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My lovely septum piercing...

I had wanted my septum pierced for about a year. I finally told my parents I had wanted it. They asked me if I had researched it and everything and I did. I had looked it up for a long time. I told my parents all about it. Like it could be hid, it wasn't that painful, and that it's easy to take care of. They said yes I could get it and they would even pay for it. They said it would be my Valentines day present from them. I thanked them a million times. I told them the ... read more

Mission Uvula

So I have been interested in piercings for several years and the unique ones always caught my eye. I fell in love with the uvula piercing the first time I saw it. I started calling around the local shops and not only will no one do the piercing for me, they all highly recommend against it. Typically I would say to listen to your piercer. However, no one I talked to had ever done it or knew anyone who had. They sighted the obvious complications as reason enough not to proceed. I put mission uvula on the back burner for ... read more

My first REAL Cartilage Experiance!

Well, although I have been working in this industry for 2 years now, this is the first time I have actually experienced for myself a professional ear-cartilage piercing, let alone a dermal punch in my OWN skin! I'm currently a piercing apprentice at DeLuxe Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings in North Bay, ON. One thing we like to do when its slow at the shop, once all the cleaning has been done and the customers have been served, is to talk about the tattoos / piercings / mods we would like to have done ourselves or would like to do ... read more

Sternum Microdermal

I'd been interested in microdermals for a while before I finally got one. I love their flexibility and permanance and I think they are really pretty. I originally wanted one on my face but I changed my mind when I realised I could have a pretty prominent scar if I decided to remove it - which I knew I'd have to do eventually as the career I'm interested in don't take too kindly to obvious body mods. I put the idea aside and ended up getting a nape piercing and a tattoo before my dermal desires resurfaced. The more research ... read more

Two Industrials? At the same time? You're crazy.

Two Industrials? At the same time? You ARE crazy. Piercing date: 22 Sept 2009 I decided a while ago (Chrismas time 08 ish) that I was going to get industrials done on both ears... at the same time. Everyone I talked to about my idea that did not have piercings thought I was crazy ("I thought that cartilage piercings hurt the most/ you are not going to get any sleep while they're healing/ why would you do that"). Anyone that had an industrial or multiple other piercings already said that it would take awhile to heal, but why not do ... read more

Jestrum / Vertical Medusa

First story, probably won't be the greatest but here we go~ I've had many piercings ( nape, sternum, cheeks, septum, bridge, medusa, snakebites, and a microdermal ) I still have my dermal, cheeks and nape. I decided I wanted to get a piercing that would go nicely with my cheek piercings, because I was getting bored of my septum ring. So I thought about it for a really long time, and I considered getting my medusa re-done. It has been about a year and a half since I got it done the first time, but I was forced to take ... read more

My Long Awaited Septum Piercing

I have wanted my septum pierced for about 6 months but have admired it for about 7 years. I used to work in a pharmacy, around a lot of sick people so I decided not to force my body to heal a piercing if I might get ill. A while ago I quit that job to start my own small business and decided I had to finally get my septum pierced. That was 4 days ago now. I went to Urban Piercings in Reading as I had spoken to Adam and Lian via email to ask a few questions about ... read more

My Horizontal Lobes

I was always wanting an ear piercing but not just any ear piercing: I wanted something I had never seen before. That came in the form of a horizontal lobe. I was browsing galleries upon galleries of pictures until I see it. I instantly wanted it but was put off due the shape of my ear, it seemed that all the pictures had lobes that never touched their face ( and mine did ) so I basically dismissed the idea. Time went by and I still hadn't got a new piercing that I was happy with. I was really getting ... read more

My Industrial, My First Piercing

I grew up in a pretty liberal home. My mother and I were very open, I never really had a curfew and I was allowed to get a tattoo at the age of 16 provided it wasn’t in a visible area. My mother had my ear lobes pierced when I was a few months old with a gun at one of those horrible little mall kiosks so I figured that I would be allowed to get a few more piercings with no objections. I was wrong. My mother seemed to think that tattoos were acceptable but piercings weirded her out. ... read more

Finally, I got my inner conch

For about 5 or 6 years I had always wanted my nose pierced. I only had one hole in each ear, and they were done when I was a baby. I am terrible with shots at the doctor, so needless to say I was TERRIFIED at the idea of getting my nose pierced. I read stories on here and I knew people who had it done, so I knew it wasnt that bad. But piercings were an uncharted territory for me. I had no idea what to expect. One day my sister came home with a nape piercing, and my ... read more

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