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My ongoing stretching case

For the benefit of American readers, I have included the Gauge as well as the MMs.

A while back, I started going to Camden at the weekends. If you haven't heard of it, then google it, wikipedia it, whatever. Since then, I have been getting more and more interested in low-level body modification (EG piercings, tattoos etc). I am also REALLY into heavy metal culture, but I have created my own style, which incorporates a stretched ear. Most of my friends dig it, but people in my school ,being the narrow minded, chavvy scum of the earth they are, have outcast me for it.

On the first January of the year of our lord 2009(as a birthday present), I got my left ear pierced. My mum wasn't very happy, but she let me do it anyway. My dad is COMPLETELY against piercings, despite him being non-religious. So, the next day I went out and bought a 2mm (14g) stretching horn. I had done a little research on stretching and had alot of advice from my sister, who went to 10mm (00g) and back down to 4mm (6g). Little did I know, I had my ear pierced at 1mm (20g). Also, I had been told by people in my school (AKA complete idiots) that I only have to wait 4 weeks (or 1 month) til my piercing is healed. Despite their parents probably being related, I went with them on that, being an idiot. I did not know that I should have waited like 6 months (or something) to do my first stretch. Lo and behold, week 4 rolls around, I put the horn in.

1 guess what happened.

If you said I didn't have a blowout, you would be COMPLETELY wrong. So, me standing in my bathroom with a FECKING UGLY flap of skin hanging off the back of my ear, I thought "This ain't right, man!" So I let it heal for about 2 weeks and tried again. Slid in like BUTTER. Luckily, it worked and no scar tissue formed, but I was LUCKY (I guess). So, I waited 2 weeks (ANOTHER mistake) to stretch to 2.4mm (12g). Seems my luck didn't run out. It was fine, but I was lucky again (coincidence?). Later on in the 2nd week of healing, I went out and bought a 4mm (6g) taper, not knowing that it was WAY too big. I got home, lubed up (WITH KY JELLY! IF YOU LUBE, LUBE WITH A WATER-BASED SEX LUBE, NOT VASELINE) and tried to slide it in.





I didn't "just ram it in" as instructed by Yahoo Answers' equivalent to that stuff that accumulates around your mouth when you're REALLY thirsty (Thank you, Con Air!). I decided it wasn't time and ordered a set of curved steel tapers online, including a 5mm (4g) Internally Threaded flesh tunnel, which I put in whilst I was on holiday. I had only waited 3 weeks, but I was confident it had healed. I had a hot shower and lubed up. First attempt, the taper went in and I felt ever-so-slightly woozy. I had trouble butting the tunnel against the taper, so I didn't manage to get the tunnel in fist try. Second attempt, same situation, only this time, I felt quite ill. Third time lucky, I thought. Well, I was right, only I actually threw up that time. Not nice. I had like a 4 hour migraine, but it healed nicely over the next month.

The next stretch (6mm[2g]) wasn't too bad. Then the time came to stretch to 8mm (0g)

FECK MY HAT it hurt. I didn't get the taper all the way through, but I had to scrounge off my unwilling father to get a 7mm (1g) taper and eyelet set online. The way I sealed the deal was that I said I was going to stay at 7mm (1g). I was obviously lying, I'd already bought the 8mm (0g) taper and flesh tunnel, I'm not going to waste money!. I currently am at 8mm (0g) and trying to get to 10mm (00g). I plan to tape to 10mm I think I'll go to 15mm (5/8") and stop. It will take a while, but I'm ready. I am still not sure as to how large I stretch after I turn 18, when my parents have no jurisdiction over me (so to speak).

I'm thinking maybe 25mm (1") or like 19mm (3/4")

I don't know, but I have a lot of time to think about it...

To all you londoners out there, a good shop to buy stretching supplies and other awesomeneties is Strange in Central London. It is LITERALLY a 30 second walk from Leicester square tube station and the guy who works there is really nice.

Remember, kids, go slow, DON'T use vaseline to lube and use steel jewellery.

Have fun, but have it safely 8)


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on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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