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That eBay seller sure sucks (my ear stretching journey)

It first started around July 2009, when two of my friends and I went with one other of our friends to get his ear pierced. Obviously, I was persuaded to do it along with him. We went to a Vietnamese salon in the AAA mall near the shadier part of Brampton. Yes, I now know I'm not supposed to, but I got it done with a gun. I suggest nobody else do the same.

I had always thought about stretching my ears, as they've intrigued me since I saw my sister get them when she was in grade eight. I knew my ear would have to heal first, however.

On August 14, the Permanent Wave in Shoppers' World mall had one of the monthly piercing parties. I went with one of my friends to get his eyebrow pierced. Because of the half price event, I thought, why not get my other ear lobe pierced? Again, I did it the stupid way with a gun. It was around this time I was going to go through with stretching my ears.

Something in mid August, a bunch of friends and I decided to screw around and wrestle each other. My earring got ripped out of my ear and it was bleeding. I wash it off with peroxide, along with my ear and stuck the stud back in.

I bought a 14g-0g acrylic taper kit on eBay for around 10 bucks. Pretty cheap. Any who, this kit arrived the first or second week of September. I tried the 10g in my left ear (first pierced) and it went through without complications. I also tried it on my right ear (before it was fully healed) and it went through, as well. The 8g taper didn't want to fit in my left ear, so I tried the right. I am fairly sure the 8g didn't fit because of the slight ripping due to my mid August endeavor. It went through and I wore my tapers for the day, then went to bed. I woke up and realized both ears had torn through the night. Saddened, I took them out and put in my starter studs again.

Around the end of September, I went to Green Earth in Square One, Mississauga (the retail store I could find that sold plugs and the such) and bought a 10g flat plug, 8g eyelet and 6g flat plug. I went home that day and forced the 10g taper through my ear. It was in pain, something that hadn't happened before. I shrugged it off and put the 10g flat plug in. Next day, my ear was flaming red and hot. I thought it was just the swelling and it would subdue eventually. I went to my lecture and realized that it was seeping a clearish liquid and blood. I immediately went to the washroom, took out the plug and realized it was leaking a lot. I took out the plug and went back to class and it was leaking a lot, still. The piercing eventually crusted over and healed back.

I went to get it repierced in the beginning of October, when my friend went to get his tragus pierced at another Permanent Wave piercing party. I did it again with a gun, somehow the lady convinced me it was safe. I don't know why I listened. She pierced it slightly below the identical spot of my left ear, but I figured it would even out when I stretch it, so left it in to heal.

At this point, my left ear was at 6g but the 4g taper went through my ear easily and I realized it was time to upsize. I went on eBay and bought a 4g, 2g, 0g and a 00g eyelet from a now TERRIBLE eBay seller. The got messed up, and was delayed by 2 weeks. I finally got the package last week, and he sent me a pair of 2g and 0g eyelets. Impatient, I tried my 2g taper on my ear. It was at the point of ALMOST making it. I thought about lube and tried it. It went through and was by far the most painful stretch I've had so far. I popped the 2g eyelet in with a lot of trouble (a LOT of trouble) and here I am today. I thought it was bleeding an hour later, so I took it out. I checked for blood and didn't see any and realized I had to go through the pain of tapering and putting the plug back into my ear again. I did this procedure again and it hurt much more. My left ear is at 2g and my right ear at 10g. I have an eventual goal of 5/8".

I do not recommend anybody get their ear pierced with a gun, jump sizes or stretch before you're healed. I'm lucky to not have gotten a tear or blowout, which could have easily happened. Plan ahead when upsizing, so you won't get impatient like me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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