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My Industrial Piercing

     Yesterday, it finally happened. I had been begging my parents for two long years of my life, and they finally caved. Well, here's how it happened.

Both of my parents have a thing against any type of body modifications (even though my mom has 2), though my mom is much more tolerant than my dad. Before my industrial, I only had 3 lobe piercings (one on each ear stretched to a 6g) and 2 cartilage piercings (both without my dad's permission). A couple months ago, I told my mom that I wanted an industrial piercing for my 14th birthday, November 20th (yesterday). My mother told me she was fine with it, and I was ecstatic. But the hard part would be getting my dad to agree to it.

She told me she was going to talk to him when they went on their yearly vacation to Palm Springs. I don't know ho, but she convinced him to do it. I was so happy I almost cried.

The day of my birthday, my parents drove me to Jimi's, where my mom got her nose and bellybutton pierced. I went in shaking but extremely excited. I told Jimi what I wanted and he sat me down and talked to me about cleaning and healing. I was so excited I barely listened to any of it, but I knew I had to. He washed his hands, put on gloves, and sterilized everything. He sat me down on the medical chair and made 2 marks on my ear with a purple marker. He showed me the marks in the mirror and I told him they were perfect! He picked up a 14 gauge needle and a receiving tube. He put the needle up against my helix and told me to take a deep breath. He pushed the needle into the receiving tube, and I could hear my ear crunching! He pushed the barbel in and the needle out. My entire ear and face turned red, and then I realized that there was one more to go.

The next one didn't hurt nearly as bad, since I've done it twice before on my other ear, and the cartilage is much less thick in that area. He pushed the needle out with the other side of the barbel, and then screwed the ball on. He cleaned it after, and it only bled a tiny bit. He pretty much repeated the entire cleaning/healing process and sold me some cleaning stuff that I can't remember the name of. I must say it was the most painful piercing I've gone through, but I only have ear piercings. This is my 10th piercing, unless you take into account that there's two holes, which would make it my 11th piercing. I've been spending my entire day ordering industrial barbells online, even though I can't change it for a half a year.

The cleaning is especially difficult for me, because it still hurts quite a bit (only when touched), but much less than the first day. It hurts to sleep on. This morning, I woke up with a stream of blood going down my neck because I had slept on my right side. I need to make sure to sleep on my left side from now on to keep it safe. My mom thinks it looks cool, but my dad hates it. Every time I walk by now, he says something like, "Ahh my little piercing girl. Can you breathe through those holes, too?" I just laugh. Most of my friends think it's really cool, and some of my friends even want to get it done themselves. I can't wait to see what my teachers and principal think when I see them next Monday. Someone came up to me at Starbucks today and said to me, "Does that thing HURT?" I laughed and simply responded with, "Do I look like I'm in pain?". I strongly encourage anybody who wants at all to get this piercing done to do it, because it doesn't hurt as bad as most people wo uld think. I am planning on getting my belly button and nose (hopefully septum--if I can convince my parents) for my 16th birthday. I can't wait until I am 18 and I can get snakebites/spiderbites and my tongue pierced. All in all, it was tough to get my dad to agree to this, and I guarantee it will be a tough and difficult healing process over the next 6 months, but I am extremely happy with my decision to get this piercing.

I strongly recommend Jimi to ANYONE in the are who wishes to get any piercing done. He sterilizes everything in front of you and is extremely thorough in explaining the steps and did a very good job. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would and it seems to be doing fine today. I am very thankful to everyone in this process and hope to be back here for updates on new piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jim+Fiore+Angelo
Studio: Jimi%27s+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Port+Hueneme%2C+CA

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