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Do I dare? I Daith.

Those of you with good memories may remember that two months ago I wrote up my experience getting my snug pierced. I mention this not because I want to give you a detailed follow up right now, but because I fear comparisons between the two experiences are inevitable. So please bear with me.

A quick recap: Prior to all this cartilage piercing business I have gotten my nose and belly button pierced and my lobes have two piercings. I also have two failed attempts at a helix and a failed attempt at a third set of holes in the earlobe. So I'm not a total greenhorn with all this piercing business.

Ever since getting my snug piercing and, indeed, since discovering BMEzine, I have been a little preoccupied with decorating myself. I have a couple aesthetic rules or ideals that I try to live by. Piercings bypass the biggie which is don't do something permanent to yourself that hasn't been well-thought out and doesn't contribute your overall beauty. In other words just "cool" doesn't really cut the mustard for me. The second rule is don't overdo things, less is (often) more. I don't like it when people crowd their ears and faces with metal just because they can.

These are just personal guidelines for myself and I hope readers who do like the face full 'o metal look don't take offense. But honestly, it's a good idea to have a vision of who you are and who you want to be if you're going to invest the time, money and, yes, pain in modifying yourself. I am pretty sure there are other rules by the way, but this is the first time I have tried to verbalize them and I think these are the main relevant ones, so I'll just keep this story moving.

The snug piercing has been a little bit of a pain, but it didn't deter me from wanting a second cartilage piercing. I just knew I had to choose carefully because I view my ears as having limited space. I really liked the look of the conch piercing and the daith. Actually, I saw this sort of high, largish gauge conch piercing on one of the villagers in the Bollywood hit "Lagaan" that I really fell in love with. But ultimately I'm a sucker for deeper meaning and fell for the idea that the daith piercing, aside form being beautiful and perhaps more unique than the conch, is related to a Kabbalistic idea of filtering knowledge. It's exam time in my world and I can use all the help I can get.

I went back to the same place I got my snug piercing because I liked the piercer. Rather than work myself up into a tizzy ahead of time, I just decided on a Friday that I would go, called my friend G. again to see if she wanted to be moral support (in fact, she wanted to go ahead and get two high nostril piercings herself) and made a plan to go the next day. We went out for some burritos first to try to mitigate our chances of fainting. I was little worried that given my performance last time it might just mean more stomach contents to throw up. But conventional wisdom says eating first is a good idea so I decided to go with it.

I was pretty nervous when I got there. Aside from being worried that my anatomy wouldn't be suited for the piercing after all that hemming and hawing over which exact piercing I wanted. I was also worried that it would really, really hurt. I mean a daith is in sort of an internal place and like I said, my snug is still a pretty cranky little guy. Never fear though, the piercer said my anatomy would do just fine. I filled out all the paperwork and engaged in nervous babbling as I am wont to do. The piercer is a kind of funny, crotchety kind of guy which actually makes the pre-piercing babbling a pretty entertaining event.

He went for a smoke break before he began and in the meantime I decided to go first since I was more nervous than G. As I lay down in the chair I felt my heart rate pick up, the butterflies in my stomach went nuts and my face got heated and flushed. I was worried this wouldn't bode well in terms of my whole "not-throwing-up-this-time goal". Just to be safe I told them they might as well move a trashcan near to the chair. So they emptied out a trashcan and moved it and the piercer thanked me for being a self-aware and conscientious kind of client.

Now he got down to business. He marked the spot he thought would be best as a guide for himself even though I was unable to see it given the positioning and got out a fresh needle, a CBR, and piles of q-tips and supplies. I asked him not to show me the needle as I figured I was just better off not "knowing". He did a practice placement of the receiving tube and asked if I was ready. Most stories I had read until now mention was a slow, excruciating piercing this is--talking about wickedly curved needles, a nasty crunching noise and multiple pushes. Once again my piercer demonstrated the benefit of years and years of experience and it was over so quickly and, relatively speaking, painlessly that he has certainly earned my respect, admiration and loyal patronage. I won't say I didn't feel it, but it was less than half as painful as my snug, maybe a quarter less painful. I don't know, comparing Saturday to two months ago is a little subjective.

I popped out of the chair, butterflies completely gone, feeling pretty great. Only a daith is not exactly easy to see on oneself. The piercer handed a hand mirror so I could futz around with angles and get a good view. It was/is a beautiful piercing. The piercer agreed and decided to take a picture to add to his portfolio. As he says, you gotta love piercings that leave you thinking "How does that do that?" I think it's a very delicate piercing and very well placed. I also think that given it's sort of intrinsically funky place that it probably completes my right ear. The left ear still has plans in the works for another snug placed parallel to the one I have now, but that's for another day. One step at a time, right?

As for aftercare, it's been a breeze so far. Well, it's a bit of a pain to clean actually as you can't see the entry and exit holes, but it's pretty much painless. Actually I'm worried the easiness of it is going to jinx me or come bite me in the butt later. It's just been that good of an experience. I can already sleep on that side of my head, I can move the ring around to clean it and I've already gotten many compliments on it. Including from family members who are usually fairly judgmental/disapproving about uncommon piercings. Vanity has also caused me to unearth my old hand mirror so I can check myself out a few times a day.

Bottom line? I would highly recommend the daith piercing if the aesthetic appeals to you. It may not be as easy for you as it has been for me so far, but you can increase your chances of a good experience if you select a piercer who is experienced, knowledgeable and someone with whom you have a good rapport or trusting relationship. Happy piercing, friends!


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on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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