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My lobe story. From nothing to 44mm in a year.

 I've stretched my ears off and on three times since I was fourteen. I'm now nineteen. The reason that it was 3 times, instead of one solid slow consistent stretch with tape was mostly due to age. Being stupid, fourteen, and using cheap silicone tunnels. I just wish that someone would have told me how to correctly stretch, before I ripped my lobes multiple times. So, I let them heal, and as one closed completely, the other lobe had so much scar tissue after a 5/8 to 3/4 silicone dead stretch, no more damage could be done.

A little over a year ago, I said to myself "I'm going to do this right, this time". So, I bought surgical steel tunnels from 2g to 1 inch, and a pair of 1&1/2. I started to learn about Teflon tape, and how not to call them gauges. I re-pierced the closed left lobe, through the thin scar spot and it went through like butter. What I didn't see then was that it wasn't completely centered, contrary to the still healthier right lobe. I wish I would have just been at least 1mm nearer to the center, however, this is how I stretched. I let them heal, and usually stretched with bondage tape till it was half way to the next size, and stretched a few days later with the taper. Not horrible, but definitely not the best way for someone with a thin, more sensitive spot to stretch with.

I successfully stretched like this all the way to an inch, when the thin spot became way more of an issue for me. I was taped at around 1&1/4. This is where the story gets way different. On June 2nd, 2009 I went into my bathroom with a razor blade, and proceeded to make shoddy half-inch incisions in both lobes all the way up into the tragus. I wanted to shove those 38mm tunnels in that night. Wasn't gonna happen. All I got out of that stupid decision was blood loss, and big fucked up blowouts in the back. What did I just do...

I let these self-fucked up lobes heal, until I met a very experienced body-mod artist in my town, who then repaired them by cutting off huge hunks and sewing them back up. I let them heal for a few months, then proceeded to stretch correctly, and very, very slow. I'm currently at 1&3/4(44mm), and I think I will stay here for a while until I go to 2" and stay at that size, unless some sort of tissue-bulking collagen injection is invented, which has been talked about. However, I can deal with it for now.

For now, I owe the health of my lobe to oil massages three times a day, with vitamin e, jojoba, and an e/jojoba/lavender blend. I also constantly downsize and re-tape. At this size now, I can leave my jewelry out for a few days, and when I want to put my plugs in, all I have to do is give 'em a little rub and tug (pun intended). The appearance of the fucked up tissue is a bit more red but apparently more thinned out scar tissue tend to look like that. At the moment, I am very pleased with both the look and health of my lobes, even if there is a little less blood circulation through certain tissue. My only concern is with the upcoming winter, and switching from a relatively light weight steel tunnel to a heavier, more dense organic plug. reason I'm concerned about this is all the stress that a solid plug could put on a thin spot. It would be a good way to naturally stretch to my last final goal size, but this is only because I still remain very skeptical of wearing a silicone
tunnel, even if it is in a healed hole. There's just something about silicone that I don't like, but then again, that could be due to the fact that I've had numerous bad experiences with the stuff.

One other thing that I've considered is having the thin tissue removed, then having the ear re-stitched, then waiting about six months to start stretching again. I believe that it would be a good idea, however due to public interface, its not really something I can do right now. If anybody has information on this, or has had the procedure done, please contact me! I am quite sure that by having that done, I would even be able to reach 3 inches, that's something I can only have reams about right now. My right lobe could go to 3" for sure, but I always think it looks bad when people have two different sizes. I guess I'll just have to suck it up for now, though. Thanks for letting me share my experience.


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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