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My Epiq [Unfinished] Stretching Adventure

Perhaps I should provide some background information on myself. I'm thirteen, and I have nine piercings six lobe piercings, an industrial, a navel, and an eyebrow and I'm planning on getting more.

For the longest time, I hated stretched ears. What was the point? You couldn't wear regular earrings. It disgusted me.

One day, as I was browsing Hot Topic, I saw a woman working there with stretched ears. They usually disgusted me but hers was different. She had adorable black flesh tunnels in them that was studded with rhinestones. It sparkled and glittered and just that moment, I realized how very aesthetically pleasing her gauges were. And at that moment, I decided upon it I was going to stretch my ears.

Well, not really. But I lost my deep hatred for gauges, at least.

One day my friend told me that she was going to stretch her ears. One thing you should know about me if you tell me to not do something, I will most certainly do it. If you tell me something is ugly, I will think it is beautiful (unless it truly is repulsive). And if you're doing something, I want to do it too, and better than you. And so the race began. I bought 10g tapers off bodyartforms.com, which is a really cool website. Check it out. Fast shipping, awesome prices, great products, etc. Actually, I say "tapers" but I ended up only buying one. I didn't know that, on bodyartforms.com, if you want two tapers, you indicate it in the quantity box. This was a while ago. By the way. I got my ears pierced in China. By guns. And with the wrong aftercare information. With nickel earrings. All the mistakes you could possibly make, I made. Everyone told me that getting my ears pierced there was the stupidest thing ever, because in China they put extremely reactive metal in their piercing guns. Which is another mistake – guns don't do all that autoclaving and sterilization and stuff. You can't autoclave a gun. You can autoclave a needle. Therefore, choose the needle. Now that I realize the harms, I despise gunned piercings. Back then, I was a n00b who honestly didn't know shit. Also, in China, they clean piercings with eye infection ointment. Which, to say the least, did not help. At. All. I believe they got extremely infected. But I couldn't tell, because I was having major issues with the allergic reactions. I am. Very. Allergic to nickel. Not so allergic that I needed surgery (thank God) but it still made my ears feel like shit, day and night itching 24/7, pain at slightest contact, redness, swelling, all that wonderful stuff. So I suffered for about a month and a half with fucked up ears until some friend-of-a-friend told me I should really change them to surgical steel. I was still in China, by the way. So I got them changed to labret studs and they felt much better. But of course, even to the present day, my earlobes are still pretty fucking infected.

What did I learn? To never. Ever. Ever. Trust my mom when it comes to virtually anything.

So yeah. Just a warning. Don't get gunned piercings, and if you must, please get them at some Piercing Pagoda or Claire's in a mall in America, NOT in some sketchy place in China that isn't even SUPPOSED to or AUTHORIZED to do piercings. I'm still not really sure what kind of place it was where I got them pierced.

Whatever. So that was a huge mistake.

I recall taking out the flatback labret stud from the bottom hole on my left ear. This was a few months ago, remember. My memory isn't all that good. I also remember sticking the pink and white tornado taper into a tube of Neosporin, and squeezing it out so that when it came out it was filled with lube. Then I put some Neosporin on the hole itself. And, ever so gently, I pushed it in. I'm a very slow stretcher. And the larger the gauges, the longer I took to stretch them.

At last, I had it in. It hurt like a bitch, and was red and stuff, and I felt disappointed. It was tiny. Who knew that a few months from that point in life I would be at 00g?

I continued stretching. I bought 6g and 4g tapers from Hot Topic. And yes, I skipped 8g. And no, nothing horrible happened. I remember my 6g tapers were white with blue splats. After I stretched, it hurt, so I left it in for a bit before putting in the plug. I stretched my left ear (the one that was ahead of the other by one full stretch) and after my left one healed, I began stretching the right. And the 4g tapers had green and purple checks. Unlike the 6g, it had single flare plugs instead of no-flare plugs. I like plugs with no flare for fresh stretches. Flares are just so annoying and painful. I remember when I put in the single flared 6g plugs, my ear got stuck in the huge O-ring groove. After a while I decided the plug looked really weird like that, so I pushed it all the way in. It hurt. A lot. As before, I stretched my left one first, while my right one was still healing with the smaller size. The longest period of time I had same-sized ears (so far, at least) is one week.

I was hanging around St. Mark's place at the time, and I couldn't resist buying a 2g one. At the time, I still had the 6g tapers in my ears, but I like to think ahead. Like the original 10g taper, it was sold as a single. It was good enough for me though. So after a while of waiting (by the way...I don't count by weeks or months. When my ear feels happy and when the hole doesn't look red and irritated anymore, I stretch) I stretched my left ear up to 4g. And then the right. And then, after another large period of time (I hate waiting in between stretches, but I know better than to rush it and end up with fucked up earlobes) I stretched my left ear with the 2g taper. It was clear with blue and red stripes on the surface. It had a nice effect.

One thing I would like to say about 2g is that it's pretty much the point of no return. As soon as I stretched (using Neosporin, and noticing that I couldn't jam the whole taper in there as I had always done) I noticed that my earlobe bulged out a bit from the size of the taper. Before, my earlobe seemed normal. The holes were just larger. But this time, the earlobe itself expanded. I was ecstatic.

I remember leaving in my 4g plug in my right ear for a very, very long period of time. So long that when I took out my 2g taper from my left ear and put it in my right, it popped right in. Previously, I had just shoved it in as far as I could, nudged it in a bit, and when it refused to go in any further, I would just leave it alone, and occasionally push it with the base of my palm. This technique works very well. I've stretched successfully like that in places like school or on the subway. You just have to keep the grimaces to a minimum or else people will think you're having a mini-orgasm.

So on my left ear, I began the most painful and arduous stretch of them all – the stretch from 2g to 0g. Apparently it is so difficult that some people buy 1g tapers. However, over a period of two days and a sleepover, I managed to get the huge black and grey checked thing through my ear.

What I like to do while stretching is measure the distances with my hands. I would shove the taper in as far as I could, and use my fingers to compare the distances that I had covered and the distances that I still needed to cover. Gradually over the course of a day or two, I would notice that the distance I still needed to cover would shrink more and more until one day it just went through smoothly.

I left the 0g in my left ear for a very long time. So long that I was still a 0g, even when I stretched my right ear to a 0g, as well. It was just as painful, but this time at least it was expected. The reason I did that is because my ears have major issues. At night my tapers tend to fall out and I would get really pissed in the morning. This happened countless times, notably with my right ear, which spat out everything I put in it. It refused to let the tiny 10g taper stay inside it during the night, and I always found it on my pillow in the morning, and a bloody mess in my earlobe. Fortunately, it hasn't affected much. Now my right ear has learned to accept what I put through it.

And finally, a few days ago from today, I stretched my left ear to 00g. It was not nearly half as bad as 0g. As a matter of fact, there was minimal pain. Oh, and by the way. I never bleed during stretches. You shouldn't, either. What is weird is that if I pass a cotton swab of hydrogen peroxide through my ears after I remove the tapers (what I do to clean them) it makes this really disturbing loud fizzing noise when it goes through my right ear. Has anyone else had that experience? And then white stuff comes out and when I clean the taper and put it back in it's all squishy and disgusting. Has anyone else experienced that? If not, consider yourself lucky. It's rather disgusting.

Currently, I have a pretty rainbow zebra taper in my left ear, and the black and silver checked taper in my right. If you're wondering why I don't wear the plugs that are included in the Hot Topic packs, it's because I simply cannot get the O-rings to fit around the groove, and in the morning, I find that they have popped out of my ear. And then I have to re-stretch and blah and everything. So I got lazy and just stopped putting in the plugs.

So that's my story. A relatively good one so far. I plan to go up to ¾''. If you have any questions feel free to add me on Facebook and then message me. I am Aquilasawr Iluffyuztequilashotz Alexevansolisykesalexgaskarthh.

Good luck! And remember try not to skip sizes, wait at least two weeks between stretching, and always use lube.


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on: 27 Jan. 2013
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