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My very first DIY piercing!

First off, a little bit about myself. My name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I have 7 piercings which include: my 1st lobes, 2nd lobes, left cartilage, right tragus and bellybutton.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about getting a new piercing. My last piercing was my tragus which I had gotten pierced in July (it's now October). My tragus was finally healed and had no more crusties and didn't hurt at all, so I thought this is the perfect time to get a new piercing!

I was in my math class talking to my friend and we were talking about piercings. She had recently self pierced her 3rd lobe and it had turned out very well. It was perfectly centered and had no crust or swelling. I was determined to get my new piercing!

I browsed BME reading all the stories and looking at the pictures. I couldn't decide what piercing to get. It came down to my nose, left tragus, an industrial or both rooks. Since going to a tattoo parlor would cost at least $50, I looked into a DIY piercing. I read a bunch of DIY stories on BME and decided that I would pierce my right cartilage. I told myself I would pierce it within the next month, but I couldn't wait and ended up piercing it that weekend!

I went into my bathroom and set up all my materials. The materials I used were:

• 2 different sowing needles

• 2 starter earrings (sharp end)

• Sea salt

• Water

• Ice

• Eyeliner pencil

First off, I poured the sea salt into a shot glass and mixed it with warm water until it dissolved. I put the needles and earrings in there so that they would be sterilized. Then I washed my hands and started to ice my ear.

After a while, when I figured the needles would be sterilized, I marked my ear with the eyeliner pencil. I made sure to match it up with my other cartilage piercing, so that it wouldn't look funny. I took out the needle and started pushing through my ear. It was very hard to push it through and my hands kept slipping down the needle, which made it feel like the needle was half way through my ear. I was so excited, but in reality the needle had barely even pushed through the first layer of skin.

I was so upset, the needle hurt so badly and it wasn't even piercing through my ear! So I switched to the starter earring. The earring wasn't working either. I was going to give up, but the earring had left an ugly hole in my ear, so I knew I had to finish.

I pushed for another hour or so, but still it had not pushed through. My ear was burning hot and bright red and hurt so bad that I felt like crying. I decided to stop and try another time. So a couple of hours later, when my ear had gone back to normal, I took the second earring and tried to push all over again.

It still wasn't working so tried twisting it in. I don't know how I got the idea to twist it in, but as soon as I realized I was twisting it, I felt it poking out the back of my ear! I was so happy, after hours and hours of trying, it was finally almost through! I then pushed it really hard through the last layer of skin and it went through!

I went to look in the mirror and was so happy with what I saw. The purple stud lined up perfectly with my other cartilage piercing! My ear was bright red and sore, but I didn't care, I was so happy that I had actually gotten the earring through.

I knew the stud was going to be too small if my ear swelled, so I gently took the stud out to change it to a hoop. Sure enough, as soon as I tried to put the hoop in, the back of the hole had closed up! I put the stud back in and had to push through the last layer of skin again.

That was on Sunday and its now Tuesday. I don't touch it (only to twirl it around and clean it) and I try to avoid sleeping on it. My hair gets caught in it sometimes and I have to gently pull the hair out. I clean it twice daily with warm water and sea salt and rub a little polysporin around the hole.

I'm already thinking about my next piercings! Next on the list is my left tragus (so that both of my ears are symmetrical) and possibly both my rooks, but I'm going to get those professionally pierced :)

"Note: Warm salt water does not sterilize."


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on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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