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My first piercing was acquired at the ripe age of 6, admittedly a young age for a boy in the United States. Harassment from classmates and peers hastily ensued and being young and impressionable I removed it just as hastily. However, as I grew older it became more acceptable for me to have shinny pieces of metal and stone in my ears and I pierced them again. Eventually I got the grand idea that gauges were the way to go and sought them out. Being young and lacking any amount of common sense, I quickly jumped from 16 to 8, ... read more

My (now retired) 4g Lobes

To start out with, I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kaley, and I'm 15. I wasn't always interested in body modifications, it's only been a few years since I've really been into the whole deal. I currently have 6 piercings, all of which are on my lobes. unfortunately, all of them have been done with a gun. My first pair I got when I was five, my second pair when I was twelve, and my third this last summer. They've all healed nicely :). I remember first seeing stretched earlobes when I was around 6, and ... read more

My New Tragus

Yesterday, I got my tragus pierced, which was my first piercing that wasn't my ear lobes. I haven't had my ear lobes pierced since I was twelve, so I was pretty nervous. I was actually most nervous about the popping noise I've heard some people hear. My friend and I were both getting ours done, and she made me go first. I'm actually glad she did, because if I had heard her reaction before I got mine done, I might have backed out. I naturally tremble a little bit, and I was worried that it would cause him to mess ... read more

His first...

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with piercings and tattoos. My sister was much older than me and had many piercings and had started getting tattoos so I suppose that is where my interested stemmed from. My mother was never very big into moding your body in any way, so even when she let me get my 14G cartilage piercing, she was still disapproving. She wouldn't even allow me to get my belly button pierced, but ended up doing so when I was 17 anyhow. By the time I had my industrial done, I had only had two ... read more

Gauging skip. Damn it hurts.

When I was smaller, my dad always asked if I wanted my ear pierced. I had seen my favorite power ranger, Tommy, with a little loop through his ear (I was around 5 at this point) but I thought it would hurt. I mean, it's a piece of metal being shoved forcefully through an area not meant to have a hole. How much more painful does it have to sound? I did once, got one ear pierced, but the lady, using a gun, mind you, screwed it all up and made it go through at an angle resembling a slash ... read more

Forward Helix Trouble!

So first of all I'll explain my piercing addiction. When I was six, I begged my mother to let me get my lobes pierced and she said I could get them done when I was 18. Six weeks of begging later and I had two beautiful green studs in my ears, courtesy of the local pharmacy and a piercing gun. My next earring didn't come until about five years later when I decided I wanted a second hole but only on my right ear, and, after months more of begging I got it done. The next piercing I got was ... read more

- Done already ?

- I've always wanted to get both a vertical and horizontal piercing in one of my ears so I decided to get the horizontal done first. At the time I was in Sweden visiting my family and having 2 friends over from the UK and one of them also wanted to get pierced! I have a list of piercings I want to have done, but it didn't take me long to pick the one I decided to get done! I have mostly been recently focusing on getting hidden piercings, but now I felt like getting one that shows all the ... read more

A happy little thing.

After getting my rook and tragus pierced on my right ear, I knew I needed something to 'even out' my left ear, sitting with just two helix and 2 lobe piercings. It's something I had been thinking about and waiting for (healing other piercings, trips away and haircuts and dyes) for a long time, and after being accepted for university, I decided that I would go get an anti-tragus before I left. It's symbolic as well as pretty; a hidden meaning just for me. I've been a bit worried about healing, because my rook took over a year to heal ... read more

Successful Stretching, Patience is Key

First of all, I'm 24 and have never really had an interest in body modification until recently. I've found piercings to be attractive at various points in my life, but my own low threshold for pain combined with work limits some of my options. To get my feet wet a little bit, I decided to start with something I already have, my ear piercing. I got my ear pierced when I was about 9 at a mall with a gun. I wore standard jewelry for a couple of years but was never quite happy with how the wiry "lady's hoop" ... read more

Acting on Impulse

I wouldn't normally reccomend getting anything done to your body on impulse. I am cautiou, perhaps overly so, and I like to plan, and plan, and plan some more before body mods. This is probably why I'm 23 and have only two tattoos and my ears pierced. Well, apparently getting pierced on impulse can be a good thing. I'd been debating a lot of piercings for some while but caution (and, if I'm honest, fear of self-actualisation) had been preventing me. "I'll need to book in advance" I said "Make sure I'm prepared." Until friday, when I met up with ... read more

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