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Another spontaneous tattoo!

Both times I've gotten tattoos, it's been spontaneous. Even though I have the idea in my head of what tattoo I want, I have never had it booked or decided what day I get it done- I just decide on the day that I should go and get it. I think, in some ways, it's better that having it booked a week in advance or something, and then knowing exactly when it's going to happen, and not being able to wait until that moment, or having time to think about it some more and chicken out, or what have you. ... read more

Tongue Web Piercing

About a year and a half ago, I became obsessed with piercings. I would browse BME all the time, reading stories and looking at all the pictures. At the time, I had two standard lobe piercings on each ear, and a belly button piercing (which went horribly wrong, by the way, but I'll save that for another stoy). Now, my parents were quite strict, and only just allowed me to get my second lobes done the year before (and the belly button was done without their permission), but I really wanted to get a new piercing. I was a bit ... read more

Spontaneous first tattoos

So, for years, I had been collecting ideas in my head that I eventually wanted to get tattooed somewhere. One of those ideas was to get cherries and a spiderweb- for my mum, Cherry, and for my dad, whose last name is Webber. I had thought about getting them on my wrists, but decided against it, or my hip, but I wasn't so keen, and then I thought of ribs. I had always thought rib tattoos were awesome. This was all going on in the back of my mind, even though I had no idea when I was going to ... read more

Rib Tattoos Really Do Hurt!

I always wanted a tattoo, but never knew what to get one of. I could never think of something I would want on my body for the rest of my life, I obviously am very indecisive over permanent things. I figured I'd just go through life being one of those people that always played with piercings rather than tattoos, because those are the safer option if you happen to dislike them. This idea stuck for a while, until my dad unfortunately and unexpectedly passed away while he was living in Florida. This tore me up for quite sometime. I had ... read more

Bloody Conch

I decided to get my second conch pierced recently. The first one is over a year old and has healed nicely. After getting the first one done I waited 6 months to change it to a ring. I waited long enough for the piercing to heel and not form any scars. The ring looked really pretty. However after some time I felt that my look wasn’t very symmetrical. I wanted the piercing on my other ear too. So I decided that I’d go back to a post and get my I went to my local shop and by chance got ... read more

Be Ready

At twenty years old, I got up out of the first tattoo chair I ever sat in and was warned by the tattoo artist, “too late to turn back now.” A one inch by one inch black inverted spade had been injected into virgin shoulder flesh to reside there among many more soon to come. I’d been nervous, even shaking a bit, but it didn’t hurt that bad. I was now tattooed and proud. But that tattoo artist was right. I quickly learned the more ink I got, no matter how natural and right they seemed to me, the stares ... read more

First Piercing-Cheeks

So, I just recently over the last year or so discovered this big wide world of body modification, since the mainstream teaches us that brushing your hair, wearing clothes, etc. is 'normal' and not modifying. I have always enjoyed looking at others tattoos and trying to figure out what the image is of (my dad has a few tattoos that I loved to see) and how some piercings worked with one's anatomy and allowed them to still function normally (in society and biologically). Anyways, when my 18th birthday rolled around I figured I had enough freedom to get a piercing ... read more

FINALLY; my septum.

I've been into body modification seriously for the last 6 years or so. But most people wouldn't guess that by just looking at me, given that up until recently, I had only the standard lobe piercings. Lack of funds and being on a seemingly endless job-hunt have been the biggest roadblocks on my path to modded bliss. Getting my septum pierced was already something I had planned on, but I only recently decided to go through with it. It seemed like the most viable option for my current situation, since I need something I could hide when going to turn ... read more

One Piercing, Two Piercing...Second Holes Anyone?

Hi. My name is Kitty. And I've wanted my second holes done since I was eleven. Now, I know what you're thinking--this is some boring, stupid, typical little girl writing about her wittle eaw piewcing...right? Not so much--you have to know the story BEHIND the second holes. I first pierced my second holes when I was eleven--and my cartilage as well. (That's a different story, however...) I took them out three days later when my mom noticed them at McDonalds. She wasn't angry--and I could have easily kept them in. But I was a goodie two shoes and that was ... read more

Meeting Body Modification Master Steve Haworth

(When reading please keep in mind I'm writing this in my 3rd language…) I've been desiring to add to my existing piercing skill set by delving deeper into the body modification world for quite a while now. After spending hours upon hours researching hot body mod topics online, like 'branding' 'scarification' 'genital beading' 'implants' one name which kept coming up time & time again was 'Steve Haworth' (www.stevehaworth.com ). When I then also watched the DVD 'Modify' I was convinced that my research findings were right to point him out to me as someone in the body mod industry whose ... read more

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