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Learning the hard way about stretching slowly...

So last year I was visiting my mom for Christmas. I told her that I for one of my presents I wanted to get my other industrial done. So she took me to the Renegade in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Needless to say, it was extremely painful and I blacked out a little bit, but I was content and it looked great. I walked up to the counter, and was fancying these bright pink silicone plugs. They were the only ones in that color, but they obviously were not my size. I was currently at 00, and these plugs were 3/4". Being ... read more

Stupid Idea

I wanted my tragus pierced since I saw it on someone a few years ago, and although it is becoming way more popular now, as a lot of girls I know have it, I still think it's a classy piercing, and one that looks good at the same time. However, I was never really motivated to go out and get it done, nor was I ever really into piercings as much as I have been since earlier this year. But, at the beginning of the year, I had seven lobes, and since then, I have gotten my bridge, upper helix, ... read more

A punch in the head that I still love

Ok! so I suffer from a disease called "laziness". So instead of bothering to go the long way around to achieve my goal of a nice big conch piercing (ok it's not that big) I took the short route. In my infinite wisdom I decided to get my conch punched instead of pierced and stretched. After a Friday night of major boozing (I know, I know, bad idea) I hopped on a bus to Dublin with a friend who wanted to get his eyebrow pierced AGAIN (lol 5 times and it rejected again lol), I headed off to my favourite ... read more

My Personal Ear Stretching Journey

Hello there BME readers, my name is Blake, and this is my story of the process of stretching/gaugeing my ears. When I was about 13 or 14, I decided that I wanted to pierce my ear. It was sort of a "spur of the moment kind" of thing. I, after making this decision, went immediately to the local mall (the town I lived in did not have a tattoo or piercing studio). I did not realize the difference between ear stands and parlors, so I figured,"why not". I sat in the cold chair as a large, seemingly dull-witted woman took ... read more

La petite histoire de mon petit rook!

Après près de 10 ans à me dire que je voulais me faire percer autre chose que mes lobes d'oreilles, je l'ai finalement fait il y a 3 semaines. Je me suis fait percer le rook de mon oreille droite. Mon amour pour l'art du perçage remonte à assez longtemps, mais je ne l'avais jamais fait avant parce que j'avais un autre grand amour, le taekwondo. Ceux parmi vous qui pratique un art martial vont comprendre ce que je veux dire... piercing et combat ne vont pas très bien ensemble! J'ai donc un peu laissé tomber l'idée du piercing, jusqu'à ... read more

Stretched My Earlobes As A Bet

Stretching, for me, began as a bet to see if I could. One day I was walking around in a Spencers and noticed some cool 12g CBRs in a case. I said, "Huh. I bet I could wear those." My friend replied, "No way." So I bought them thinking they would slide right in, and they didn't. I am the type of person who doesn't just let something like that go, so I went online and bought a 16g CBR and a 14g CBR and put in the 16 when it arrived. I waited a month, popped in the 14, ... read more

A Long Awaited Piercing.

It was around the summer of my freshman year in high school that I began to take an interest in body piercing. At that time, all I had was one set of simple lobe piercings that had been done when I was 10 or 11. My parents were, and still are to a bit of a lesser extent, extremely traditional and pretty much against any sort of piercings. I decided to aim low for my first battle-a second set of holes in my lobes. So, long story short-I asked, got turned down, waited a few months-for around a year. Finally, ... read more

My Painful Cartilage Experience

It was Christmas day, and I had decided long ago that I was going to get a piercing on boxing day. I was going to get my lip done and my friend Ash was going to get her nose pierced, we had figured everything out except for one thing, I hadn't asked my parents yet. I had assumed they would be cool with it, but just to make sure I wouldn't be killed if I came home with a pierced lip, I asked mum, because I knew that there was more chance of her saying yes than Dad, and as ... read more

Industrial Strength

Since I was 15, I had been interested in piercings and body modification. At the time I went in for my industrial piercing, I was already the proud canvas for 5 ear piercings and an eyebrow ring. I had known a few people with industrial piercings and I had always admired them, and I wanted something a bit out of the mainstream for my 2nd professional piercing. My piercer first asked me how I would like the industrial to go: vertical or horizontal, and on which ear. I decided on a horizontal industrial piercing, and the piercer held industrial bars ... read more

So what did it feel like?

I've wanted an industrial piercing for a couple of years now, so now that I'm 18 and just finishing my first semester of college I thought it would be a good time to get it done. I decided to go to Axis Body Modification in Minneapolis. I go to the University of Minnesota, and Axis right off the East Bank campus on Washington Avenue. Location was the main reason I chose to go there, but I looked it up online before I went and all of the reviews were very positive. I am so glad I chose to go to ... read more

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