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Worth a Second Try

  I remember the first conversation I had about suspending. I was talking to my then-boyfriend and he brought it up. Once I, in an ignorant and limited way, clarified what he was talking about ("you mean, like, hanging from shark hooks?"), my reaction to his interest in maybe perhaps trying it someday was probably the single most negative reaction of my life. I said it was creepy and weird and gross and ended with threatening, emptily, to break up with him if he ever did. Fast forward four years and several mind-opening experiences and let us visit a late ... read more

Living In A Frowning World

Let me start by saying that though I am not an incredibly attractive woman, I get my fair share of friendly and flirty smiles. Let me also say that I have a total of 17 piercings and once dyed my hair pink and white. Until yesterday, I was treated with general kindness. Until yesterday, I only had ear piercings, (6 on each, with a 7th on my right) and two small studs in one nostril. My body modifications were not obvious nor glaringly offensive. However, yesterday, I got a Medusa and Labret piercing and had to go home by bus. ... read more

Merits of Exploration

To be fair, I did not begin with an interest in body modification. My mother had to almost beg me to get my ears pierced, for I had no interest in doing so. She eventually convinced me to get it done for my thirteenth birthday – I suppose for her it was a symbol of growing up, a sign that I had progressed from little-girlhood into a ‘young lady.’ Similarly, my sister (who had begged to get her lobes pierced before her age even reached double digits) was pierced as she entered her teens. I think for my mother this ... read more

Crucifix Suspension at ROPBBQ 2011

This account was written back in August when my memory was still fresh. It is just now occurring to me however that it would be a good story to publish to the gallery, so here it is: I want to tell you guys about the amazing experience i had! A week and a half ago i packed up my little car with camping gear and drove down to Pittsfield MA for the Rights of Passage BBQ. I met a bunch of interesting people down there, saw some crazy feats (a pull and a spinning bar suspension both of which totally ... read more

Tattoos: The Disease I Couldn't Live With Out.

This piece is written to clear up what all the fuss is about for those with little or no experience with tattoos and their effect on your life: the positives and the negatives. Personally, I design tattoos for people, paint, write poems and songs and work as sales manager at O Bar Birmingham. My passion in life is tattoos. The meanings, the designs, the placement and the permanence. I got my first taste aged 18, and although this first one didn't turn out to be one I regretted, many others have been. I only realised this fact after a very ... read more

Eight Years

It's been eight years since I found BME and Modblog. I was about thirteen or fourteen and I don't remember what exactly lead me here. I remember that the computer was connected to a dial-up modem and the carpet was a blue and brown pattern that seemed perpetually stained even though it wasn't. I remember that I read all the posts on ModBlog as far back as they went, letting the internet connection chug through loading all the pictures like a snail that was feeling a bit under the weather. I saw so many tattoos and piercings that I thought ... read more

Be Ready

At twenty years old, I got up out of the first tattoo chair I ever sat in and was warned by the tattoo artist, “too late to turn back now.” A one inch by one inch black inverted spade had been injected into virgin shoulder flesh to reside there among many more soon to come. I’d been nervous, even shaking a bit, but it didn’t hurt that bad. I was now tattooed and proud. But that tattoo artist was right. I quickly learned the more ink I got, no matter how natural and right they seemed to me, the stares ... read more

Meeting Body Modification Master Steve Haworth

(When reading please keep in mind I'm writing this in my 3rd language…) I've been desiring to add to my existing piercing skill set by delving deeper into the body modification world for quite a while now. After spending hours upon hours researching hot body mod topics online, like 'branding' 'scarification' 'genital beading' 'implants' one name which kept coming up time & time again was 'Steve Haworth' (www.stevehaworth.com ). When I then also watched the DVD 'Modify' I was convinced that my research findings were right to point him out to me as someone in the body mod industry whose ... read more


This article traces Jim Ward's contributions to the field of body jewelry, looks at the Mass Manufactured crap that has limited the ability for expression, and ends with a glance at the promising future of Custom Craft from companies like OneTribe. PREFACE: I'm in graduate school for Metals & Jewelry. You'd think that, in an environment devoted to exploring the art of adornment and craft, people would be interested in the body as an infinite canvas. But something as simple as Stretching (or Distension) is written off so thoroughly that it almost seems to offend in an unconscious manner. I've ... read more

Western Views of Footbinding in China

No one is quite sure exactly how the process of footbinding was first started or how it, gained popularity. According to an account given by John MacGowan, an English missionary who helped start the anti footbinding movement in China, footbinding started in the Imperial court sometime between 497 and 501 AD, when one of the emperor’s favorite dancing girls, who had small, deformed feet, wore beautiful silk bandages and shoes in order to hide them. In order to try and gain the favor of the emperor many of the other women in the Imperial court took to binding their feet ... read more

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