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My very swollen and very painful snug piercing

I decided I wanted my snug pierced when I was 15 years old and I couldn't wait to turn 16 to get it done without parent consent. I checked different body piercing places and decided to go for 'Tribal voice' I went in there and I talked to a piercer to see if I could get it done, she said yes and told me she was going to put a 8mm bar in my ear and off I went to the studio.
I was so scared to get it done and the pain was horrible, when the plastic tube was in my ear she decided to put a 10mm bar in my ear just to be safe. When I saw my snug piercing I loved it so much. After the piercing was done it hurt really badly for the next day which was fine because I was electing it. So I did everything the piercer told me to do. Clean it twice a day with salty warm water and don't sleep on it.

I made a routine on how to clean my piercing, I would wake up and get 2 cotton buds and make me salty water solution, I would put the cotton buds in the water to let the soak for a bit then clean my piercing and get off all the little bits of crust that was around my piercing. In the evening id get the salty water but id dip my ear in to it so that it was being fully cleaned. Every time I had a shower I cleaned it in there too.
3 weeks after my piercing was done it started to throb and was terrible I looked in the mirror at my ear was bright red and swollen up so badly I had no ear rim. I decided that if it hurt more the next day id go at get the bar changed to a longer one, that day I cleaned my ear and left ice on it for the swelling but the pain was getting so bad. So the next day I went back to tribal voice and showed the lady what had happened to my ear, she took my back to the studio and changed my 10mm bar to a 12mm bar and said I probably got some hair products in my piercing.

The next day the pain was even worse and my ear had swollen up more, I kept cleaning it and used ice for the swelling, I started to clean my piercing when i found some horrible yellow gunk coming out of my ear piercing. I told my mum about my ear and she said it's probably infected and I should go to the doctors before it gets any worse. So I made a doctor's appointments to see if they would give me anything for the pain, like any other doctor he told me to take my piercing out but I was so attached to it I just couldn't, he gave me some antibiotics for the swelling. A week after I was on the antibiotics the pain went right down, and I thought that was the end of it.

1 month had past and my snug piercing still hurt but it wasn't as swollen and red. I was still cleaning it the same and everything seemed fine, but one day when I was cleaning it I found a horrible bump behind my ear it really hurt and it felt like a kind of spot so I popped it open and loads of watery stuff came out my ear and so did some blood... it was horrible I had no idea what it was but when the little bump healed over it would be all watery again so I had to keep popping it open.. it was really horrible, it felt like I was ripping my skin off, I thought that my ear was going deformed and I decided that if it didn't stop id take my piercing out right away and go back to the doctors, I was so scared that something else was happening to my ear. Lucky because I kept draining the watery stuff out of my ear it went away but I still had no idea what it was.

It was then 4 months after my snug piercing I found tiny little lumps behind my ear and thought that they were all going to be watery and horrible again lucky they went down in 4 days. Iv have my snug piercing for 8 months now and have an 8mm bar in soon to be going to a 6mm bar, I'm very happy with it and I'm glad I never took it out. It was worth all the pain I went through to have my beautiful snug piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Snug Piercing

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Artist: Amy
Studio: trible+voice
Location: plymouth

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