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my lobes as of today

I had my Lobes scallpeled about 2 years ago and the process was pretty terrible at first. I bled a lot and had blood crusties for weeks. The person who I had do it was a tattoo artist and said he had done a lot. I wish I had gone to someone who really knew what they were doing, I now have little pieces that are on each side preventing me from stretching evenly. I want to get them fixed but wonder if they will heal well. I was at 1/2 and was cut to a full 1", so my lobes look almost triangle. I love wearing larger plugs and continue to try to stretch, but now it is getting obviously un-even and it is driving me crazy. Always research your artist and make sure you wont have to do something twice!

I see a lot of reconstruction of lobes now a days, and I wonder if I should do the same and start over; or get them cut and sewed how I wanted them to be in the first place. I had very little room to start out with, that being the reason for the scalpelling.

I will see my options and look around for the best person to fit what I need done. I love the fact that the industry is getting a lot more of these types of procedures done, giving people more options as far as who is doing it.

My goal now is to get those pieces cut off and cut up into my second holes, which are at a 6 but healed with scar tissue from the needle blow-out that never fell off....wierd. That would probably bring my ears to a little over 1 5/16. I hope.

If someone knows what can be done and safely, they should make a post! I hate when I try and find someone around here, no one seems to know how to go about it, which makes me nervous to have someone try agian. There are a few shops that I would trust, but they don't do such procedures...lame!

Travelling will have to be done, I do not mind...just hope it will be the last time dealing my lobes and having to do such a long healing process.

I remember people asking me what it felt like to get them done...I think it felt like a blow-out! If I had known what I was doing every time that had happend (which was only 1 or 2) I would have slowed it down and tried other methods of stretching besides tapers. The piercer I had always used them and swore by them, I now like stretching with plumbers tape. Especially with my lobes its impossible to stretch any other way right now.

I healed with sea salt and hot compresses, the salt sometimes dryed them out making healing take a little longer than I would of liked. I think I should of just ran them under hot water and called it good.

I healed them with steel eyelets for the first 3 months, then winter rolled around and I changed them to glass eyelets. I prefer to wear glass when it is cold, steel made them ache and turn purple! It was pretty awesome...not! I have seen a lot of people healing scalpelling with nothing! I wonder how well that healing process is with stitches....I would think the scarring would be more?

All things that I must research and ask others I guess.

I would like to see pics of someone who has a similar story as mine to see how well the outcome is, I am sure someone has had a experience somewhat the same.

My whole goal was to stretch to a 1 1/2 from a 1. Now it will be a long process agian, taking a 2 year process to almost 4 I am sure. It took me 6 years to get to where I was before, I did it pretty slow for the most part only tearing 2,(after meeting a piercer that did it for me)I really dont like tapers for stretching now. At such a large size it makes it hard to do that anyway. Some plugs I wear make the extra fatty part of my ear show off more, which drives me crazy and I am always trying to tuck it in or something. It looks like a blow-out sometimes which also drives me crazy..cause I did not blow it out, its just extra skin.

Wearing wieghts would be nice to do some day, I hope to get to that after my ears are fixed completly. They look so good when they are naturally stretched and wieghts are worn, but I like the look of artifically cut as well. You can't win them all. I now know what the healing will be like, but the process will be longer and probably more painful. Painkillers suck, so it will be fun to see how well I react..but the price to have all this done will probably hurt more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Ear Stretching (past 1/2")

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Artist: A+Tattoo+artist
Studio: in+CO
Location: westminster

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miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:10 p.m.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @12:15 a.m.
Sorry things didn't turn out well. :-/ For what it's worth, I think the triangle look is legitimate on its own; it's just different from the look of stretching regularly all the way. You could look into antitragus removal, I suppose, to alter the shape without having to start over.

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