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My second and third DIY piercings!

Last month I wrote about my very first DIY piercing experience (which was my right cartilage) and now I am back to write about my newest piercings! You can read my first story here: http://www.bme.com/pierce/01-ear/A91102/earmyver.html.

My name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I have a total of 10 piercings, which include: first lobes, second lobes, third lobes (what this story is about), right tragus, left cartilage, right cartilage and bellybutton.

Last week I was sitting in my math class (again) talking to my two friends. We started talking about piercings and my friend (not the same one from the first story) showed us her new piercing that she had done herself. She had pierced it in the middle of her ear (where the lobes and cartilage meet). It looked so pretty and she said it was really easy to pierce. I had been wanting another piercing really badly so I decided to do one that night!

So after school I went into my room and found an extra earring on my shelf. I decided to do my third lobes because they were next on my piercing list and I figured they would be pretty easy to pierce myself. I looked in the mirror and marked where I wanted to pierce with an eyeliner pencil. I tried my best to even them out as best I could and I think I did a pretty good job. I then soaked my earring in rubbing alcohol to clean them (not sure if it actually cleaned it, but it worked for me). I started to push the earring through the skin, but it was so hard and it hurt so badly. It took all of my strength just to make the earring break the first layer of skin! I was going to give up, but then I thought to myself, if I can pierce my own cartilage, then I should be able to pierce my lobes!

I started pushing again and after a while there was a hole deep enough for the jewellery to be put it without falling out (but not all the way through my skin). Then I started to twist the earring into my skin, as that is how I pierced my right cartilage. After about half an hour of twisting and pushing the earring through my skin, I felt it poking through the back! All my hard work had paid off! With one big push it went all the way through! There was no blood at all and it didn't really hurt to touch. Since it was late at night, I decided that I would do the left side the next day. I soaked my ear in warm water and sea salt for a couple of minutes and then went to bed. It barely hurt to sleep on it.

When I woke up the next day I was very excited to see my new piercing. My ear had not swelled, there were a few crusties, it wasn't red and it didn't hurt to touch! I was so happy! I cleaned it and then I went to school to show it off to all my friends. My two friends from math were excited but most of the others were grossed out that I did it myself.

After school I got out another earring. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and made sure to clean my ear as well. This ear was harder to mark because my first and second lobes were placed kind of beside each other. So I had to mark it closer to the edge of my ear. I started pushing it through and once there was a hole, I started to twist it through. After an hour or so, it was through! I now had two new piercings and I was very proud of myself.

That was a couple of days ago and so far they have been great. No swelling, no redness, no pain or anything. They don't hurt to sleep on at all, which is great because I sleep on both sides at night. To clean them I soak them in a sea salt solution, which is working great!

I have already started to plan my next piercings. After Christmas break (and when I have money), a few friends and myself are going to go get (professionally) pierced together. I am going to get my left tragus done because I want to have my ears symmetrical. After that, I want to self pierce my left and right cartilages again (so that I have two in each ear), but I am going to wait for my tragus to be completely healed first before I do that. I am also contemplating on getting both my rooks done, but I don't want my ears to look too cluttered, so I am not sure about those.

I wouldn't recommend a self piercing to anyone, but if you have done lots of research, have the proper materials and feel confident in doing it yourself, I would say go for it!


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
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