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My Journey to 1/2" !

In October of 2008, I headed downtown one day with a friend to get my septum pierced. While there, before paying for my fresh piercing, I noticed each employee had stretched earlobes. I had seen and heard of this before, but never until then had I been so attracted to the idea. When I got home, I did some e-research on the concept of stretching earlobes ad became quite stretch-savvy on the matter. I figured if I stretched my first set of holes, I could always use my second and third sets for regular earrings. Still, I was a bit intimidated to attempt it myself due to reading up on tearing and blowouts, so for my first stretch, I headed back to Adrenaline. Before agreeing to get my first stretch, I asked some questions and whatnot, where the employee mentioned that for my first stretch they would stretch me straight from my then standard 18g lobes (which were pierced when I was, what, two years old?) to 10g. Apparently that's how they did everyone's first stretch? I didn't kno w any better, and went along with it – for a good $45 – absolutely painless, indeed. I felt so proud walking out of the studio with my little black tunnels in.

A month later, still intimidated to try it myself, I again made my way down to Adrenaline and got my 8g stretch (this time for a good $30 – it's great what you can get with a studio full of male employees and a little flirting, haha!). Again, no pain. They didn't appear much different, and quite frankly, I was getting sick of paying for each stretch, especially considering my goal at the time was 5 sizes away (00g). It was then and there that I decided to man-up and do it myself.

Another month or so later, I found a cheap pair of 6g tapers at Ardene and stretched at home. I immediately knew I did something wrong. Both my ears were in a massive amount of pain for the rest of the night and were swollen for at least three or four days. During this time period, while downtown I popped back into Adrenaline to ask about the swelling. The employee I spoke to didn't seem too knowledgeable on the matter (nor were his ears stretched) and informed me that I wasn't supposed to be wearing the tapers (which I already knew) and that they were probably infected, and that and I quote, "you shouldn't have stretched them on your own. You're supposed to get it done professionally." But for every stretch? I knew majority of those who stretch their ears do it themselves – clearly he just wanted my money. Anyway, me, being as hard-headed as I am, refused to take them out and allowed the swelling to go down. After a week, they were back to normal and I was happy.

Stretching to 4g and 2g both went painlessly and easily. I should mention that for all three of these last stretches and the next two to come, I wore the tapers as jewellery (I never felt the need to spend money on tapers + two plugs) – something I wouldn't recommend (it can damage your ears), but it did not affect my lobes so I continued this way. Anyway, it was the stretch to 0g that killed me. My right ear, the one I like to call my "happy ear", took kindly to the 0g stretch. My rebellious left ear however, did not. Though the actual event of stretching was not painful, the pain that followed that night was the most pain I have ever been in my entire life. At about 2am I awoke from the searing pain, and ran to the bathroom to see what the heck possessed my earlobe. Looked normal, a bit swollen. It wasn't until I tried to remove the jewellery that it squirted some thick white pus, and then bled like no tomorrow. My left ear was literally pouring table-spoon-size drops of bl ood into the sink, ad running down my neck. I had torn my ear very, very badly. I panicked, cleaned it up, applied pressure until it stopped bleeding, and put my 2g jewellery back in. The pain immediately went down. I was so pale in the face from shock. I was indeed scared.

A month later, I stretched my right ear to 00g effortlessly. I knew better than to even try stretching my left ear to 0g (which was much better now). I was way too scared. It wasn't until about 2-3 weeks later that I finally tried stretching the left, and amazingly, it accepted the 0g stretch with nearly no pain or post-stretching pain at all. I was so relieved! From this point on, stretching was a cinch. Eventually, my left ear caught up with my right at 00g, both wearing some sweet bright red silicone tunnels which stood out amazingly against my bleach blonde hair. At this point, I couldn't deny it. I wanted to go bigger. I had a new goal: ½".

While browsing the Hot Topic website (I was making a list of items for my mom to buy me while shopping in Buffalo one weekend this past October), I came across a sweet 4-pack of 2 zebra-striped tapers and 2 zebra-striped plugs in ½". I knew before ½" stood 7/16", but that didn't faze me. I figured I'd tape up to 000g so I didn't need to buy tapers/jewellery. Sure enough, my mom found them and brought them home to me. I just looked at them and I could not wait. I knew my right ear was ready for the next stretch (my left was still behind, it still needed a little under a month of healing time), so I ripped open the package, lubed up a taper, and shoved it through with ease before realizing I skipped 7/16"...oops! I put in the corresponding plug, and smiled. It swelled a bit the next day, but did not hurt and was back to normal the day after.

A few days ago, I felt that my left was ready to stretch once again. This time, I thought before I stretched, remembering what happened during the 2g – 0g stretch and knew skipping a size was a terribly bad idea, especially for this ear. Again, being as hard-headed as I am, I ignored my instinct. I lubed up a taper, slid it in until it reached the bump of the taper, gritted my teeth in expectance of excruciating pain, and slid it through. I couldn't believe it. This stretch was even less uncomfortable than my right ear's stretch to ½". Today, two days later, there has been no pain or swelling whatsoever, and both ears are stylin' in zebra-striped plugs at ½".

Will I go any bigger? I've decided I'm comfortable where I am now, but who knows? Stretching is just so freakin' addicting!


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on: 23 Nov. 2009
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