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Never-ending ear stretch

I first had my left ear pierced back in 1997. It was pierced with a gun while on holiday in Switzerland of all places (I didn't know better at the time), but it healed without issues and was really nearly painless. After that healed I played with it a lot and soon I was able to get the entire hoop through the hole (it was quite a bit thicker than the part that is meant to go through the hole), so when I got my right ear pierced 2 years later (by a proper professional), I knew that I wanted ... read more

my earlobe scalpelling, finally

First of all, I'm not mentioning the artist's name or which shop it was at because of the use of anesthetics and because I am a minor, I do not want him to get in trouble. For this story we'll call him Mo. Okay! So I have been stretching my lobes for over a year this time around(I'd tried before when I was like 12 and uneducated) and ever since I've started stretching I've had my eyes on big lobes. Why? Sorry, I don't have an answer about them representing anything on any sort of spiritual standpoint, I just think ... read more

My Amazing Cartilage.

Warning; do not try this at home unless you are absolutely sure that you want to have a D.I.Y. piercing. Make sure that if you are going to pierce yourself, you have the proper tools and sterilization techniques. So, anyway, let's meet, shall we? I'm Marie and this is my story about my DIY cartilage piercing. About three months ago, I went over to my friend, Jill Z.'s, house. We were just hanging out when I told Jill that I really wanted to get another piercing. I had already had my ear lobes stretched to 14 gauges and was planning ... read more

Finally, an industrial!

I can't remember when I first became interested in body modification, but I can remember when I first decided that I wanted an industrial piercing. At 14, I was legally old enough to have one, so long as I had my parents' permission. Unfortunately, I did not. My parents have always been pretty conservative when it comes to body modification. I mean, they wouldn't even let me have my ear lobes pierced (and by the time I was old enough to have it done without their permission, I couldn't be bothered), and god forbid I should ever even think about ... read more


So for the longest while my mom begged me to get my ears pierced. Being a male she said I would stand out from the crowd. Little did she know, by the time I finally decided to get my lobes done, every kid in school was rocking the weakest diamonds and studs you had ever seen. I didn't know many people with stretched lobes and I had always loved plugs. It so awesome to be able to wear all those awesome materials (stone wood glass silicone etc.) in your ear and everybody I knew was too lazy to order the ... read more

2g or not to be

To start off, my name is Kate and I am a sophomore in high school. I have very conservative parents and therefore pretty much all piercings and other body modifications are out of the question until I move out. However, there's one thing that I have managed to get by with: stretching my ears. I highly do NOT recommend hiding things as big as ear stretching from your parents; but I am so in love with the process that I feel like I have no other choice. My first (and only) ear piercings were done with a gun when I ... read more

00 to 1/2

My first piercing was acquired at the ripe age of 6, admittedly a young age for a boy in the United States. Harassment from classmates and peers hastily ensued and being young and impressionable I removed it just as hastily. However, as I grew older it became more acceptable for me to have shinny pieces of metal and stone in my ears and I pierced them again. Eventually I got the grand idea that gauges were the way to go and sought them out. Being young and lacking any amount of common sense, I quickly jumped from 16 to 8, ... read more

my stretching experience.

I wasn't one of those lucky girls that get their ears pierced a couple of weeks after birth. In fact, I had to wait twelve long years just to know what having pretty earrings felt like. I got my ear lobes pierced when I was 12, several days after my birthday. My parents took me to an accessory store in the mall where they pierced ears. I remember picking out the earrings, and listening to the aftercare instructions diligently I remember sitting on the chair and holding my dad's hand, I remember the smell of alcohol and the feeling of ... read more

My (now retired) 4g Lobes

To start out with, I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kaley, and I'm 15. I wasn't always interested in body modifications, it's only been a few years since I've really been into the whole deal. I currently have 6 piercings, all of which are on my lobes. unfortunately, all of them have been done with a gun. My first pair I got when I was five, my second pair when I was twelve, and my third this last summer. They've all healed nicely :). I remember first seeing stretched earlobes when I was around 6, and ... read more

My New Tragus

Yesterday, I got my tragus pierced, which was my first piercing that wasn't my ear lobes. I haven't had my ear lobes pierced since I was twelve, so I was pretty nervous. I was actually most nervous about the popping noise I've heard some people hear. My friend and I were both getting ours done, and she made me go first. I'm actually glad she did, because if I had heard her reaction before I got mine done, I might have backed out. I naturally tremble a little bit, and I was worried that it would cause him to mess ... read more

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