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Lucky Thirteen

So last Sunday i woke up to the sight of the sun shining through the blinds and my boyfriend's awesome new tattoo (he assures me his chest is now 'finished' although if tattoos are anything like piercings i doubt he ever will be 'finished'). It felt like a new-piercing day for sure, don't ask me how I know, you just do, don't you....?

Anyway, first, we had to find a good studio I felt I could trust. Previously I had always used the tried and tested method of nipping across to Ground Control to pay Tails a visit, but since his sad passing I hadn't had anything else done and had no idea which studio to turn to.

After eventually deciding on Bizarre Ink in the Grassmarket (my boyfriend knows someone who went there for a nipple piercing and had recommended it)we set off - I must admit, at this point I was beginning to feel a little apprehensive. I had no idea what kind of piercing I wanted and I didn't know anything about the piercer. (Completely new ground for me compared to getting the bus into Edinburgh at the weekend aged 17 and skipping along to see Tails).

Upon arriving there, we were welcomed by a friendly woman with full sleeves - I was later to find out that she would be my piercer. She gave me a book of piercings she had done to see if they would be any inspiration to me. After a quick look and a chat I decided upon a daith piercing as I thought it would compliment the ones I already have in my ears (in my left I already had 4 lobes and a helix. In my right I have a tragus (my favourite) a conch and 3 lobes. I also have a tongue web and my belly button - possibly to become a project).

So anyway, after choosing a daith piercing I was told that my boyfriend wouldn't be allowed to watch (a running theme with piercing studios I gather, but this is another aspect of piercing with which tails always won hands down).

Once I was happily seated in her studio she began to talk me through the procedure whilst putting on surgical gloves and choosing the jewellery. As with my conch, she explained that she would have to pierce me with a slightly longer curved barbell than I would end up with to allow for probable swelling.

This all said and done, Kaz marked my left ear with a pen and then asked my opinion. We ended up moving it a couple of times (I always feel like a nuisance but as I keep telling myself, it's better to be a pain as it's you who has to live with the piercing once it's done. That is actually the best piece of advice I have ever been given regarding piercings (aside from the obvious advice of regular cleaning)and is worth remembering.

A little sharp pain and a bit of fiddling to get the barbell through (the daith is in quite an awkward place) and it was done. I have to say I thought it would look cute, but upon seeing it for the first time i actually squeaked with happiness. Kaz also fitted a new ball to the ball captive ring I have in my helix as I had lost it the previous morning (pesky little things, once you drop them, they're gone!!) She even threw this in for free for me, so after thanking her and promising I'd be back for another piercing as soon as my daith was healed, I paid and left. (Bizarre Ink are cash- only, don't get caught out as I did, I had to leave my boyfriend as collateral while I went to go get cash!)

Don't you just love the freshly pierced feeling? It's like you can do anything and automatically start planning more extreme and painful ones, not to mention checking out your newest addition in every reflective surface you walk past...

Apart from the occasional knock (my temple throbs when I touch it because it's near a pressure point) it really is a great little piercing and healing nicely, touch wood...

It's the easiest one I've had so far and I would recommend it to anyone, I've had lots of ooohs and aahs already - my conch generally got 'eeeeks' from non-piercing fanatics. This is definitely a 'cute' piercing.

My next ventures will be an anti-tragus in my left ear, a rook in my right, and then if i can convince my boyfriend, a nipple piercing - although in all honestly this one is already making me nervous as my body tends to reject piercings quite a bit (my tragus and belly button are halfway there already and I previously had an industrial which was sadly a victim of the same fate. Though now I have found a new piercer, who knows, maybe I'll get it re-done. I am also hoping to get a tattoo (I stumbled across a symbol meaning 'begin anew' which, given personal circumstances ,i think suits me down to the ground. Wish me luck and thanks for reading!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Kaz
Studio: Bizzare+Ink
Location: Grassmarket%2C+Edinburgh

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