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My amazing industrial

I got my Industrial Piercing on October 3rd, 2009. I went to Planet Ink in Downtown Ottawa. They welcomed me into the shop, it was extremely clean. Because I'm only 14 another place wouldn't give me this piercing. So I went and filled out the papers, and bought H2Ocean, a cleaning product for the aftercare, I recommend this to every and any one. It was only 15 dollars for me. After I finished filling in everything and paid for the piercing and aftercare I was introduced to my piercer, Juliette.

She herself had a few piercings and tattoos but seemed really nice and calm. She walked me back to the room and told me to take off my jacket and take a seat. She cleaned my ear and showed me the needle, 14g, and then showed me the industrial. I started getting really nervous at this point. She asked me to lie down on the table with my left ear up. She told me she was just putting the clamp on my top part of my year to make sure to get the needle on the spot she had pre-marked. I was then told to take a deep breath and I did, she put the needle thru. I had heard it hurt a lot but I didn't feel anything, the clamp hurt more than the needle going thru. She told me she had to do the follow up and I thought that was just cleaning it or something. But then I felt something cold on the other side of my ear. And what I had heard was the most painful part of this whole thing, I didn't even feel. And she said I was done and was just going to slide the bar thru. She cleaned my ear up

a bit and then told me to sit up.

She explained all the cleaning I had to do, and told me to watch out for hugging people and changing my clothes because it could hurt. I looked in the mirror, my ear was bright red. She told me that was normal and I had nothing to worry about because I hardly bleed.

My ear felt hot for about an hour or so, but I didn't really feel anything. But later I went to laser tag with some friends and when I went to put on the vest, I hit my industrial, a rush of pain went from my left side to my right and my ear felt extremely hot. The person who worked there had to make sure it wasn't bleeding because if it was I couldn't play. But thankfully it wasn't. The rest of the day was fine.

The next day I thought I had water or something in my ear, so I would stick my finger in and try to flick it out. And I did that about 8 times, until on the 9th time I looked at my finger. It was blood. Because the night before my dad told me to clean up the little scabs, and they looked gross so I spent an hour trying to clean it all up and I did. But it turns out that the scabs were blocking more bleeding. So I got up and ran to the bathroom at an early 7 am on my Sunday. My mom was walking by and saw my ear and came to help me because she knows I hate blood. So we spent an hour trying to stop the bleeding and my mom cleaning around it all. After it was all finished I was sick from all the blood. But that was the end of all the blood for my ear.

I only wore loose shirts for a while because I didn't want to hurt my ear. And my hair was up for at least a week. But every now and again I would get my hair caught on my industrial, and trust me; you know when you get hair around this. It would always take me awhile to untwist my hair. But that's the only time it would hurt, when I hugged people I didn't even feel it.

I'm on my high schools Rugby team, my coaches were extremely mad about their starting hooker getting an ear piercing which put a bar thru her ear. But I got a scrum cap and I was put out to play, my ear didn't even bother me. And I got it in October because the season's in May which gives it a whole 8 months to heal but I heard that I could take it out after 3-6; I just wanted to make sure. When I play my ear is the lest painful thing I have, but I'm excited to take it out and stop wearing my scrum cap.

I can sleep on my ear now, like I said it doesn't hurt me one bit. But I'm afraid that if I do, I would wake up with a bloody ear again. So when I do want to sleep on my ear here's my tip, either put two pillows next to each other and stick your ear in the middle of it, angle the pillows just a bit so there's enough space for your ear, or you can just put your arm or hand right where your piercing is so it's not touching the pillow.

In summary, this is an amazing piercing and anyone who is thinking about getting one should, it may hurt but it is so worth it. But if you're in any sports try and plan it around that because you don't want to have to either sit out or have to work around it. But once you get a piercing they become very addictive, my next piercing will be my lip. So take care of it and be good to your body and piercings, and they will heal faster, be stronger, and over all better, thanks,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Juliette
Studio: Planet+Ink
Location: Ottawa%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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