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Simple Earlobes, Right And Wrong

I've loved stretched ear lobes since the first time I saw them, it's so much more personal because of the patience it takes to get there, rather than seeing all the people who went to Claire's for their 18g. I decided to get my start and have them pierced.

At first, I went on the recommendation of a friend to another studio in Calgary besides Tribal Expression. I had been to Tribal for my labret and loved the experience there, but it is pricey; this was my first wrong. If you're going to mod your body in any way, even the simplest of piercings, spend the money and know you're getting quality. So I make an appointment with the first studio, for my lobes to be pierced at a 6g and have them make plugs because I wasn't particularly keen on hoops. I called a month in advance because the in house jeweler was on vacation.

I was offered multiple options to start at a larger size, but I wanted the experience and patience of stretching so I declined. I was told the plugs would be ready, to just come in on the arranged date and everything would be in order. Being a cautious consumer, I called in the wednesday before the appointment, a saturday, just to make sure everything was good. I was told that the jeweler hadn't been in lately and they weren't sure when they would be, but I would get a call back. Saturday came and I never did get a call, but I went in with a friend; low and behold the plugs had not been made. This was my second wrong; if you're ever uncomfortable in a situation where your body is being changed do not do it. I was told I would get a call the next day to reschedule. Wednesday of the next week I called the studio and canceled. Very unimpressed with the unprofessionalism, I knew that Tribal Expression was worth the extra cash.

The call to Tribal was made after canceling at the other studio, and an appointment was made for two days later. They informed me that generally, the larger the gauge of needle, the lesser the quality, which the other studio had failed to mention. I was supposed to be piercing at a 10g with tribal, but all they had were 12g CBRs, so I decided to go with a 12g. I was forgetting the patience I wanted to experience by having to stretch.

I went in with a friend who wanted the same done, but had no piercing knowledge or experience and wanted to check the whole place out. After signing the necessary papers, I sat down with my buddy in the waiting room to watch the end of Dodgeball on a TV on the front desk. As always, the customer service was very impressive; we got into a conversation with the guy behind the desk about Predator and Arnold Schwarzenegger while waiting for the jewelry and equipment in the autoclave. By then Keith had came out and said hi to us, let us know the autoclave was almost done, and asked if it was alright that his apprentice cleaned and marked my lobes; I said it was fine.

We all entered the piercing room, the apprentice was really cool about everything and easy to talk with, although I feel bad I don't remember her name. My buddy laughed at something that had been said, and by his laugh she recognized his older brother who she had worked with previously. We remarked the right earlobe a few times, the left one was spot on first time. Keith came in then, made sure everything was in order, and we went to pierce the left side first. He put the forceps on my lobe, lined up the needle, told me to breathe in and out, then again, and pierced it on the second exhale. The right lobe went just as easily. I was taken through the cleaning and care procedure then after a warm farewell we were on our way out the front door.

On a side note, just to comment on the customer service afore mentioned; I went in with a question about an infection on my left earlobe, and the the same guy was working the front desk. After having cut off dreads that were down past my ribs and having best friends and teachers not recognized me, the first thing he said was, "you cut all your hair off!" Needless to say I was impressed at that level of commitment. Also, whenever I have had any question at all, Tribal has happily accepted even my simple, just learning questions. Last time I went in, Keith, who is also the owner, came out and greeted me with a big smile, we sat down on a couch and after him explaining the abscess on my earlobe, we had a good talk for a few minutes. The little things really do make the difference between right and wrong.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Keith+Kennedy
Studio: Tribal+Expression
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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