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Nipple Piercing

ple Piercing I had considered getting my nipples pierced for sometime --- seriously for a couple of years. My nipples have always been sensitive and as a gay man I have always enjoyed having them "tended to." If their sensitivity could be increased I was definitely interested, though they were quite sensitive to start with. A man sucking and nibbling my nipples could get me sexually aroused in a hurry! After reading a good deal about methods of increasing the sensitivity, I bought a pair of tit clamps at an adult toy store and commence using them during the evening ... read more

my septum experience(s)

ptum experience(s) my septum experience(s) It's been almost a year since I first had planned to get my septum pierced. I had never really like the piercing, up until about a year and a half ago. Then it started to grow on me. I think this was partially due to the fact that a few of my friends had gotten it done, and I was just exposed to septum piercings on a more frequent basis. As a result, I decided to get it done last September (1996). A friend and I were going to go together, as a little friendship/piercing/bonding ... read more

My Nose's Encounter With a Needle

Nose's Encounter With a Needle My Nose's Encounter With a Needle I had seen so many people with a nose ring as a kid, and I thought it was so gross, but after a while I decided I wanted one. Not badly, but I thought it would be a novelty, something different. Over the course of a few years, I thought it over, and the urge to get my nose pierced got stronger, until I started to beg my mother to allow me to get one. [Hey, I'm a minor, okay? :) ] She didn't like the idea, even though ... read more

"Piercing and Body Modification on my wife"

ercing and Body Modification on my wife" "Piercing and Body Modification on my wife" I met my wife four years ago at work, we are both in the medical field. Loretta is 38, 6 foot tall, and has a masters degree in both Art, and Anthropology. Im 40, 6 foot 6 inches tall and have my B.S. degree in Engineering, and Emergency medicine. One night while dating, we were sharing fantasies, or what I would call "coming clean" with our sexual desires and fetishes. She stated that she always had a sexual fetish about chasing her man on horse back, ... read more

Septum @ Pleasurable Piercings

tum @ Pleasurable Piercings Hello everyone. My name is Christian and this is my story. Well, after looking through BME's resources on piercing, I felt it was about time to relate my own experiences to the world. So far, I am up to 8 piercings, the most recent of which is a 14 ga septum. It was done by Bill Krebs at Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, New Jersey, a place that I highly recommend if you live in the area. (I've had all of my piercings done there and never had a problem once.) Anyway, back to my septum. I ... read more

Three nipple rings in left nipple

nipple rings in left nipple Three nipple rings in left nipple It started on vacation in florida. My friends were in south beach Miami for a few days. Everybody decide to lay on the beach during the day. I who had beeen sun burnt the day before in Few-West decided to go for a walk . It was cool and I was really enjoying doing whatever I wanted and then it happened. I came across a tattoo and body piercing parlor. The had crossed my mind about tattoo and I had always Known what to get.(the piece I have presently ... read more

a homemade branding

When I saw someone with a branding of a Celtic cross on his back last summer (1996), I fell in love with it. The whole idea of having three dimensional body art turned me on. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be burned into me for the longest time, I wanted it to be meaningful, so I chose the rune, perth or peorth. But the problem was, I didn't know how to go about doing this. I called most of the tattoo shops around, and none of them has done a branding before or would attempt ... read more

Nostril piercing and "stretching" experience

tril piercing and "stretching" experience Nostril piercing and "stretching" experience When I was eighteen, I decided to go for a nose piercing. I had been wanting a navel piercing two years ago but my parents had refused (too dangerous! it will surely infect! what kinda weird people gave you that idea? etc pp) and now I was adult by law, I felt I needed to mark my body as mine. At this time, I was fascinated by India, I dreamed of making a trip to there - and I loved the pictures of the women in colorful saris with nose ... read more

Female nipple experience at Modern American Bodyarts

-- Andria "Makes bathtime FUN!" read more

Partial Mastectomy Response

tial Mastectomy Response I'm writing in response to the partial mastectomy article in the personal experiences section of the nipple piercing page. I agree that it is a good idea to show the truly serious repurcussions that can follow *any* body modification. I believe, though, that it should be mentioned, somewhere along with that article, that staph infections can occur anywhere and in anyone. My SO's grandmother recently died after some complications from surgery brought her back to the hospital. The complications didn't kill her. The surgery didn't, either. A staph infection did. A staph infection for which the hospital ... read more

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