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My Nipple@Perforations

n the recent months I have undergone changes. My first piercing experience was at Perforations in Washington D.C. I had been thinking about getting my nipple pierced and one day I just said what the hell and went to Perforations by way of the Metro Rail. I arrived at Perforations and met with Jason. He talked to me in a very professional manner and proceeded to explain the Nipple Piercing. Once I picked out the Jewelry (A 5/8 12 Black Nobium Ring) I began filling out the paper work. Then all went really bad. They asked me for my Drivers ... read more

My experiments with self-piercing

>My experiments with self-piercing I have done extensive experimenting with self-piercing. I became interested in body piercing when I was 17. I believe it happened when I saw someone with a nose or navel ring, I don't exactly remember. I immediately wanted to try it, and knowing very little managed to pierce my belly button with a needle. Withing the course of two days, it got infected, because I did not properly clean or sterilize it. The infection was not serious, but it did scare me away for awhile. I was drawn back to it like an addiction, mostly for ... read more

My nipple experience, problems...

>My nipple experience, problems... A long long time ago, I had decided I wanted to have my nipples pierced, but it took me a few years until I was 1: of legal age to have it done, and 2: got enough courage up to actually go do it. I finally decided just to go ahead and do it, as I was itching for a new piercing, and it just seemed it was about time to get over the fear I had of it. I've been pierced before, but somehow this just seemed like some unconquerable fear. Fortunately, I've found an ... read more

My Septum and Ear Piercing Experience

>My Septum and Ear Piercing Experience From a very young age I have always been interested in body art, I always loved looking at people who had piercings or tattoos and wish so much that I could do that. Originally I had hoped and intended to get by tongue pierced, but do to several complications, namely my tongue web being too far forward, and my mother's stubbornness (I'm 17). So I opted to get my ears and septum pierced, I had always liked the look of a pierced septum and think that stretched ears are totally fuckin' awesome, I had ... read more

An Introduction to Pocketing

Human beings have been decorating, playing with, and experimenting on their bodies for the three million years we have existed. That's a hell of a lot of time; most of us cannot really even grasp just how much. Jesus walked the Earth a million seconds ago, just 2000 years; three million years is just over one hundred and forty-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine TIMES that. The point? With that much time to figure it out (and probably not a hell of a lot else to do for much of it), odds are there's not ... read more


t must have started earlier in my mind, but it only came to the fore when I was 22. I remember that I had seen programs on the TV when I was much younger. Tattoo's fascinated me. Everytime I saw anyone with tattoos I would stare and admire the owner of them, which I now know is rather rude, but such was my fascination. The trouble was also that I heard the reactions from members of my family their disgust at tattoos. one of them have any and their reactions were never complimentary! That was all I needed! Tattoos are ... read more

Piercing Experience @ Scimitar

first became interested in piercing some 13 years ago, when I saw a nipple piercing on a guy on the beach in Brighton. It seemed to be just what I wanted, as I had very flat nipples which were not very sensitive. I didn't do anything about it until late summer the next year I saw another guy with both nipples pierced, again on the beach at Brighton, and so I was determined to do it myself. A couple of weeks later when I was on holiday in the Lake district, I suddenly remembered I had seen an advert for ... read more

Tattoo Experience

too Experience For the last 4 years I had been looking at people's Celtic and tribal tattoo's with envy. I desperately wanted one but have a big fear of needle's. I have to be restrained at the dentist and my doctor knows not to come near me with a syringe. I have had the outline and basic shape of a full tribal band in my head for the past 2 years. I have previously drawn it on my arm and decided that I would one day have it permanently inked there. Well the time came last Saturday. After getting my ... read more

Meine erste Taetowierung

bin 23 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland. Den ersten Kontakt zu Koerperkunst hatte ich im Alter von ungefaehr 15 Jahren. Meine Freunde und ich bewunderten oft die taetowierten Menschen auf der Strasse oder im Freibad. Schon damals war klar, dass ich mich irgendwann auch taetowieren lasssen wuerde. Allerdings hat es noch viele Jahre gedauert, bis ich meine erste (und bisher auch einzige) Taetowierung erhielt. Ich erhielt meine Taetowierung, einen Black-Work-Pegasus auf der linken Schulter, vor ca. 2 Jahren. Das Motiv war schon seit mehreren Jahren klar, auch die Stelle, wo es verewigt werden sollte, es fehlte lediglich der Mut. ... read more

My self-branding

When I was just a child, I was diagnosed with cancer. Well, surgery left me with an extremely interesting scar. The cancer is gone (remission for 20 years! :o) ) but the scar still remains. The scar itself starts between my shoulder blades and winds around my side ending right over my heart. I spent years trying to hide this scar.. in locker rooms, at slumber parties, swimming. If seen, the scar attracted curious stares and often looks of pity... and I still can't decide which was worse. As I grew the scar grew also.. and, so did my self-confidence ... read more

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