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Ear Stretching, ahoy!

I initially had my ears pierced in 5th grade, doubles in 6th, and cartilage in 9th. Unfortunately, my cartilage was done with a gun at Claire's(I know, I know. Don't start yapping.) and it never really healed properly. It was extremely sensitive all the time and my ear just didn't look good with any earring in it. So, after a long time of 'just dealing with it,' I finally took it out.

Well, now I thought my ears were just boring, so I got the bright idea to start stretching my left ear (the one that had the cartilage piercing). I told myself I would never go past a 10g. Hah.

I found a gauge size chart online (http://jewelry.about.com/cs/identifyjewelry/l/blgaugechart.htm) and found out that a few curved barbells I already had were about a 16g. So after having that in for a week, I went off to Hot Topic.

At Hot Topic, I picked out a pair of 14g tapers, 12g tapers and H2Ocean. Now, one thing to know about me is that I absolutely swear by H2Ocean, I love it. But anywhizzle, once I got home, I hopped in the shower and when I got out I popped through a 14g taper. It wasn't bad at all. I went to school the next day feeling all cool, and that was that.

Being nervous about all this, I waited a full month before attempting to gauge up. So one night, I stuck through the 12g taper. It hurt a little more, but not a significant amount, so I figured it was fine. But when I woke up, I noticed it was very swollen and there was blood dried of the back of my ear.

Naturally, I freaked out, took it out, and waited another 3 weeks before trying anything else.

Well, the thing was is I had bought some 14g pinchers as well as some 12g ones, so I tried the 14g and they were loose, and then the 12g ones slid in super easily.

At that point I started to stretch my right ear as well, only to find it went along MUCH easier than the left one. Way to go, karma.

My journey from a 12g to an 8g went smoothly, using only pinchers to gauge up. Since I had already surpassed my limit of 10g, I figured I might as well go up to a 6g. Plus, I found really cool 6g liquid glass vortex tunnels at Hot Topic that I just had to have.

I bought the tapers and the tunnels, and the gauge up was very smooth.

Then the uh-oh happened.

I was in the Fall Play at my school, and, of course, I had to take out my plugs. The holes weren't noticeable, so that was no problem, but the stupid thing I did was leave any sort of earring out of my ears for all three days of the show. D'oh.

I was down to about a 10g, but that was the least of my worries, considering I LOST THE SUPER-COOL TUNNELS! I was mad, and at $22, they were too much for me to replace at the time. Erg, erg, erg. Being the cheapo that I am, once I had gauged back up to a 6g I chopped off half the tapers so I could wear them more comfortably as plugs.

Time for uh-oh #2.

Just recently, I purchased a set of 4g plugs and tapers and went for my final stretch (yeah right). The tapers hurt like hell to put in, but they both went in and were fine all night and the next day at school. However, my left one was acting up quite a bit more than my right. So, I decided to put the 4g plug in my right, and see what was going on with my very swollen left ear.

I took the taper out, and I tell ya, I have never seen so much blood come out of my ear lobe. I tried to let it get as much of whatever "bad stuff" was in there out, then I figured enough was enough. I used about six globs of toilet paper and half a bottle of H2Ocean (and even some hydrogen peroxide, but I washed it off, no cracked acrylic here!), but I got it to stop. Not wanting to have to start all over, I put in a 6g plug as opposed to leaving it empty to heal, which may have been the better choice. As of now, I am being very cautious. A few hours ago, I tried to put the taper through, and it hurt too much for me to force it. I think I'll wait a month and try again, but I'm being careful. Verrrryy careful. And I think I'll stay at a 4g. I never do plan on going past a 2g anyways, as I would always like to have my ears be able to go back to 'normal.' Have a nice day, and happy stretching!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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