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new tastes

About one year ago I had my conch punched with a 0 dermal biopsy punch which was my most extreme mod at the time. now had been contemplating doing this for years and years and had heard all the stories about how terrible conch punches are and how nobody would ever want to go through it again, so yes, I was scared. I wanted to pee my pants.

I went in as planned to see my body modification artist for the procedure but was taken off gaurd when there was someone I did not recognize in the shop. He was a guest piercer in arizona for a month to work at the shop and learn more. So naturally, he asked if he could watch and I said, "how about you participate, my piercer can do the right conch and you can do the left after watching." He was very excited by this and jumped at the chance. So we all headed back to the studio room where my piercer set everything up. I watched this very carefully because the tools and things used, well everything about this profession intrigued me.

After a few attempts at marking the spot on both my ears I heard my piercer say, "this is gonna be a little bit uncomfortable", as he put the cold sharp side of the biopsy punch to my conch. A few deep breathes later he said, "take a deep breath in, and let it out". As I let that last deep breath go my piercer proceeded to push the biopsy punch into my conch and all I could here was a crunching popping sound for about a quarter of a second. I felt the punch pull back and my piercer said, "now for the stretch. breathe in, and breath out". That breath was followed by the tapper which might have been worse than the punch but I do not remember. The jewelry was in and that ear was done, extremely painful but quick and smooth none the less. So my piercing moved over to the guest piercers side to watch him as he set up and after a few more deep breaths I heard the guest piercer say, "take a deep breath in, and let it out". I felt the punch penetrate and pull back but much to my supp rise it had not gone all the way through. The guest piercer was afraid of puncturing his hand on the other side. So as my ear filled with blood and made it hard to hear what they were doing or talking about the guest piercer re-set and asked me to take another deep breath, then i felt the pressure again. My legs were going all over the place with pain and agony as I tried my damndest to keep my head as still as possible while the guest piercer pushed and penetrated all the way through my conch. He asked me if I was ok then said it was time for the stretch on this side. "Breath in, and out", he said as he forced the tapper through my left conch which I do clearly remember being ten times as intense as it was on the previous side. Then the jewelry. Now its done.

Then as I'm laying on the table with the piercer and guest piercer cleaning my earls the adrenalin and dopamine hit me like a ton of bricks and I remembered, this is reason why I do this, I felt physically high and mentally unstable... Amazing, the pain was gone instantly...

After this was over i was left motionless on the piercing table. Then my piercer said it was time for a snack as he held a piece of my cartilage over my face. I opened my mouth to tell him that I needed a second to recover but never got the words out, he had already dropped my cartilage into my mouth and all I could think to do was swallow. He went to grab the cartilage from the other side but it was missing!!! Gone, no where to be found, we searched that room for fifteen minutes without finding it. I think i was ok with that because to this day every time I think about this experience I taste technicare and iron in my mouth.

I sat at the shop for a long time after this experience trying to get a ride home. I was still very high off dopamine and adrenalin and was in so state to drive. during this time i got to bond with the guest piercer. we chatted about his life, his travels before and after this industry, and the reasons why we do this... this whole experience gave me a totally new friend, and a whole to respect for people in this culture and industry...

Now I will never stop pushing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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