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My Rook Piercing

Recently I have had a small obsession with ear piercings. It all started with a run of the mill helix, which prompted me to get my second lobes the very next day. Not long after I found myself itching for more, I knew, after much research, that I wanted my left tragus done, but my right helix, is still not completely healed and will flare up on occasion. So I knew I was gonna get something else done on my left ear, I just could not decide what.

I found a picture of a rook piercing and absolutely fell in love with it, I knew right away that was what I was gonna get on my right ear. I was extremely excited and wanted to do it soon. I asked my local shop, who have done all my other piercings, and are really good, what the price was going to be, and they said 45, I thought that was kind of high and researched some other places in a neighboring city. I found a shop, with a good reputation, that was willing to do it for ten dollars less, and as I was starting college relatively soon, I decided I would take the trip, and try out some place different.

The day I decided I was gonna get it done, I grabbed a friend and headed up to the city. We arrived at the place, which was located inside a tattoo shop, it was really just a back corner with a table to lay on. The guy, who was blasting loud metal, asked me what I needed. I told him I wanted to get my rook pierced. He said okay, had me sign something, and told me to lie down on the table. He said which ever ear was facing up would be the one he would pierce.

I layed down and braced myself as he cleaned the area. I had done alot of research, and had heard from many people that it was a very painful piercing. The guy asked if I had any questions, and I inquired about the amount of pain. He told me it wasn't any worse than any other cartilage piercing. He said the best thing I could do, was relax and focus on breathing. He told me to breath in...and then out...I did, and then scrunched my face, waiting for the pain.

"No, No, No, Let's try that again, In and Out, and keep your face relaxed" So on his count I attempted again, this time focusing on keeping my face relaxed. In and Out, and then pressure pressure pressure, pain. Although it was quiet painful, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact it was very bearable. The worst part was when he inserted the cbr, it took him a minute to get the ball in, which was the most painful part.

He gave me the okay to get up, handed me an aftercare sheet, and told me the best thing to do for this piercing was just "Do not fucking touch it." He then told me the price, which was awkward, because it was five dollars more than I had. I hadn't asked him when I got there, because I emailed him and he said 30, and he hadn't mentioned prices at all, before the piercing. I apologized, explaining that I had emailed him and he gave me the price of 30, and that was all that I had brought. He shrugged and said it was fine. I then proceeded back to the car, and drove home. My ear felt hot, but not particularly painful.

All in all the piercing itself went well, although the over all expierence was kind of weird, just because of how quick he was, whereas at my regular place, they talk with you for at least ten to fifteen minutes about that particular piercing. This guy kind of just seemed like he wanted to get it over with, which all in all is not a bad thing, I suppose. I did like the fact that he used a captive bead ring, which I think looks better, instead of a curved barbell, which I know is the only thing the place in my town will put in a rook piercing. I think I will go back, when I decide to get my tragus done. Maybe I will even bring his five dollars....

The healing process has been easy, saline solution twice a day. It is still pretty sore, but then so is my helix, which was done nearly three months ago.

I am not done with my ears, although I think I wont do anything further until my right ear is completely healed. Next I think I will get my left tragus, and after that I am really considering a triple spiral helix, or an industrial.


submitted by: Apple00Martini
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Robert
Studio: Esoteric
Location: Rochester%2C+Ny

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