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5/8" to 7/8" Lobe Scalpelling - Not too bad!

BACK STORY: My goal has been to reach 1" lobes for awhile now. I'm sure this is how most of these stories start out. Anyway, I started stretching my lobes in grade 9 or so but never really planned to go large until around three years ago. That's when I knew I wanted to reach at least 1" and get that certain shape of the ear I love so much. When the side starts to round out away from the normal curve of the ear. So lovely. My ears made it to 3/4" with some abuse along the way but were pretty thinned out and weren't going to stretch anymore. I ended up getting one infected from a dirty couch I slept on (AND pink eye! Thanks Ryan! Haha.) and went down to 2ga again. Stretched back up to 5/8" and was at that size for awhile and didn't want to end up with thin lobes again. I knew I wanted to scalpel to a larger size but sort of wussed out and never really planned it. I bought 7/8" jewellery to use for healing and had them sitting around for awhile. Finally I took advantage of an impromptu sale by Russ Foxx and went it and just DID it finally. Yay!

THE PROCEDURE: Started off waiting for Russ to set up and get out the equipment. Jewellery, clamps, scalpel, taper, Q-tips, toothpick, lube stuff, purple ink stuff. The taper looked HUGE. I didn't wear any jewellery that day too to let my lobes rest before getting cut up so they looked extra small as well. Once we were ready I lay down and he cut a little hole out of a dental bib and put my ear through it. My face ended up covered but maybe that was for the best. (It made me pretty sleepy under there actually...) He cleaned and marked the ear and checked that the jewellery would fit to the size he marked. I couldn't see anything going on so I can't really give details. He put a clamp on which was snug but not painful. Not comfortable either though. And then the whole deep breath in and deep breath out! And DAMN it stung! And burned. And wasn't pleasant. But the pain wasn't too terrible, it was more just the reaction my whole body had. My feet would curl up and
I had to try and stay still. Getting the cuts done felt like it took forever on my end but it was actually pretty quick. One side was kind of a bitch and wouldn't cooperate too. Aha. Apparently I also gushed blood and it would squirt with my heartbeat. We managed to keep it out of my hair though! They was a bit of sawing motion to get through some of the tissue. It didn't really bleed after the taper and jewellery were put in though. The taper burned a bit again but the pressure it puts on the cut is needed. The jewellery wasn't fun to put in either but once it was in I was able to relax. Took a bit a teeth gritting but it was done! The other side was done the same as the first. Had to have the dental bib put over my face again. It's less scary knowing what it's going to feel like, but also sucks because you know it's going to sting a lot. It was hard to really feel WHAT was going on. I mostly remember just a general sense of pain in my lobe and a few extra stingy b its now and then but I couldn't really tell where he was cutting. I could feel the blood run down the shaved side of my head on the second lobe though. We did some more cleaning at the end and they looked great! The placement is much better on my lobe now.

HEALING: I'm only on day two so I don't have much to report. I took an Advil when I got home because they were burning and throbbing and not much fun but by the evening they were fine. They didn't really leak at night, didn't stain any pillows and I kept them dry today. Just crusty and my hair is getting stuck in it a bit. I've been cleaning around the edges with a Q-tip but I want to leave them alone for the most part for a few days and then I'll begin soaking. Don't want them to start freely bleeding again. My lobe is red and warm and seems to be on its way to healing up! Hopefully I don't run into any complications. I'm so close to 1" now. These should loosen up when they heal and then I'll see if they will stretch a couple more mm.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Russ+Foxx
Studio: The+Fall+Tattooing
Location: Vancouver%2C+BC

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