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Beautiful things come from disreputable places.

As currently stands, I'm 18 and have 15 piercings and two tattoos. I've had all 15 piercings done in a Mall Piercing manner, and the worst was my nose and first cartilage piercing. The cartilage, they used too small a stud and I ended up ripping it out the back with a fork. The nose was... well, imagine a whole piercing gun up your nose. Yeah. Like that. I wish I'd gotten mine done with needles - all o' them. In essence, I was stupid, young, and had too much pocket money. Like most people on here, I've always loved ... read more

Bridge piercing and ABBA

I got my first ‘real’ piercing when I was fourteen- a 16g CBR in my right nostril. My earlobes were done at an age I can barely remember, in a hair salon, with a piercing gun- something I firmly and knowledgeably advocate against now. All I remember from the ear piercing situation is extreme pain and tender, pussy earlobes for months afterward (seven year olds can’t keep up a proper cleaning regime, and butterfly backs are not conducive to a bacteria free zone). And what I remember from my nostril is the amount of attitude my mother and I got ... read more

Sub-Lingual Fun

I hadn’t really thought about piercing anything other than my ears. Not by ignorance of all the cool piercings out there; rather that I didn’t feel that anything else would suit me. I like the cartilage piercings and have a reasonably elaborate plan for my ears, which I am slowly realising one piercing at a time. I am very measured and deliberate with my piercings; considering each one carefully for quite some time before committing. This means I only get about one a year; which frustrates my piercer-friend greatly. Almost every time we meet up he asks when he’ll be ... read more

Tattoos: The Disease I Couldn't Live With Out.

This piece is written to clear up what all the fuss is about for those with little or no experience with tattoos and their effect on your life: the positives and the negatives. Personally, I design tattoos for people, paint, write poems and songs and work as sales manager at O Bar Birmingham. My passion in life is tattoos. The meanings, the designs, the placement and the permanence. I got my first taste aged 18, and although this first one didn't turn out to be one I regretted, many others have been. I only realised this fact after a very ... read more


I had been thinking about my next piercing for almost a year. At that stage I had a conch-to-conch industrial in my left ear, a helix in my right and double lobes in each. I wanted something in my right ear to balance the industrial – something that matched, but was not exactly like what I already had because while I enjoy evenness I don’t really care about total symmetry. It took a long time to decide what I wanted because I liked so many ear piercings and wanted them all – rook, snug, daith; they were all so pretty ... read more

My lovely venoms

Ever since seeing a photo of a girl with a venoms on bme, I wanted them. I spent hours looking at photos and reading about them, before finally contacting a piercing studio I had been to many times before in my hometown to see how much they would charge. However, the response I got back was that they wouldn't perform this piercing because it is too risky! So, I had to look around Nottingham, the city I now live in, and see where I would trust to pierce me. There were quite a few piercing studios that I heard good ... read more

The Rise and Demise of my Large Gauge Labret

The saga began back in January 2009, when I became the instant proud owner of a 2.4mm labret piercing. My intention had always been to go much larger, having styled myself as one of those “go big or go home” modification enthusiasts. I booked my piercing slot and ordered in my own jewellery, as my piercer didn’t routinely offer piercings at larger gauges. The healing was uneventful, apart from some swelling caused by an impromptu drinking session two weeks later. It’s true what they say, oral piercings and alcohol don’t mix! As time progressed, I began stretching the piercing. I ... read more

Waiting a lifetime.

My whole life I've been on the 'hefty' side always admiring those skinny girls that could wear belly button rings and look good. When I reached my heaviest I was 200lbs. A number I never wanted to see on the scale ever again. From that day on the scale forward...I was determined to lose the weight one way or another. I worked so hard for so long and after about two years I had dropped 70 lbs. Bringing my weigh-in to 130. FINALLY 130 lbs, I felt normal. One day out of the blue my mom pointed out that id ... read more

My First Tattoo

Let me preface this with a statement of inarguable fact: I am pale. Being pale enough to see my veins through my skin and seeming to glowing the dark, to me, has always been terrific. I decided at the ripe old age of eleven that being this heinously pale was a sign. I was literally the color of paper; I was destined to be drawn upon. Unfortunately, I was impatient. When I was 16, I started running with a crowd of fast and loose hooligans. Our lives were about drinking and hookah and Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back. Times. Were. ... read more

Tongue web fairy tale (don't be fooled by the title)

Fairy tale? I call it a fairy tale because like every Cinderella story, there are the bad moments and the bad guys followed by a perfect ending. This is exactly what happened to my tongue web getting pierced! It was a long time ago (in 2006), I wanted to get pierced and back then I was only 16 years old and I needed my parents’ approval... Or did I? Fortunately for me, I was in a country where no laws are obeyed (Lebanon). So I went to one of the many tattoo / piercing shops that allowed people at any ... read more

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