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Spontaneous industrial

May 2009 Almost everything that I do is completely spontaneous, and my decision to get an industrial was no different. I had been looking up interesting non-facial piercings (no facial piercings were allowed at my job at the time) and came across the industrial. I immediately loved it and decided to get one. I had only 4 (total)lobe piercings and a navel piercing at the time. I'd been wanting an eyebrow piercing FOREVER (and I still want one!), but like I said, my job would not allow me to have one, which is really unfortunate :]

One of my best friends was home from college at the time, so we decided to take a trip to my then-favorite shop. I had gotten my first tattoo there and had a great experience, but had yet to get pierced there and I was quite looking forward to it! This friend and I had gotten our navel piercings together, and it was soo much fun!

After I showed my I.D. and did the paperwork, my friend and I went to the piercing room with the piercer, Ann(not her real name!). It turns out that Ann was a friend of my best friend's roommate, so they had a good chat as Ann was cleaning my ear and setting up. It should have struck me as odd that she was our age, but I didn't think anything about it at the time because she had such a professional manner about her, not to mention that she was absolutely covered in tattoos.

Ann explained the procedure to me and marked my ear. It looked okay to me, but, honestly, what did I know? Ann changed her gloves again and had me lie down on my side. She didn't tell me before she pierced either hole, but they didn't really hurt. The part that hurt was when she put the jewelry in. She also didn't give me a choice of jewelry, which I was disappointed in. I would have liked titanium instead of the surgical steel that I got.

She told me all of the aftercare instructions, I paid for my new piercing, and my friend and I left. My ear was throbbing for a few days, but it didn't hurt so bad that it interfered with my daily life in any way. Styling my hair around it was definitely annoying, but manageable.

October 2009 I decided to go back to the shop to see if I could get my industrial jewelry changed out for a shorter bar because the one I had in was very long and was uncomfortable when I tried to lean my head back on things.

I got to the shop and a different piercer was there, named Jake(again, not his real name!). Apparently, Jake is the one that usually does all the piercings and Ann had just finished her apprenticeship and gotten her license. Well, of course she wouldn't have told me that. Looking back, I can see how naive I was to not have asked to see a portfolio or ask her experience with industrial piercings.

Jake took one look at my ear and asked where the heck I had it pierced. That's when I knew it was pretty bad :-/

I said that I had it pierced by Ann, and he explained that at the time(May), she had been very new to piercing alone and that she should have explained to me that she didn't have much experience with industrials and asked for a second opinion on placement.

So, apparently my placement is screwed up. Jake apologized profusely and told me if I wanted to take it out and let it close up and heal over, he would re-pierce it properly at no cost. I said no, because I didn't want to go through the pain of healing all over again!

My industrial is almost all the way healed now and I love it! I have to buy shorter jewelry for it (30 mm) due to it's weird placement, but I think it looks fine in my ear, and Jake said that only a professional piercer would be able to tell the angle is off.

My industrial is now 6 months old and I still really like it. I was only just barely able to start sleeping on that side of my head, though. It's true that the healing time is between six and twelve months. When this one is completely healed, I am contemplating getting another one below it (on the same ear), but I have a million piercings that I would love and will probably never have :]

I really like this piercing, but I will definitely research the piercer a bit more. I have since gone back to that shop to get another tattoo, and I will go back with another friend to get our tongues pierced together!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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