read more

The road to recovery

I'm not entirely sure why outer cartilage piercings have a reputation for being 'easy piercings' amongst those who have none themselves. Many people sport a helix or two, often even ones inflicted with mall-style guns, yet the piercings lack the same horror that, say, an industrial or a surface anchor elicits. But it seems a lot of people have trouble healing these suckers, with healing times apparently averaging a year, sometimes taking even longer. To my (dis)credit, this was something I wouldn't find out until after this particular piercing experience. It's common knowledge that the state of one's physical health ... read more

Dermal punched earlobes.

My ear lobes were pierced initially when I was a year old at a department store with a piercing gun. My right ear was pierced in a much lower position than my left ear because after the first earring went through, I apparently did not sit still for the second one (as I was screaming and crying from the pain of the first ear), and whoever performed the procedure missed the mark as a result. Fast forward about fourteen years later, when I was a sophomore in high school (2004), I stretched my ear lobe piercings to 12ga. They remained ... read more

My rook is a happy rook

There are some piercings that you think about for years before you get them, and then there are others that you discover and immediately can't wait to get. The rook, for me, was definitely the latter. I have had conventional lobe piercings since I was a kid and a helix since my late teens, but had been thinking about getting a tragus for a while. However, I listen to a lot of music via headphones and wear in-ear headphones for most of my workday, so a tragus didn't seem to be the smartest choice for me, especially because my ear ... read more

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