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My tragus experience.

So basically I had wanted to have this done since i was about fifteen years old. Back then i assumed I would need parental consent, something i KNEW my parents would never allow. Piercings in their eyes are for uncouth individuals and certainly not for their only daughter. Once I had reached eighteen and left home for University i just assumed i was too much of a geek to do something so reckless. Time passed and before I knew it I was twenty. I knew I wanted to get it done before my twenty first birthday and April is obviously drawing closer and closer. I mean, I'm an adult now and I shouldn't really care less what my parents think because it's my body. I'm not overly keen on the permanence of tattoos [they don't wash away!] so I obviously felt better within myself [lol cheesy] when it came to piercings.

Finally the other week i was discussing it with a friend of mine and she said that she would come with me and have the top of her ear pierced at the same time as me having my tragus done. This seemed cool, that way neither could really back out once we got there. I chose a place two people I knew had their nose pierced at and had been recommended to me.

I should enthuse that i actually am the biggest wimp going. The thought of a needle passing through any part of my body makes me feel a bit ill, one of the reasons it's taken me so long to have it done.

Anyway we went to the piercing/tattoo studio and filled in the usual consent forms. My friend Katie went in first, i refused to watch and sat in the waiting room [mainly because I knew that if I saw the needle I just wouldn't be able to do it, especially if she had a face contorted with pain and anguish, yeah, I wouldn't rule out her screaming either!]. Time went by and i was thinking ''Hey this is taking a long time''. She came out with a glass of water and a lollipop but no piercing. She'd nearly fainted and that was only because the piercer had drawn a dot on her ear for the placement. The piercer told her she could come another time during the week but I don't think she would be up for it at all.

So i went in, obviously increasingly nervous by this point. I could also hear the buzz of a tattoo gun going on upstairs, that noise officially brings fear to my loins, OH GOD it's loud. I told him not to tell me what was going on because I would just vomit all over the room otherwise. He just quickly got on with the business thankfully. He did ask me whether I had had any piercings with a needle before. I hadn't and I'm fairly certain he assumed there'd be another Katie episode with me backing out at the last minute. I was desperate not to allow this to happen though.

He clamped my ear and told me to breathe in and out. Well i did and felt this bizarre pushing on my ear and it was over? He said he'd pierced it and all he had to do now was to put the earring in. I was in shock. I was preparing for excruciating pain but the piercing had already taken place. He did a bit of twiddling and got it over and done with and it was in. Done. That was it? I'd been stressing all these years for no reason. If anything, the messing about with the earring hurt more than the actual piercing. Maybe because by that point I wanted to escape and he was messing about with the insides of my ear still. I thought I was going to faint at that point because he was taking so long. No sweat though, I survived.

The guy himself was really friendly. He was covered in tattoos so looked scary but he was so lovely. Maybe he's just used to stupid girls wondering in and making scenes.

I paid up, he told me about aftercare and we left to buy ingredients for lasagne at the local Sainsburys nearby. [I know right, I had a hole in my ear but life just carries on as normal!]

Now all i have to do is the dreaded task of telling the parents. Ultimate fear but at least they can't talk me out of it now. My friends are equally disgusted by the thought of it. Saying that, they're completely up for tattoos which in my opinion is far more permanent and hardcore. Each to their own. One friend refuses to look at it! Overall good experience though.

P.S the lasagne was niiccceeeee.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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