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Taking Care Of An Old Problem

Years ago, as a teen, I had wanted to get my ears pierced. Piercing anything, including ear lobes, was frowned upon by my very conservative and religious family. I begged and pleaded and after begging some more, my parents finally gave in and took me to a Doctor one Saturday morning. The Doctor pierced a hole in each of my lobes with two very thick needles sitting in a paper cup filled with rubbing alcohol. I was so happy to have my new piercings that I didn't even care that it hurt bad and that I fainted right after the second hole was done!

Some time passed and I decided I wanted to get second lobe piercings. My best friend at the time recommended a place to go to but I was sorry I took her advice. The Piercer I had was sarcastic, rude and didn't even pierce my lobe where we discussed. She used a gun for piercing which I thought was okay at the time, but now realize was a horrible thing to do. She pierced the holes so far up the lobe, that they looked ridiculous. I tried to make the best of it and ignore how unhappy I was but after a week, I removed the earrings on the second holes in hopes that they would close up and I could get them re-pierced a few months later where I wanted. Unfortunately, the holes never closed, which I now believe is because of the damage done by using a piercing gun instead of sterile beveled needles. These holes were red for a long time and itched like crazy every so often, even without wearing anything in them.

Some time passed, and I met a woman at a party who had three holes in her lobes, and other interesting ear piercings. By now I was so sad with my own piercings that I no longer wore any earrings. I really loved all the different piercings she had in her ears. This started me to think about getting a piercing or two again. I still had that double lobe issue to deal with and decided to do some research on the internet looking at the photos on BME and seeing what my possibilities were. I decided to test all my current lobe piercings and I could get a 18 gauge stud through each of them with no problems.

I found that through measuring between the piercings, I could fit a hole in between the bad one and the good one. Since I wanted to be in control of where my piercing would go, I decided that I was going to pierce it myself. I could have afforded to go to a piercer, but since I felt burned by my last experience, I wanted to give DIY a try.

I found that I could purchase sterile 20 gauge needles, autoclaved jewelry for the piercings and everything else I needed to be able to do it at home from the Internet. When the day came that I chose to do my self-piercing, I cleaned off a section of my bathroom with a 20% bleach solution and then put down surgical napkins to mark my area. On the napkins I put down my needles, jewelry and surgical gloves. I chose where I wanted the piercing to go, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, then marked it with my sterile purple pen on each lobe. I opened up the wrapper on the first 20 gauge needle and my hands all the sudden started to shake. I kept telling myself "be brave!" in the hopes I would calm down.

I put the needle in gently but firmly through the marking and heard crunching as I went through layers of skin. I got the needle sticking out of the back of the lobe and then blood started to pour out and drip everywhere. I decided to remain strong, took a clean napkin and soaked up the blood. I took out my jewelry from the package and attached the labret post to the back end of the needle, pushing it forward and out. I could see the labret post sticking out so I attached the stud to the front. I repeated the same for my other lobe and that one for some reason didn't bleed at all. I checked my reflection in the mirror to see my results and I was impressed. I pierced it evenly and it looked good! I went to get my other old earrings, cleaned them and put them in the old holes so I had three on each lobe. I felt so proud of how they turned out and having made something bad into something good!

I am looking forward to getting more piercings, but I think I will leave those up to the pros. Reasons being that the ones I want are much more complicated than just piercing a lobe and self-piercing is not easy or without dangers. It is hard to be sure that everything is completely sterile in your home, no matter how hard you may try. So to be safe, get your piercings from a good piercer in a reputable shop that comes with at least more than one recommendation.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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