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Do you ever plan your piercings?

To start, I'm completely addicted to piercings. As soon as my mother let me get my second lobes pierced, I got hooked. A year later I was sporting two impromptu and dangerous (done with a gun due to my lack of better judgement) cartilage piercings and had just made the decision to pierce my tragus. By 'made the decision,' I mean that my work had just paid me and I was standing outside the shop. I was slightly nervous as I'd never been pierced anywhere but a pharmacy and with anything besides a piercing gun, however the piercer Michelle assured me that it was simple and would be virtually painless.

However, that wasn't my biggest issue. After my mother allowed me to get my second lobes, she had forbidden me to get any other piercings of ANY kind, and as I was 14 I had resigned myself to the fact that my holey dreams were over. Lucky for me, my next two impulse piercings were at lax chemists which allowed a now 15 year old to get a piercing without parental consent. Now that I'd turned 16, I'd decided that my tragus would be my first legal piercing yet the main problem of my mother still remained: after she saw it, she would probably make me take it out.

Luckily, the friend I was going to get the piercing with already had her tragus pierced and had to hide it at school. She had a cute diamante flat-backed bio-flex labret stud and just popped off the diamante part when teachers were around: all it looked like was a hole in her ear. Thinking this was a great idea, I planned to simply pop out the front of my tragus whenever my mum was around. The plan obviously backfired, but I'll get to that soon.

I went through all the regulation piercing requirements, something that was new to me (I could now fill out those forms in my sleep, 6 earrings later) and waited for Michelle to set up the room. Five minutes later she announced that the room was ready and with shaking lets I stepped inside, leaving my friend outside waiting. Once in she cleaned it and marked it and we discussed the type of earring she was putting in. I wanted a labret stud for obvious reasons and also because I didn't really like the look of CBR's. In my nervous stupidity, it never occurred to me that I would get a screw in ball so I neglected to ask whether I would be able to remove the ball.

I lay down, still nervous and she placed a receiving tube in my ear, explaining the procedure in more detail. She then counted to three and told me to take a deep breath, I remember hearing a 'wooshing' noise and then feeling the strange sensation of the needle in my ear. Placing the earring in my ear wasn't uncomfortable at all and Michelle was maintaining conversation with me the entire time. By the time the adrenalin kicked in, I had realised that she was about to screw on a ball however I didn't freak out as I figured 'I'll just unscrew it and buy a pop-out one to change it too.'

Michelle then went through aftercare and instructed me not to change the earring for at least two months (something I was planning to ignore). I then paid, purchased a bio-flex stud with a pop-out diamante and headed to the bathroom with my friend. We swabbed our hands with the courtesy alcohol swab and prepared to remove the ball. It was a disaster: no matter how hard we twisted and turned the ball was tightly held in place and I was in head-spinning pain. After about half an hour we decided to give up and go back to Hairhouse Warehouse in a month to have it changed. I was still freaking out about my mother noticing and continued to try to un-twist the ball, meaning that my hands were constantly touching my fresh piercing, a very risky move. A day later I was freaking out about my new earring: while my mother hadn't seen it, I'd accidentally slept on it and it felt red and swollen. However I went to work armed with earring spray hoping for the best. However, my problems cont inued: I work at a garden shop so I was touching dirt all day and then still obsessively trying to untwist the ball and take out the annoying piercing with no success. It was then I realised that I should really stop touching the earring before it got seriously infected and I had to take it out, so I decided to minimize my untwisting attempts to just after I'd thoroughly washed my hands.

Another thing to add to this sordid tale is that I can't live without music. Due to the fact that this was my first 'unconventional' piercing I wasn't prepared for the fact that I wouldn't be able to listen to my earphones properly, meaning that my first earphone experience after piercing my tragus added to the already increasing pain.

After a week or so of twisting and sharp pain I eventually gave up and decided to just hide the piercing from my mother by wearing my hair down. To my relief, the piercing healed perfectly without any complications and I began to grow to like the silver ball I had in my ear. I continued to carry around the bio-flex stud in my wallet with the intention of going to Hairhouse Warehouse to get it changed but it never eventuated and my tragus became my favourite piercing and the catalyst for my exploration of ear piercings.

Two years later I've had absolutely no issues with my tragus. My mother noticed it eventually on my 17th birthday and after her initial complaints, 'gave up on me' (by that time I had at least two other piercings). I've never changed my tragus or been able to unscrew the ball but I don't really mind and if I do decide to change it I can just get a piercer to remove it for me. In hindsight I'm glad I never changed it as the stud I got pierced with has a longer bar for swelling meaning I would've soon been in serious pain had I changed to the shorter bio-flex earring. I'm so happy with my tragus and I don't even remember where I put the bio-flex one after all that trouble!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Michelle
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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