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Tongue web fairy tale (don't be fooled by the title)

Fairy tale? I call it a fairy tale because like every Cinderella story, there are the bad moments and the bad guys followed by a perfect ending. This is exactly what happened to my tongue web getting pierced! It was a long time ago (in 2006), I wanted to get pierced and back then I was only 16 years old and I needed my parents’ approval... Or did I? Fortunately for me, I was in a country where no laws are obeyed (Lebanon). So I went to one of the many tattoo / piercing shops that allowed people at any ... read more

Following My Bliss

This is the story of my second tattoo, my beautiful ribs. I found Senses Fail early in high school. The vocalist, Buddy Nielson, has a tattoo on his chest that reads “Follow Your Bliss.” Normally I’d think nothing of this since most of the musicians I like are relatively covered in tattoos, but he references the quote in two different songs on separate albums. Most notably (for me anyway) is “Follow Your Bliss, it reads on my chest, I knew I got it tattooed for a reason, why can’t I just hold it true?” After hearing both songs, I looked ... read more


The story of my fox tattoo, "Pathfinder". Years ago I did my apprenticeship in tattooing at an Oshawa, Ontario tattoo parlour. The artist teaching me was Greg Hodge (http://greghodgefinearts.yolasite.com/) a phenom of an artist whose idols in the tattoo industry were, Tom Renshaw and Bob Tyrell. His passion was wildlife tattoos. I watched him constantly push himself to the limit, always seeking to improve his technique and that was an inspiration to me as an artist trying to find his place in the field. I haven't found a specific genre of inking I prefer over all others, but both Greg ... read more

Nipple Piercings- from beginning to end

After months and months of deliberation I finally decided to just go ahead and get my nipples pierced one day as I was walking home from class. I went home and decided to bring along my roommate for moral support since I heard nipple piercings were kind of painful. With my roommate in tow, we headed over to our favorite piercing shop. It was my roommate who had gotten me into piercings and I kept it nice and simple with just my cartilage pierced and both my lobes up to 6g. So when I got into the piercing shop it ... read more

How I Made Anxiety My Bitch

Right. I'm 21 years old, and I've been into body mods in a big way since I was about 13. I have 3 lip piercings (14g circular barbells), my left ear has a 22mm stretched lobe with 2 standard 14g circular barbells in piercings above it, the other ear has a 14mm tunnel, a 10mm glass spiral and 2 14g circular barbells. I have 3 naval piercings and two inner labia piercings. I've retired various lip piercings, nose piercings and 3 different nipple piercings. I tend to play pierce a lot, I have a branding on my forearm and a ... read more

Eight Years

It's been eight years since I found BME and Modblog. I was about thirteen or fourteen and I don't remember what exactly lead me here. I remember that the computer was connected to a dial-up modem and the carpet was a blue and brown pattern that seemed perpetually stained even though it wasn't. I remember that I read all the posts on ModBlog as far back as they went, letting the internet connection chug through loading all the pictures like a snail that was feeling a bit under the weather. I saw so many tattoos and piercings that I thought ... read more

My Snug Triple Cartilage

As a teenager, I am very eager to have holes put into my body! Other teenagers spend their money on shoes, and makeup. I spend it on holes, and jewelry to put through those holes. (And makeup, of course.) So, my journey begins at thirteen. I begged my mother (more like bugged) for months to let me have my second lobes done. She finally waned, and said I could get as many blasted ear piercings done as I wanted. She only said this after I asked for a lip piercing. My two options in return were as many ear piercings ... read more

Do It Yourself Tragus

Now, let me start off by saying, it is never a good idea to do what I did. Ever. EVER. But, on to my stupid accomplishment. One night, at 1 am in the morning, listening to music, I started to feel inspirational. I had felt upset all day, and had cried a bit (ok, a LOT) so I wanted to start the new day out on a good note. What do I do but run around for a sewing needle? Instead of finding a precious sewing needle (and this should STILL not be used! But it's thicker, and more solid. ... read more

A Tale of a Monroe

Hey there! My name's Latiesha and I'm 20 years old, and this is the story of how I got my monroe. It all started on a beautiful August day. I had booked an appointment to get my third tattoo (but that's another story) and got my close friend David to accompany me. While I was getting my tattoo done, he was going to get his tongue pierced. I was slightly jealous as I had the piercing bug flairing and up at the time. While we waited around for my appointment, we bummed around the strip mall across the street, took ... read more

My Journey That Led Me To The Infamous Industrial Piercing

It all started when my friend sent me a picture of her new cartilage piercing. It was a cute little piercing with a CBR, and some sort of obsession started forming in my mind. I’ve always thought cartilage piercings were cute, but I wanted something a little edgy along with the cuteness. After looking through tons of image searches on Google, I decided an industrial piercing was right for me. The beginning of this obsession started on the brink of the Snowpocolapse 2011 in OK and having so much free time out of school leads to plenty of time to ... read more

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