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Stretching Earlobes to � (19mm)

I began the ear lobe stretching process roughly 2 years ago when I was 15 years old. I was inspired by a sense of difference and acceptance to get my ears pierced and stretched when I was younger, and to my surprise my mother took me to get my ears pierced even though she hates the look of stretched ear lobes. I waited the suggested 6 weeks before changing out the jewelry, and as soon as the wait was over I bought a pair of 12g tapers. Over the course of a week I worked the 12g tapers into my ears, stretching them from an 18g to a 12g. I should have waited another month or two to let my ears heal before attempting my first stretch, but I was naive and impatient. (More time is always better than less. If you're planning to stretch, give yourself a good month or two between sizes).

Stretching up to a 12g so quickly was rough on my ears, but I have a high pain tolerance and I didn't think anything was wrong. After 2 weeks a friend gave me some 10g plugs, which I managed to fit in my ears with a little force. A few weeks after stretching to 10g, I decided to try going up to an 8g. A little soreness was noticeable, and a little bleeding, but I left the 8g plugs in and it healed fine. Only a few weeks after the 8g's I decided to go up to 6g. I had the same soreness and a little bleeding but I didn't think anything of it (I should have listened to my ears). 

When I reached a size 4g, I decided to leave them in for a month since I had been stretching up every 2 weeks. I ended up leaving the 4g's in for about 2 months due to a lack of money to buy 2g plugs. I was in fact so broke that I cut the ends off of two BIC pens when I realized that they are the same size as 2g. I put the homemade pen-plugs in my ears and realized that there was no pain, no bleeding, just as if they already fit. This is when I started to understand why it's ideal to wait long between stretches.  

I went slowly for sizes 0-1/2 but once I reached ½ I felt that I could keep going and became slightly less patient than I had been (a bad decision). I got to 9/16 and I was feeling good about myself, I had been at a 9/16 for nearly a month and felt like I was ready for 5/8, which had been my target size for the past year. I went to the store and picked up some 5/8 flesh tunnels with ¾ flares and a pair of 5/8 stone plugs with 11/16 flares. I had been stretching from ½ to 9/16 with tape because my ears wouldn't go smoothly between sizes anymore from all the scar tissue I had acquired. When I tried to go up to a 5/8 it took a lot of force to get them in my ears, and the skin felt extremely tight and sore. Within an hour of putting them in, I noticed that my right ear had a blowout forming on the back from all the pressure.  

I took the plugs out but couldn't get the tissue to be reabsorbed by the rest of my ear, and if I wore either pair of the new plugs I had bought, my right ear had a noticeable blowout. I was so freaked out, I didn't know what to do because I had been stretching for an entire year just to reach 5/8 and I ran into trouble at the very end because of my own impatience. I decided the only thing to do was to make up for all the time I should have waited between stretches by leaving my ears at a 5/8 for an entire year. Every day, I applied olive oil, vitamin E and aloe to my ear lobes. I left them out every night when I went to sleep and every day when I got home from school I would massage my ear lobes with moisturizers. I put a lot of time and effort into erasing as much of my scar tissue as possible. After an entire year of dedication, my right ear lobe had reabsorbed the blowout so well that it was impossible to tell I had ever had one. Most of the scar tissue was gone from bot

h of my ears, and they were once again supple and stretchable. Finally after all this time waiting, last week I took a trip to my local piercing store and picked up a pair of ¾ stone plugs and 11/16 flesh tunnels with 7/8 flares. For the first time in an entire year, I stretched my 5/8's up to 11/16's with no soreness, no bleeding and no blowout.

I was able to fix a blowout miraculously with a lot of time, care and dedication, but the lesson I learned is that if I had taken that time to begin with I would have never had to deal with a blowout and getting rid of it. If you're going to stretch your ears, my best advice is to take as much time as you possibly can. When you put in a size, wait until the next size naturally fits without needing to be stretched. Sometimes it can take a few months, but it's well worth how healthy your ear lobes will be, and you will never have blowouts and scar tissue to deal with. Put aloe, Vitamin E or olive/jojoba oil on your ears every couple of days to keep them healthy, and of course, have fun and enjoy every size, even the small ones.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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