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My rejected rook.

I recently decided that it was time to get a new ear piercing and initially thought of the "snug" piercing, but my local piercers couldn't pierce that as they didn't use curved barbells, so I thought of the next piercing I wanted; a Rook piercing. I went down to piercers knowing that it would cost me £20 for this piercing and done the usual signing of the form before I was directed to the chair. I have a usual piercer who has pierced 6 of my other piercing's so he new not to give me the talk about aftercare. He didn't talk about any possible problems with the piercing but marked it in a place which I liked so I went ahead without asking questions, something I came to regret.

I wasn't scared to get the piercing as I'd read that it was less painful then a tragus piercing which I didn't find that painful to begin with. My piercer assured me he had pierced this before and asked me whether I wanted a captive ball or a bar. I chose the captive ball as I read that straight bars do not heal as fast, and captive beads will move easier with the piercing. I first felt the pressure of the needle which wasn't a discomfort and was very bearable. The pain wasn't bad, not bad at all and about 20 seconds afterwards it was gone and my ear just felt hot. There was mild bleeding but it stopped after about a minute. Overall it was a fast procedure and I was thrilled as it looked amazing and truly unique! 

I cleaned the piercing every other day with an ear piercing solution which I have used on my other piercing's and with a cotton bud to get all away round the piercing. I didn't want to clean it everyday as I didn't want to disrupt it too much, a routine I have used on many of my other piercing's which has worked well for me. I used salt water a couple of times in the first week to clean off blood and crusties but after about a week of getting the piercing it thought the stronger solution would be more effective. 

About a week later the piercing was still quite tender to touch but not incredibly painful. It hurt a lot when knocked but it did not cause a lump or any swelling. The piercing was healing nicely and I had no problems with it. A little further on and the piercing still was not feeling better. It was producing many crusties and had mild bleeding every now and then. I could sleep on it fine without any pain but would always wake up with crusties. I cleaned the piercing with an ear piercing solution which I have used on my other piercing's and with a cotton bud to get all away round the piercing  

About a month and a half into the piercing it was still quite tender to touch and I noticed a bit of swelling. The area around the piercing started to feel quite itchy and I then noticed that the piercing had migrated downwards with the swelling. I didn't think much of it at the time because most of my piercing migrated a bit before they settled and healed and the piercing wasn't low down enough to reject. 

Approximately 2 months into the piercing and it has nearly totally rejected. This could be down to a number of reasons; 1 being that I had knocked the piercing prior to healing and another being that the piercing itself was not quite far back. The area of the piercing has swollen and the piercing is not even on the rook of my ear. It is hanging on to the swelling of my ear and it is plain to see that a tug or a knock will pull it out. I'm going to the piercers this week to get it removed before it rejects and scars or before it gets ripped out.  

My views on this piercing overall is that it is a nice piercing, but would only be suited for certain ear types. Like all piercing's it is best to speak to your piercer about risks, something I regret not doing. If planning to get this piercing think about the size of your rook and maybe get a curved barbell pierced instead or a captive ball. Because of it's placement it has been prone to reject, but with the right care I'm sure it is capable to keep. I am considering having it repierced but with a bar this time. If you want a unique piercing then a rook piercing will be ideal for you, but It is a piercing that needs to be well planned to reduce the risk of irritation and rejection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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