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Home Half Sleeve Heaven

Albeit "home" tattoos are incredibly scorned by the modded community, that is exactly what my story is about. I love tattoos and piercings, always have, probably always will. The sad part is, is that the average person cannot possibly afford the prices that tattoos cost to get. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself without having to use words, it is a ritual, a process, and in some cases the only way some of us can be made to feel whole. I write and I paint, and tattoos is naturally just the next step for me. I have wanted to ... read more

My Ear Stretching Journey

When I was 16, I began to develop a liking for body modification. I would see people on the street with tattoos, piercings, and giant earlobe holes, and I just knew that I had to be a part of this movement. Stretching piercings is a gutsy move. I was nervous, but my boyfriend was supportive, and he was always encouraging me. I had a good friend in highschool who was into stretching. She told me that there were such things called 'claws' and 'tapers'. She also told me of a hole-in-the-wall dollar store that sold random body jewelry and stretching ... read more

Nape piercing part 2

Ever since I starting visiting my local shop and browsing through the artist's portfolios, I've been in love the look of surface piercings on the nape of the neck. So after considering this modification for awhile, I pulled the trigger while visiting home in 2006. I remember being really nervous during all of my piercer's prep-work, and it being my most painfull piercings ever. But it healed so perfectly and it was so perfectly centered that it was for sure my favorite modification. I never had a problem with my jobs having problems since I was able to hide it ... read more

Piercings For Life

About seven months ago I decided it was time for a piercing.. a real piercing. I've loved tattoos/piercings since I was a little kid. My earlobes have been pierced since I was 6-ish and I had my cartilage pierced for about a year until it got infected. Since then I've had three tattoos done- a dragonfly (my first and favorite), music notes behind my ear, and an unfinished half sleeve. My original inspiration for tattoos and piercings came from my older cousin. She had several piercings and they all looked very beautiful. The one that first caught my eye though ... read more

Tragus FAIL

I've always wanted a tragus piercing ever since I first saw my cousin sporting one. It was a unique, but still classy. I just HAD to have one. When I was sixteen, I finally got my wish. My best friend and I were scouting places for her to get a new tattoo (she was eighteen). She finally found a place that she liked. It had an illustrious mural on the outside of famous painters and musicians, and it had some of their quotes. There was a giant clothing shop filled with cute shirts and bikinis. I figured I could check ... read more

Getting a Tattoo with my mum, in honour of her.

I was eleven when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was given a 40% chance of survival, and told there was very little chance she would survive 5 years even if she survived the cancer. This had a massive impact on my childhood and life; my dad had left when I was five and my mum had never remarried. This inevitably meant I ended up caring for her and my younger sister while she was ill, and forged an incredibly strong sense of responsibility for both of them in me that is still there today. She survived the ... read more

Cranial and Dental Modification among the Maya

Evidence of body modification can be seen in almost every culture throughout history. Some of the most common forms of body modification include tattooing, body piercing, the filing and reshaping of teeth, and the binding of different parts of the body such as the head or feet. When analyzing skeletons the only forms of body modification that can be seen is that of work done on the teeth and binding done to different parts of the body. The other examples we only have record of from pictures and ethnographic accounts since there is no evidence left on the individual’s skeleton. ... read more

My first tattoo

In March of 2010, my best friend passed away. He took his own life, which made the experience of losing him even more heartbreaking. For months following, I was wrought with grief, having never really lost anyone before. I didn’t know what to do, and for a while, I turned to drugs and other rather unsavory methods to cull my sorrow. I’m still affected by it, and the situation will never be any less tragic, but I think things are getting better with each passing day. I suppose the decision to get a tattoo for him was rather ironic, given ... read more

The First Pick (An Industrial Affair)

It was a sunny day at the start of June of 2008, and I'd just turned 16. This was the day I'd decided I was going to get my first piercing in a studio. With cash in one hand, and a friend in the other I headed down to my local shop; Esoterik Body Art. I sat down in the waiting room, and glanced at the price list, but I knew I was going in for an Industrial. I felt it was tame enough for a first 'different' piercing, as it was an ear piercing, but it was a unique ... read more

Tongue Piercing

I had decided I wanted to add to my growing collections of piercings but didn't want to travel to glasgow again so I went to this place in our town in greenock which I had heard great things about. The place was pierce 'n' place also known as ula's. I was more nervous about this piercing than any previous ones as I had read all the online horror stories. When i arrived at the studio I had a short wait before I was taken into the back. I immediatly noticed how sterile the room was... always the first thing I ... read more

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