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My 2g lobe journey

Around the end of June, I pierced my ears in my bathroom with a 14g piercing needle followed by 14g circular barbells. I left those in for about 8-10 weeks until I came across some 10g steel plugs that I liked. I wanted to stretch to a 00g to begin with but the longer I thought about it, I decided I wasn't going to stretch, until I found those 10g steel plugs. I ordered them, a 12g steel taper, 12g captive bead rings, and a 10g steel taper. I wasn't going to stretch right away, not knowing much about it, so I read around on the Internet. I decided for a while, I would wait.

Well a friend of mine came over and he was currently at a 14g still. He saw the 12g captive bead rings and liked them. So, we stretched his to 12g since I wasn't planning on using them. A few weeks after that, I began thinking of doing mine again, but I had already given my 12g captive bead rings to him. I decided to skip 12g and go straight from 14g to 10g since it didn't seem like that much of a difference to me. I soaked the plugs and taper in alcohol while I washed my hands. I took the taper and plugs out and dried them off. The taper slid in with no problems, with the aid of Neosporin. I already know about the stinging and burning feeling that accompanies stretching, so I was prepared for it. It wasn't too bad, and I actually liked it.

I kept those in for about 3-4 weeks or so and decided I wanted to be able to wear tunnels. I ordered an 8g taper, 8g single flare tunnels, and 8g steel plugs. When I got home from school, they were at home waiting in the mail. I went into the bathroom and put the taper and plugs in alcohol and washed my hands. The taper went right through with the Neosporin. I didn't really like the look of the plugs this time because the O-Rings looked too big to me, so I decided to put the single flare tunnels in. I soaked them in alcohol and put them in.

I liked the 8g steel tunnels, so I was going to keep these in. I didn't plan on stretching anymore, but the 8g wasn't hollow enough for me so I got to looking on the Internet and decided I would go to 4g.

I had the 8g tunnels in for well over a month if not two months. I ordered a 6g steel taper, 6g steel plugs, a 4g steel taper, 4g steel plugs, and 4g saddle plugs with a cross in the middle. When they got here, I went into the bathroom, soaked my 6g taper and plugs in peroxide (I was out of alcohol, and a trip to town wasn't worth it), dried them off, put Neosporin on the 6g taper, and pushed it through. This was by far the worst stretch I've went though so far. It didn't go in as easily as the other sizes, but it still went in with a little more force than the others. It stung a lot more and was sore longer than the other sizes, but I still liked it.

This time my healing was a little different. My left ear was fine, but my right ear wanted to give me a few problems. For the first few days when I took the right one out, it would hurt a little. I pinched the hole with a paper towel, and there was a little bit of a clear looking liquid (not sure what it was) and a very small amount of blood. I decided to leave them in and give them time to heal. I've always heard this was the worst stretch, so I shrugged it off as normal.

So my dad says a week after stretching to 6g (On Thanksgiving, need I say), "Don't stretch your ears further than you already have." It sucked, but he at least didn't make me take the 6g's out. So naturally, I didn't go against his word...NOT! I had already bought the 4g steel taper, 4g steel plugs, and 4g steel saddle plugs with a cross inlay, so what is a boy to do?..Hmmm.. Stretch to 4g and hope no one notices.

So about a week and a half after stretching, I got my 4g steel taper and 4g plugs and went to the bathroom. I soaked it all in peroxide. I slid the 4g into my left ear (I always do the left ear first, don't know why), this time using Vitamin E oil followed by the right. It hurt pretty bad and putting the plugs in sucked. I had to put the taper back in the right one at least three times before I actually got that one.

Fast forward about two weeks. I tried to put the 4g saddle plugs in and for some reason couldn't get them in. I guess the hole was too small for double flared jewelry so I decided to go to 2g. I went to one of my local piercing shops (cleaner, nicer owner, more knowledgeable, and been around for a long time). I bought a pair of 2g steel pinchers because he didn't have any steel tapers. I paid $20 for the pinchers and went on my way, a little pricey, I know but your ears are worth quality. They were beautiful. I got home, decided to go ahead and do the 2g's, so I soaked them in peroxide, lubed them up with Vitamin E oil and slid them in. This stretch wasn't hard at all and it didn't sting or burn as much as the 8g to 6g stretch or the 6g to 4g stretch.

I wouldn't advise buying more than one size at a time because if you are like me, you will be very tempted to go to the next size up and you will be rushing it. But do like I did if you buy more than one size at a time: take it slow, let it heal, be patient. Trust me, you will not regret it in the long run. It's not a race, so take your time, and your ears will thank you. No one wants messed up ears. But if you are a patient person, buying stretching kits with multiple sizes is cheaper in the long run, if you know what size you want to end up at. I have no goal size so I don't know when I'm going to stop, although 2g is probably it for me because one day I might decide I don't want them anymore.

That experience read, I do not advise in self-piercing because there are a lot of problems that can occur, I was just lucky. And be careful with stretching because you can have complications with that as well, such as blowouts and tears, so be careful with that and if you take it slow, you should be fine.


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on: 21 Dec. 2009
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